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Slayer - Reign in Blood
Slayer - Hell Awaits
Slayer - Show No Mercy
Kreator - Terrible Certainty
Queensrÿche - Rage for Order
Metal Church - The Dark
Kreator - Pleasure to Kill
Angel Dust - Into the Dark Past
Trouble - The Skull
Exodus - Bonded by Blood
Slayer - Live Undead
Slayer - Haunting the Chapel
Whiplash - Ticket to Mayhem
Voivod - Killing Technology
Trouble - Run to the Light
Testament - The Legacy
Sodom - Persecution Mania
Sepultura - Schizophrenia
Paradox - Product of Imagination
Overkill - Taking Over
King Diamond - Abigail
Heathen - Breaking the Silence
Death - Scream Bloody Gore
Artillery - Terror Squad
Voivod - Rrröööaaarrr
Possessed - Beyond the Gates
Metallica - Master of Puppets
Iron Maiden - Somewhere in Time
Whiplash - Power and Pain
Watchtower - Energetic Disassembly
Possessed - Seven Churches
Metallica - Ride the Lightning
Metal Church - Metal Church
Iron Maiden - Powerslave
Dio - The Last in Line
Manilla Road - Mystification
Exodus - Pleasures of the Flesh
Destruction - Release From Agony
Coroner - R.I.P
Possessed - The Eyes of Horror
King Diamond - Fatal Portrait
Vulcano - Bloody Vengeance
Vinnie Moore - Mind's Eye
Onslaught - The Force
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preview  Venom preview  Calm Before the Storm (1987) (80/100)    Jun 16, 2020
Calm Before the Storm There is a certain level of songwriting ability and production quality that Venom never had that prevent their albums from being true masterpieces, and put a real threshold on all their material. Despite that - and despite the very low ratings for this album - I find this their best, most consistent release.

I can understand the low votes, as Venom basically threw away their cult icon status to release much more commercially viable material, but anyone not concerned with status should be able to see this album has some very strong riffs and their best musicianship to date. They also added in some catchy vocal melodies for good measure. All the songs bar "Muscle" are great, sound unique (something Venom has never done) and offer a different side of the band that I think they excel at. There's nothing technical or groundbreaking here, but it's a great joy to listen to front to back, something I can't say even about Venom's great early material.
preview  Tony MacAlpine preview  Maximum Security (1987) (80/100)    Jun 16, 2020
Maximum Security As per MacAlpine’s usual style, Maximum Security is a classy, lush guitar hero album that showcases a lot more than pure speed or technical proficiency (though MacAlpine has those in spades). Great attention is paid to the songwriting and atmosphere here, with keys playing a very prominent role. They switch between dueling with lead guitar melodies and adding thoughtful ambiance to back it. Not much needs to be said about the guitar work itself, which is mostly top tier quality if a bit generic as far as guitar heroes go. Every song (save the short piano solo) is very strong, and most even manage to be memorable in their guitar hooks, which is a hard feet in instrumental metal.
preview  Testament preview  The Legacy (1987) (90/100)    Jun 16, 2020
The Legacy Take run of the mill 80’s Thrash and then take away pretty much any weaknesses you could find in the genre. That’s really Testament’s debut, which added absolutely nothing new to the realm of Thrash, but did everything just about as well as anyone could have. Crunchy riffs, wild solos, and a precise, speedy rhythm section played some of the tightest standard Thrash put to record. Every single song is top quality.

The most interesting factor about this album is actually Chuck’s vocals, which have surprising versatility especially for a Thrash vocalist. He can yell with the best, but he can also shift his pitch quite a bit, and carry melodies when he has to, and even throws in a couple death growls for good measure. The production is also as good as 80’s metal got, which is especially surprising for a debut. They didn’t invent anything new here, but at step one they had already mastered the craft.
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preview  Slab! preview  Descension (1987) (40/100)    Jun 16, 2020
Descension The first documented Industrial Metal album of all time comes from unknown UK band Slab!. It’s surprisingly eclectic, though that unfortunately means only a couple tracks are actual Industrial Metal, while others are various combinations of Industrial music with Jazz, Funk, and Rock.

