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Fates Warning - Parallels
Fates Warning - Perfect Symmetry
Slayer - South of Heaven
Slayer - Reign in Blood
Slayer - Hell Awaits
Slayer - Show No Mercy
X Japan - Jealousy
Sepultura - Arise
Entombed - Clandestine
Dismember - Like an Ever Flowing Stream
Death - Human
Coroner - Mental Vortex
Anacrusis - Manic Impressions
Slayer - Decade of Aggression: Live
Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss
Queensrÿche - Empire
Kreator - Coma of Souls
Incubus - Beyond the Unknown
Entombed - Left Hand Path
Death - Spiritual Healing
Anacrusis - Reason
Sodom - Agent Orange
Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness
Kreator - Extreme Aggression
Coroner - No More Color
Queensrÿche - Operation: Mindcrime
Kreator - Terrible Certainty
Queensrÿche - Rage for Order
Metal Church - The Dark
Kreator - Pleasure to Kill
Angel Dust - Into the Dark Past
Trouble - The Skull
Exodus - Bonded by Blood
Slayer - Live Undead
Slayer - Haunting the Chapel
Voivod - Angel Rat
Suffocation - Effigy of the Forgotten
Sentenced - Shadows of Past
Sarcófago - The Laws of Scourge
Messiah - Choir of Horrors
Living Sacrifice - Living Sacrifice
Edge of Sanity - Nothing But Death Remains
Bolt Thrower - War Master
Atheist - Unquestionable Presence
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preview  X Japan preview  Jealousy (1991) 95/100    Jun 15, 2021
Jealousy Jealousy has always been a hard album for me to rate. The dilemma starts with the fact that a lot of X Japan’s most mediocre material is on this album. That’s not to say any of it is bad – most is actually still great, considering this is X we’re talking about – but this album is not consistent.

I will disclose that nostalgia has rendered many of these more mediocre songs incredibly enjoyable for me now, but there’s no denying the weaknesses here. Desperate Angel and Joker are kind of odd rockers, kind of commercial but lacking any real hooks or staying power. There are 3 instrumentals here, the first track being a beautiful example, but the others are rather take or leave. And then there’s Voiceless Screaming, a beautiful acoustic track which is a very fine song, but most ... See More
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preview  Voivod preview  Angel Rat (1991) 90/100    Jun 15, 2021
Angel Rat One of those albums where everything just feels off… except after repeated listens, I have determined this to be quite intentional, and done in the best way.

You see, Voivod get bored easily, and they had already been down many musical avenues, and pushed the limits of music (and their own abilities) multiple times. On Killing Technology, they showcased the extent of how fast, aggressive, and technical they could play. On the following Dimension Hatross and Nothingface, they were at the forefront of slightly avant-garde Progressive Metal, making albums quite bizarre in musical structure, showcasing complex songwriting ability. And now we have Angel Rat, which at first listen just sounds like them giving up on trying to prove anything anymore. Only faint glimpses of their progressive t ... See More
preview  Soundgarden preview  Badmotorfinger (1991) 55/100    Jun 15, 2021
Badmotorfinger One of those revered albums that I just don’t get. Soundgarden has been on the forefront of both the Grunge and Alt Metal movements, and consistently sprinkle in Stoner Metal influence to give themselves a groovy, but occasionally lethargic sound. Badmotorfinger is really where they get their act together, but despite playing in a still fresh genre, Soundgarden already have real trouble standing out.

The fact is, there isn’t anything in this album that grabs me. The riffs aren’t catchy nor are they sharp, just kind of groovy but without soul. The rhythm section is lethargic most of the time, and the vocals are classic yarl vocals that I personally don’t like at all. They don’t really go all out in any direction, sometimes it’s kind of anxious, sometimes it’s more chill, bu ... See More
preview  Sepultura preview  Arise (1991) 95/100    Jun 15, 2021
Arise As far as I’m concerned, this is Sepultura’s magnum opus. They still had the energy, aggression, and razor-sharp riffs, and here it met with fully competent musicianship and perfect production.

The album opens with what is probably Sepultura’s best song to date, with that unmistakably intense lick that sounds like it’s about to shred the strings right off the guitar. In an interesting move, Sepultura start and finish the album with the two fastest and shortest songs on it. Some of the tracks in between are much longer and quite a few almost delve into Groove Metal territory, hinting at their future. However, there is never a lack of riffs, and the rhythm section especially keeps the energy high and the pace interesting even when things slow down.

