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16,703 tracks
Rank Cover art Track / Artist / Album Rating Votes
2Rust in Peace98.8118
3Rust in Peace98.7117
4Ride the Lightning98.571
5Symphony of Enchanted Lands99.153
6Images and Words98.369
7Rust in Peace97108
8Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory99.149
9Reign in Blood98.461
10Led Zeppelin IV99.541
11Reign in Blood98.165
12Terminal Redux99.244
13Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory99.145
14Defenders of the Faith98.948
15Master of Puppets9787
16Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory98.448
17The Metal Opera Pt. II99.631
18...And Justice for All9853
19The Number of the Beast98.544
20Terminal Redux98.544
Helloween Helloween (2021)
22Train of Thought98.445
23Blizzard of Ozz99.135
24Temple of Shadows98.346
27Cowboys from Hell98.341
28Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II9762
29A Dramatic Turn of Events98.832
30Ride the Lightning96.473
31The Scarecrow99.723
32A View from the Top of the World
A View from the Top of the World
33A Night at the Opera99.326
34Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II96.861
35아주 커다란 슬픔의 눈 (The Eyes Tremendous Sorrow)10020
36Ride the Lightning96.567
37The Number of the Beast97.941
39Piece of Mind98.828
40Blackwater Park97.838
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Artists : 40,787
Reviews : 9,747
Albums : 147,196
Lyrics : 196,422