Very experimental and noisy, it doesn’t lack innovation, but the ideas present here are very primitive. None of the songs contain any staying power, as the riffs are simple, the choruses are weak, and there’s not enough atmosphere or neat instrumentation to make up for those. They could have been something great if they honed these skills and went further, but unfortunately their story pretty much stopped here. Still hugely significant to Industrial Metal.
preview  Melvins preview  Gluey Porch Treatments (1987) (45/100)    Jun 16, 2020
Gluey Porch Treatments A milestone release, as there have been a couple very sludgy albums prior to this one (namely the B side of My War, Black Dust and Gore’s catalogue) but this is probably the first fully formed Sludge Metal album. It’s a disgustingly heavy, ploddingly aggressive mess, the kind that would have easily freaked people out back in the 80’s. Melvins basically take the aggression and anger of Hardcore Punk and slow it way down, adding in a bit of experimental elements and metallic sheen and go at it. For such slow music, a ton of tracks are incredibly short (there’s that punk influence) and despite there being 18 of them, the whole thing is very consistent.

The kind of album where you either love it all the way through, or it doesn’t do anything for you. I appreciate what they were doing here, but early Sludge Metal just doesn’t have enough going on for me. Without memorable riffs, Sludge tends to rely on atmosphere and delivery, but neither had been developed in the genre at this point, so the release falls flat on my ears.
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Pain of Mind preview  Neurosis preview  Pain of Mind (1988) (50/100)    Jun 17, 2020
Very generic hardcore punk. Not indicative of their later music.
Soul Crusher preview  White Zombie preview  Soul Crusher (1987) (40/100)    Jun 16, 2020
Incredibly bad debut from White Zombie, before they had any idea what they were doing.
Ticket to Mayhem preview  Whiplash preview  Ticket to Mayhem (1987) (90/100)    Jun 16, 2020
Inconsistent as hell, but insanely good when it counts. Some of the best Thrash songs ever written are here.
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Anthropophagy preview  Vulcano preview  Anthropophagy (1987) (70/100)    Jun 16, 2020
Vulcano screwed up somewhere between the debut and here. The super raw, lo-fi production on their first album was awful, but somewhat endearing - here it's just worse in every way. The mixing is atrocious. The guitars and vocals specifically sound a lot worse. Despite that, their is still a talented band underneath, and that saves it a bit, but this is still a huge letdown.
Killing Technology preview  Voivod preview  Killing Technology (1987) (90/100)    Jun 16, 2020
Voivod get into even weirder territory with Killing Technology, bringing in some Progressive influence and getting more technical. It's still dirty and aggressive and awesome.
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Run to the Light preview  Trouble preview  Run to the Light (1987) (90/100)    Jun 16, 2020
Another wonderful album from Trouble, rich with passion and mournful riffs. The title track is especially amazing, a great display of emotive conviction.
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Second Heat preview  Racer X preview  Second Heat (1987) (80/100)    Jun 16, 2020
A small improvement over the debut, especially in the rhythm section. Unfortunately suffers from the same problem of a much weaker B-side.
Chemical Invasion preview  Tankard preview  Chemical Invasion (1987) (65/100)    Jun 16, 2020
There are good riffs here, but they just don't anything seriously at all. Fine for some fun, not for a serious listen.
Persecution Mania preview  Sodom preview  Persecution Mania (1987) (90/100)    Jun 16, 2020
Sodom sound like the equivalent of being in the middle of a warzone. It's great!
Schizophrenia preview  Sepultura preview  Schizophrenia (1987) (90/100)    Jun 16, 2020
Rough around the edges, but otherwise one of the most aggressive and primal riff-fests ever put to record. Sepultura went up in production quality and songwriting after this, but these riffs? They never topped them.
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Pain of Mind Grey (70/100)    Jun 17, 2020
preview  Neurosis preview  Pain of Mind (1988)
Pain of Mind Life on Your Knees (70/100)    Jun 17, 2020
preview  Neurosis preview  Pain of Mind (1988)
Pain of Mind Dominoes Fall (70/100)    Jun 17, 2020
preview  Neurosis preview  Pain of Mind (1988)
Pain of Mind United Sheep (70/100)    Jun 17, 2020
preview  Neurosis preview  Pain of Mind (1988)
Pain of Mind Ingrown (60/100)    Jun 17, 2020
preview  Neurosis preview  Pain of Mind (1988)
Pain of Mind Geneticide (75/100)    Jun 17, 2020
preview  Neurosis preview  Pain of Mind (1988)
Pain of Mind Bury What's Dead (70/100)    Jun 17, 2020
preview  Neurosis preview  Pain of Mind (1988)
Pain of Mind Stalemate (70/100)    Jun 17, 2020
preview  Neurosis preview  Pain of Mind (1988)
Pain of Mind Progress (60/100)    Jun 17, 2020
preview  Neurosis preview  Pain of Mind (1988)
Pain of Mind Training (60/100)    Jun 17, 2020
preview  Neurosis preview  Pain of Mind (1988)
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