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preview  The Gathering preview  Nighttime Birds (1997) 85/100    Jul 28, 2023
Nighttime Birds After The Gathering finally settled on a unique and strong sound of Ethereal, Progressive Gothic-Doom on their last album, Nighttime Birds is a continuation of this sound with just a few changes. The songs overall are a bit less heavy, with clean instrumentation aplenty, and a bit of psychedelia for good measure.

Atmospheres here are layered and dreamlike, lyrics are similarly abstract, and the multi-layered vocals of Anneke usually take center stage. She’s a crazy good singer, but I will say she “over-sings” a bit for my taste. Does every single line need to be multi layered? Still though, most of the time her voice is wonderfully dreamy and captivating.

It's not as strong as Mandylion and I wish the lyrics were a bit less abstract, but songs like “Kevin’s Telescope” g ... See More
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preview  Symphony X preview  The Divine Wings of Tragedy (1997) 80/100    Jul 28, 2023
The Divine Wings of Tragedy People say this album is where Symphony X really found their sound. And what a shame that is! Where the riffs were wild and melodic on the debut, by this album they’ve settled for incredibly boring, rhythmic chugging. Baffles me how everyone hates the debut and prefers this sound.

That aside though, I do like this album quite a bit. The keys/synths ad a great layer of atmosphere and melody here, and the drumming is quite great. The more energetic, Power Metal material and the softer, synth-focused Prog Rock sections are really nice, it’s just the midtempo chuggy sections that don’t sit well with me. The guitar solos are all quite great, regardless.

The songs are all nicely composed, lengthy epics with many different changes in tempo, structure, and heaviness. The vocals are t ... See More
preview  Strapping Young Lad preview  City (1997) 60/100    Jul 28, 2023
City The sophomore album by Strapping Young Lad is a much more concise piece of music with a clear direction. There were many aspects I liked about this album:
- The rhythm section is fantastic. Drums are energetic and aggressive just as I prefer.
- Production is pristine. Every instrument is audible and some interesting Industrial sound effects add layers to the compositions.
- Devin’s voice is awesome. His range is incredible, usually hitting somewhere between melodic singing and screaming, but going every which way up and down that spectrum, and doing it all very well.

Unfortunately, this album has a lot of weakness that really stifle the enjoyment for me.
- The riffs are boring. They are mostly rhythmic, with very little lead guitarwork and nothing at all memorable being crafted w ... See More
preview  October Tide preview  Rain Without End (1997) 100/100    Jul 27, 2023
Rain Without End This is one of those albums I’d had on my radar for years, but only just gotten around to. As Death Doom, particularly Melodic Death Doom, is my favorite music genre, I had a lot of expectations for this thing.

Well, 30 seconds into track one, my face contorted into a disharmoniously gleeful smile while listening to the aural form of melodic depression, and halfway through track two I prematurely judged this to be a masterpiece, completely meeting all expectations and more. The incredible part is that the album only grew stronger, the main riffs of “Sightless” and “Blue Gallery” in particular absolutely blowing my mind. THIS was the BIRTH of Melodic Death Doom. This was the origin of the brand of music that had come to be my absolute favorite.

Quite immediately, I began thi ... See More
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preview  Intestine Baalism preview  An Anatomy of the Beast (1997) 95/100    Jul 27, 2023
An Anatomy of the Beast Although Intestine Baalism were one of the first significant Death Metal bands from Japan, they sound more like something straight out of Sweden. Dismember and Entombed influence runs rampant in this unholy union of brilliant Melodeath leads and pummeling OSDM riffage. Combining the best of both worlds, the band ensures every track has some fantastic leads that make them memorable and discernable from each other, without ever sacrificing brutality or darkness.

