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Synergy - Laika
2018-03-18 (SUN)
Goatkraft - Angel Slaughter
2018-03-18 (SUN)
Hinayana - Order Divine
2018-03-19 (MON)
Et Moriemur - Epigrammata
2018-03-20 (TUE)
Storm Upon The Masses - The Ones Who Came Back
2018-03-23 (FRI)
Strangle Wire - The Dark Triad
2018-03-23 (FRI)
Mournful Congregation - The Incubus of Karma
2018-03-23 (FRI)
Blessthefall - Hard Feelings
2018-03-23 (FRI)
Rotting Christ - Their Greatest Spells
2018-03-23 (FRI)
Their Greatest Spells  [Compilation]
Axel Rudi Pell - Knights Call
2018-03-23 (FRI)
W.E.T. - Earthrage
2018-03-23 (FRI)
Far East Dizain - ALTERED DIZAIN
2018-03-28 (WED)
Les limbes pourpres: Panpsychisme d'un cataclysme cosmique / Mehxôhorr - Les IV dimensions cosmogoniques
Reviewer : level Sepultura  (80/100)
맘대로 펼쳐놓고 맘대로 남성?적 커버하며 하하하 그저 웃지요. Wyrms 입니다. 불경스럽기 보다 난장판으로 만들어버린 앨범인데 의외로 페스트블랙메틀... Read More
Morcar Satoric - Les VI chemins du crépuscule
Reviewer : level Sepultura  (85/100)
아... 드럼쫌...Wyrms 입니다. 기다림을 너무 허무하게 보냈다는 느낌은 들지 않으나, 레코딩 면에서 본다면 완급조절이 드럼과 그외 파트로 크게 나뉜 듯... Read More
Aashanstys - Rêves et peines d'un misanthrope
Reviewer : level Sepultura  (85/100)
휘어 감아 버리는 시작. Wyrms 입니다. 폭주 키보드의라고 해도 될 정도의 멜로딕컬한 전개속에 전면적 스타일의 보컬파트와 확실하게 끊어버리는 템포변... Read More
Scream Aim Fire
level 병반작  (95/100)    2018-03-19
Their scream end here
The Poison
level 병반작  (90/100)    2018-03-19
Let me tears fall
level 병반작  (80/100)    2018-03-19
다음 작품이 어떨지 기대하게 만드네
Tales from the Pitifulness / Last Silence Dream
level Sterile  (100/100)    2018-03-19
All I have to say is: absolute heroin music. I cannot get enough. These two together in this split really melted my ears off in the best way possible. R.I.P. MELSE...
It Makes Really Happy
level Sterile  (100/100)    2018-03-19
This demo right here has my three favorite H.M.H. songs. This is a total fucking MASTERPIECE. Oh, dark magician, I am under your heroin-spell.
Heroin is my Queen
level Sterile  (100/100)    2018-03-19
I listen to this one many times a day. I am really captivated underneath this addict's spell and I crave more and more. This is beautiful, nostalgic, filthy and trippy all at the same time...
Weekly Album Chart   [ Issue date :  March 16, 2018 ]
This week Last week 2 wks ago Wks on chart Artist name Album title Release date Peak position
1NEW ▶1 Firepower Judas Priest Firepower
**  1 week at No. 1  **
2018-03-09 1
(1 wk)
2116 Asheran Dvne Asheran 2017-07-28 1
(4 wks)
3NEW ▶1 Automata I Between the Buried and Me Automata I 2018-03-09 3
4101661 Painkiller Judas Priest Painkiller 1990-09-03 1
(2 wks)
52496 Terminal Redux Vektor Terminal Redux 2016-05-06 1
(19 wks)
D-52018-03-24 (SAT)
[Prism Live Hall]
D-52018-03-24 (SAT)
[Club Rolling Stones]
[West Bridge Live Hall]
Corneus Ambient (early), Black Metal (later)
Gsndae Black Metal
Curandera Black Metal
Cthonium Black Metal
Crimson Throne Black Metal, Ambient
Carpathia NS Black Metal
Capri Sancti Black Metal
Bulturnos Black Metal
Quasar Black Metal
Oscuros Black Metal, Punk
Corneus / Grausamkeit Corneus / Grausamkeit (2000)  [Split]
Corneus Teufelschmand (2000)  [Demo]
Corneus Visions of Hitler (1999)  [Demo]
Corneus Tetanus Christ (1999)  [Demo]
Corneus Jagd auf Israel (1999)  [Demo]
Corneus Des Gehörnten Saat (1999)  [Demo]
Grausamkeit Seelenschwund (2000)  [Demo]
Grausamkeit Hellgoat (1999)  [Demo]
Grausamkeit Stardust (1999)  [Demo]
Grausamkeit Helveterich (1999)  [Compilation]
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