Sepultura kind of lost me aft ... See More
preview  Savatage preview  Streets: A Rock Opera (1991) 80/100    Jun 15, 2021
Streets: A Rock Opera Savatage’s first attempt at a full on Rock Opera is mostly successful. The sound mostly picks up right from the more operatic parts of Gutter Ballet. They turn up the cheese, usually working well with it as they always have. The highs here are magical; Tonight He Grins Again is one of their finest songs ever, and Believe is a great ballad and closer.

The issue here is the same as many other overlong concept albums. At 16 tracks and almost 70 minutes, there is a lot of filler. The first half particularly struggles to deliver as many of the songs are kind of just fun rockers, which is not Savatage’s niche (The only ballad on this half, A Little Too Far, is their worst ever). The second half leans more into the melodic balladry they’re so good at, picking up a nice melancholic tone t ... See More
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Pleasure Death preview  Therapy? preview  Pleasure Death (1992)  [EP] 65/100    Sep 21, 2021
The band still sounds rough here, but Potato Junkie is a classic.
Ignis Creatio preview  Pyogenesis preview  Ignis Creatio (1992)  [EP] 75/100    Sep 21, 2021
Interesting Death/Doom with nice additions of keys here and there. Pretty unique at the time.
In Search of Tranquility preview  Phlebotomized preview  In Search of Tranquility (1992)  [EP] 60/100    Sep 21, 2021
It gets some points for being unique, but the overall quality is not the greatest.
Pieces preview  Dismember preview  Pieces (1992)  [EP] 80/100    Sep 21, 2021
More great Death Metal from Dismember, not completely on par with album material though.
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Symphonic Blue Blood preview  X Japan preview  Symphonic Blue Blood (1991) 70/100    Jun 15, 2021
A medicore classical rendition of some Blue Blood songs, but X's source material is still strong enough to carry it.
Meltdown preview  Vinnie Moore preview  Meltdown (1991) 70/100    Jun 15, 2021
A step down in quality for Moore. There are a few great melodies in here, but a lot of mediocre songs as well. Less progressive, less heavy overall.
Temples of Ice preview  Venom preview  Temples of Ice (1991) 85/100    Jun 15, 2021
Underrated! Venom go heavy and fast, this is full on Thrash/Speed Metal! tons of energy and great riffs.
Slow, Deep and Hard preview  Type O Negative preview  Slow, Deep and Hard (1991) 45/100    Jun 15, 2021
First track is good.. but there's a lot of pointless space here. Songs are overlong and the riffs aren't strong.
The Astral Sleep preview  Tiamat preview  The Astral Sleep (1991) 75/100    Jun 15, 2021
Not the strongest Death Metal album, but far from poor. Plenty of great riffs here and there, even if inconsistent.
Of Darkness... preview  Therion preview  Of Darkness... (1991) 85/100    Jun 15, 2021
Great classic Death Metal. Sure it has none of the elements that make later Therion special, but it's a great album in its own right.
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Pleasure Death Potato Junkie 80/100    Sep 21, 2021
preview  Therapy? preview  Pleasure Death (1992)  [EP]
Pleasure Death D. L. C. 70/100    Sep 21, 2021
preview  Therapy? preview  Pleasure Death (1992)  [EP]
Pleasure Death Prison Breaker 75/100    Sep 21, 2021
preview  Therapy? preview  Pleasure Death (1992)  [EP]
Pleasure Death Shitkicker 75/100    Sep 21, 2021
preview  Therapy? preview  Pleasure Death (1992)  [EP]
Pleasure Death Fantasy Bag 75/100    Sep 21, 2021
preview  Therapy? preview  Pleasure Death (1992)  [EP]
Pleasure Death Skimming Pit 75/100    Sep 21, 2021
preview  Therapy? preview  Pleasure Death (1992)  [EP]
Ignis Creatio Ignis Creatio 80/100    Sep 21, 2021
preview  Pyogenesis preview  Ignis Creatio (1992)  [EP]
Ignis Creatio Underneath Orion's Sword 80/100    Sep 21, 2021
preview  Pyogenesis preview  Ignis Creatio (1992)  [EP]
Ignis Creatio On Soulwings 75/100    Sep 21, 2021
preview  Pyogenesis preview  Ignis Creatio (1992)  [EP]
Ignis Creatio Like Tears (In the Dust) 80/100    Sep 21, 2021
preview  Pyogenesis preview  Ignis Creatio (1992)  [EP]
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