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Symbolic preview  Death preview  Symbolic (1995) 100/100    Apr 7, 2024
Possibly the band's best album. My favorite, a true masterpiece. On his penultimate album with the band Death, Chuck once again shows the genius he was in life. There isn't a single average track here, they are all excellent. A Metal masterpiece.
Shades of Sorrow preview  Crypta preview  Shades of Sorrow (2023) 90/100    Apr 5, 2024
Brutal! Excellent album from the brazilian girls! One of the best bands in this generation. Jessica's solos are insane.
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Destiny preview  Stratovarius preview  Destiny (1998) 85/100    Apr 5, 2024
A good album, better than its predecessor, but not excellent. Destiny is my favorite track by the band, a true masterpiece. It's a shame that the rest of the album doesn't follow the same level of excellence, but it's still good, worth listening to.
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Individual Thought Patterns preview  Death preview  Individual Thought Patterns (1993) 95/100    Apr 4, 2024
Less technical than its predecessor, but still more reflective and a little more melodic in the solos and riffs. The album is sensational, one of my favorites from the band. Chuck was a genius, it's incredible how the band managed to release such an insane sequence of albums.
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Human preview  Death preview  Human (1991) 95/100    Apr 3, 2024
Another masterpiece from the founders of death metal. Human is a complex and reflective album, approaching more philosophical themes and using more metaphors than its predecessors. Chuck was an excellent songwriter. This is certainly one of the band's best works.
The Jester Race preview  In Flames preview  The Jester Race (1996) 85/100    Apr 2, 2024
Excellent death metal album. The album manages to combine the brutality of death metal well with Anders's throaty vocals and melodic solos.
Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow preview  Rainbow preview  Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow (1975) 90/100    Apr 2, 2024
Essential album. The temple of the king is one of the most beautiful ballads of Dio's career. The album is excellent and extremely important for heavy metal and hard rock.
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Spiritual Healing preview  Death preview  Spiritual Healing (1990) 90/100    Mar 28, 2024
As good as its predecessor. Spiritual Healing is a much more reflective album, but maintains the weight and brutality of leprosy. Another excellent album from Death and the genius Chuck.
Leprosy preview  Death preview  Leprosy (1988) 90/100    Mar 27, 2024
The band's second studio album is simply fucking, brutal and insane.
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Blackwater Park preview  Opeth preview  Blackwater Park (2001) 100/100    Mar 25, 2024
A masterpiece, that is the definition of this album. A perfect mix between the brutality of Death Metal with beautiful melodies, and of course, a lot of prog, you couldn't go wrong. A classic for lovers of good death metal, prog metal and beautiful, melancholic melodies.
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Balls to PicassoTears Of The Dragon100/100    Apr 10, 2024
preview  Bruce Dickinson preview  Balls to Picasso (1994)
FirepowerSea of Red95/100    Apr 8, 2024
preview  Judas Priest preview  Firepower (2018)
FirepowerLone Wolf90/100    Apr 8, 2024
preview  Judas Priest preview  Firepower (2018)
FirepowerNo Surrender90/100    Apr 8, 2024
preview  Judas Priest preview  Firepower (2018)
FirepowerTraitors Gate95/100    Apr 8, 2024
preview  Judas Priest preview  Firepower (2018)
FirepowerFlame Thrower85/100    Apr 8, 2024
preview  Judas Priest preview  Firepower (2018)
FirepowerRising from Ruins95/100    Apr 8, 2024
preview  Judas Priest preview  Firepower (2018)
FirepowerGuardians90/100    Apr 8, 2024
preview  Judas Priest preview  Firepower (2018)
FirepowerChildren of the Sun95/100    Apr 8, 2024
preview  Judas Priest preview  Firepower (2018)
FirepowerNecromancer90/100    Apr 8, 2024
preview  Judas Priest preview  Firepower (2018)
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