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preview  Corrupted preview  Llenandose de gusanos (1999) 55/100    Jul 17, 2024
Llenandose de gusanos Llenadose de gusanos contains 30 plodding minutes of some of the best Drone Metal I’ve heard yet. The guitars are exceedingly simple, just droning chords, but the real magic is in the layers. Feedback and noise create a cacophony of twisted suffering, and later on, haunting choirs join in the back, raising from the graves to contribute to the hellscape. Minimalist piano comes in as well, matching the guitar chords, and adding just enough actual music to counter the wall of chaotic, disharmonious noise forming the backbone of this skeletal monolith. Funeral Doom influence is evident in the atmospheres being built with the simple but layered droning.

There’s just one little problem with that.

This album is over 2 hours long.

About 20 minutes of track one is Minimalist piano. No ... See More
preview  Vintersorg preview  Odemarkens Son (1999) 80/100    Jul 16, 2024
Odemarkens Son A stark improvement over their debut, Vintersorg became stronger in every arena here. The songwriting is slightly progressive, full of variety within the song. Softer passages are interwoven well into the blackened Viking sound. There is a lot more energy here than before, especially in the rhythm section which now sounds fantastic. Non-Rock instrumentation like synths and keys are sparse, but expertly applied when they do appear.

The vocals remain a bit of a sore spot for me. Not bad, but at times they do sound a bit goofy, really leaning into that… folky viking epic sound. The best of vocalists can pull off melodramatic theatrics, but this guy just falls short of that. Still, not nearly enough to detract from the performances.

That aside it doesn’t really have any weaknesses. ... See More
preview  Maudlin of the Well preview  My Fruit Psychobells...A Seed Combustible (1999) 70/100    Jul 12, 2024
My Fruit Psychobells...A Seed Combustible You really don’t know what you’re gonna get going into an album titled like that. And perhaps the last thing you’d expect is a doomy, gloomy descent into the bizarro oceans of the well. My Fruit Psychobells manages to subvert expectations in many ways, and at times this is a positive and others a negative.

Firstly, I have to praise the creativity and atmosphere here. The doomy sections are easily the best, morose chords and broken leads play over discordant layers of other instrumentation, which varies wildly from section to section. Surreal, aquatic lyricism paints pictures of drowning in hopeless oceans while still reaching out for some bright, warm thing. When everything hits right, it’s immaculate.

The problem here is that most of the time, things aren’t always hitting ... See More
preview  Godflesh preview  Us and Them (1999) 50/100    Jul 11, 2024
Us and Them I’ve never been a fan of Godflesh’s style of repetitive and simple Sludge Metal focusing on textures, nor was I very much on board for their overly rhythmic and still simple Industrial Metal. The issue is, none of the instruments are ever doing enough. Drums are slow, simple, and often play the same beat an entire song. Guitars scarcely compose something that could be considered a riff, usually opting to add fuzzy heaviness without much direction. Vocals always a bit too monotonous and occupying an unflattering middle ground between aggressive and lethargic. Industrial sound effects were, once more, too repetitive and too few to have much impact on the music.

Well, one of those things changed on Us and Them. The band adopted a very significant Drum and Bass influence for this album. ... See More
preview  Botch preview  We Are the Romans (1999) 60/100    Jul 11, 2024
We Are the Romans Botch’s second and final album carries many of the same strengths and weaknesses as their debut.