The vast majority of this album is straight up Death Metal, and the lyrics check out. Occultic ramblings of sacrifice and violation paint a picture of a twisted and godforsaken underworld, and the music similarly oozes an evil urgency. Even the melodic aspects of this album are much further towards the “evil” end of the spectr ... See More
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The Dawn of the Dying Sun preview  Hades preview  The Dawn of the Dying Sun (1997) 75/100    Jul 28, 2023
Not as strong as their previous album, but still solid
Sit Stand Kneel Prey preview  Whiplash preview  Sit Stand Kneel Prey (1997) 70/100    Jul 28, 2023
Slight improvement over the last one, as it's less Groove-laden, but some odd Grunge influence here is not really welcome.
Facing the Animal preview  Yngwie Malmsteen preview  Facing the Animal (1997) 70/100    Jul 28, 2023
It's a fine album, but Yngwie is really repeating himself over and over. It can be boring if you're not specifically a big fan of his style or shred music in general.
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Kill Fuck Die preview  W.A.S.P. preview  Kill Fuck Die (1997) 65/100    Jul 28, 2023
Industrial influenced with totally synthesized drums. Ironically, this might have the most interesting drumming on a W.A.S.P. album yet. Music is mostly good if not a bit boring.
Phobos preview  Voivod preview  Phobos (1997) 75/100    Jul 28, 2023
Incredibly dark and dissonant disasterpiece from Voivod. It can be a difficult album because it is very heavy, noisy, and Avant-Garde, but there is some insane quality buried here.
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Cast in Stone preview  Venom preview  Cast in Stone (1997) 75/100    Jul 28, 2023
Not bad at all, most of the songs here are fine cuts of raw Speed Metal. But, it's definitely bloated, filled with way too many tracks that they didn't need.
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Black to the Blind preview  Vader preview  Black to the Blind (1997) 95/100    Jul 28, 2023
Ripping, thrashy Death Metal, played with clinical precision. Monster of an album, absolute face shredder.
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Nattens madrigal: Aatte hymne til ulven i manden preview  Ulver preview  Nattens madrigal: Aatte hymne til ulven i manden (1997) 55/100    Jul 28, 2023
Production on this is just too atrocious. Physically painful. Compositions are occasionally very good, but also sometimes boring and too repetitive. This one is way overrated.
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A Deeper Kind of Slumber preview  Tiamat preview  A Deeper Kind of Slumber (1997) 70/100    Jul 28, 2023
There are some fantastic tracks here, but waaay too much filler and experimentation. A much more concise album could have been wonderful.
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Extinct Instinct preview  Threshold preview  Extinct Instinct (1997) 75/100    Jul 28, 2023
Fine Prog Metal, but nothing unique about it. Riffs are a bit too chuggy for me.
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The Dawn of the Dying SunPagan Prayer80/100    Jul 28, 2023
preview  Hades preview  The Dawn of the Dying Sun (1997)
The Dawn of the Dying SunThe Red Sun Mocks My Sadness70/100    Jul 28, 2023
preview  Hades preview  The Dawn of the Dying Sun (1997)
The Dawn of the Dying SunThe Tale of a Nocturnal Empress80/100    Jul 28, 2023
preview  Hades preview  The Dawn of the Dying Sun (1997)
The Dawn of the Dying SunCrusade of the Underworld Hordes75/100    Jul 28, 2023
preview  Hades preview  The Dawn of the Dying Sun (1997)
The Dawn of the Dying SunAlone Walkyng80/100    Jul 28, 2023
preview  Hades preview  The Dawn of the Dying Sun (1997)
The Dawn of the Dying SunApocalyptic Prophecies (The Sign of Hades)80/100    Jul 28, 2023
preview  Hades preview  The Dawn of the Dying Sun (1997)
The Dawn of the Dying SunAwakening of Kings80/100    Jul 28, 2023
preview  Hades preview  The Dawn of the Dying Sun (1997)
The Dawn of the Dying SunThe Dawn of the Dying Sun80/100    Jul 28, 2023
preview  Hades preview  The Dawn of the Dying Sun (1997)
Sit Stand Kneel PreySit, Stand, Kneel, Prey80/100    Jul 28, 2023
preview  Whiplash preview  Sit Stand Kneel Prey (1997)
Sit Stand Kneel PreyCatharsis70/100    Jul 28, 2023
preview  Whiplash preview  Sit Stand Kneel Prey (1997)
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