To start off, the pros:
- The drumming. Lord, the drumming is fantastic. It’s varied, it’s technical, it’s metallic and aggressive, it’s capable of slowing down for sludgy, moody sections. Perfectly tows the line between serving the music and standing out.
- The songs are long and varied, and cover a greater range of speeds than the debut. More prominent are the slower, sludgier sections, which give the music more room to breath.
- The moments they lean towards Atmospheric Sludge Metal are the best. They manage to craft some harrowing atmospheres that actually carry some weight. The best example is the second half of “C. Thomas Howell as the ‘Soul Man’,” which is defini ... See More
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The Strength to Dream preview  Warning preview  The Strength to Dream (1999) 85/100    Jul 17, 2024
Warning were just starting to break free of their boring Trad Doom shackles here. Patrick's voice is not perfected, yet he crafts some very impressive and power vocal lines dripping with emotion; ditto for the lyrics. The music, unfortunately, doesn't keep up. Usually, it is still stuck on boring Trad Doom tropes and not effective at evoking emotion. But, certainly, hints of their future greatness were on display...
Contraddiction preview  Mass Hysteria preview  Contraddiction (1999) 70/100    Jul 17, 2024
Now this is a fun album with a few memorable and unique tracks in the style of Rammstein. The problem is, they just don't go quite far enough. There's a lot of potential here that they could capitalize on.
Bareskin preview  Hellchild preview  Bareskin (1999) 75/100    Jul 17, 2024
A unique mix of Death Metal, Sludge, Metalcore... done quite well. Mid-tempo and weighty.
At the Gates of Hell preview  Bewitched preview  At the Gates of Hell (1999) 75/100    Jul 17, 2024
Another solid Blackened Speed release from Bewitched, same quality as the previous material, same good riffs and energy.
B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) preview  Meathook Seed preview  B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) (1999) 60/100    Jul 17, 2024
There's some really cool and dark stuff on here, but there's also monotonous tomfoolery, and it ends particularly weak. If they trimmed this it could be quite a strong album, but it remains inconsistent.
Amazing Atomic Activity preview  Acid Drinkers preview  Amazing Atomic Activity (1999) 60/100    Jul 17, 2024
Acid Drinker's short run of semi decent albums comes to a close. This one is mostly heavy Metal with hints of Thrash and Groove, and some other odd influences as well.
The Bootlicker preview  Melvins preview  The Bootlicker (1999) 40/100    Jul 16, 2024
Not Metal of any kind, but poor Experimental Rock. Purposeless.
The Maggot preview  Melvins preview  The Maggot (1999) 45/100    Jul 16, 2024
Really boring Sludge where the gimmick is to split each song into two parts for absolutely no reason.
From Higher Will preview  !T.O.O.H.! preview  From Higher Will (1999) 45/100    Jul 16, 2024
Total madness. Interesting at times but not a pleasant listen by any means.
Sublunary Tragedies preview  Thy Catafalque preview  Sublunary Tragedies (1999) 75/100    Jul 16, 2024
I thought this was crap the first time I heard it, but the more I listened to it, the more it grew on me. Some great compositions here, strong atmosphere and melodies. Would have been really great with real, normal drumming. I don't mind programmed drums, but these don't sound great, the blast beating/cybergrind-esque sections being particularly egregious.
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ContraddictionCorazones olvidados (Saetas dulces)60/100    Jul 17, 2024
preview  Mass Hysteria preview  Contraddiction (1999)
ContraddictionLe plus juste effet (Irie)75/100    Jul 17, 2024
preview  Mass Hysteria preview  Contraddiction (1999)
ContraddictionOsmos'9975/100    Jul 17, 2024
preview  Mass Hysteria preview  Contraddiction (1999)
ContraddictionLe dernier tango75/100    Jul 17, 2024
preview  Mass Hysteria preview  Contraddiction (1999)
ContraddictionFuria75/100    Jul 17, 2024
preview  Mass Hysteria preview  Contraddiction (1999)
ContraddictionSur la brèche75/100    Jul 17, 2024
preview  Mass Hysteria preview  Contraddiction (1999)
ContraddictionP480/100    Jul 17, 2024
preview  Mass Hysteria preview  Contraddiction (1999)
ContraddictionFinistère amer75/100    Jul 17, 2024
preview  Mass Hysteria preview  Contraddiction (1999)
ContraddictionAttracteurs étranges80/100    Jul 17, 2024
preview  Mass Hysteria preview  Contraddiction (1999)
ContraddictionAimable à souhait70/100    Jul 17, 2024
preview  Mass Hysteria preview  Contraddiction (1999)
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