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...For Victory

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsEarache Records
Ranked#15 for 1994 , #499 all-time
Reviews :  1
Comments :  15
Total votes :  16
Rating :  92.9 / 100
Have :  12
Want : 1
Submitted by level 21 Eagles
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Bolt Thrower - ...For Victory CD Photo by RhuhongsamBolt Thrower - ...For Victory CD Photo by groooveBolt Thrower - ...For Victory CD Photo by KahunaBolt Thrower - ...For Victory CD Photo by 형블블
...For Victory Information

Track listing (Songs)


Line-up (members)

  • Karl Willets : Vocals
  • Barry Thompson : Guitars
  • Gavin Ward : Guitars
  • Jo Bench : Bass
  • Andy Whale : Drums
Format: 12" vinyl, CD, Cassette Tape.
Catalogue #: MOSH 120, MOSH 120CD & MOSH 120.

Produced by Bolt Thrower.

Limited 2-CD edition includes a bonus live disc, Live War, recorded in Manchester 1992:
1. The IVth Crusade (4:46)
2. Dying Creed (4:36)
3. Spearhead (6:30)
4. Unleashed (5:24)
5. Ritual (4:32)
6. Where Next to Conquer (3:54)
7. War Master (4:29)
8. As the World Burns (6:48) ... See More

...For Victory Reviews

Reviewer :  level 10   90/100
Date : 
Once you get to Bolt Thrower’s 5th album “…For Victory”, there’s not much left to say. Bolt Thrower are one of those bands guilty of writing the same song and putting out the same album over and over. And the song happens to be really good.

The album is scarily consistent, throwing out one riff monster after the next. Each song has a decent variety of speedier aggressive parts and crushing slower/midtempo sections. As always, there’s a very martial atmosphere here, and the dense, rhythmic song structures feel like an enemy invasion. The vocals are fantastic as always, a deep roar that is quite intelligible, like a demonic commander calling out orders. The lyrics here are a bit more realistic than before, and evocative of the more serious catastrophes of war.

If you’ve heard one Bolt Thrower album, you’ve just about heard ‘em all. But when they’re this good, who’s complaining? I’ve got 9 more cuts of Death Metal greatness to add to my forever playlist.
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...For Victory Comments

level 9   95/100
꽉찬 육각형 같이 뒤떨어지는 부분 하나 없는 좋은 앨범이다.
level 11   95/100
Great album
level 3   100/100
To me this is the greatest Bolt Thrower album of all time. The tone of the whole thing is so doomy it's just amazing. And those vocals are sounding better than they ever have. Truely a masterpiece and highly recommended!
level 12   90/100
Bolt Thrower의 전작들을 들으면서 그들에게 기대했던, 그런 음악. 척슐디너의 Death가 개척한 길을 따라 90년대 초반에 쏟아져나온 (올드스쿨로 불리우는) 데스메탈 밴드들의 명반 행진은, 지금 돌아보면 그 면면이 가히 놀랍습니다. 그중에 한자리 당당하게 이름 올릴수있는 작품으로, 중장비 쇼벨로 밀고, 롤러로도 쓱싹쓱싹 밀어버리는 묵직한 파괴력이 일품입니다.
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level 20   80/100
Bolt Thrower majú svojský akoby valivý Death Metal s typickou paľbou dvojkopákov, zbustrovanými nástrojmi, growling s nádychom revu a ťahavými melódiami/sólami. Podarená hudba v rámci štýlu
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level 6   100/100
확 잡아끄는 맛이 있는 데스 메탈 엘범. 리프 하나 하나에 신경 쓰면서도 비장미 있는 전개/멜로디 라인을 사용한 것이 가장 맘에 듭니다.
level 8   90/100
불도저... 포크레인...로우더...쇄석기 등등 이들의 음악을 듣고 있으면 각종 중장비들이 달려오는 것 같은 느낌마저 든다. 여타 다른 데쓰메탈 밴드와는 다르게 느림의 미학, 헤비(重)함의 극치를 보여주는 밴드라 생각한다.
level 10   95/100
It's a great album of Death Metal.
level 7   95/100
중세시대(?)를 떠올리게 하는 특유의 리프가 인상적이다
level 11   95/100
90년대 데스메탈 완성본 이자 모범 데스메탈의 표준규격. 첫 트랙에서부터 이 앨범의 비범함을 느낄 수 있다.
level 10   90/100
분위기를 압도하는 데스메탈, 한결같이 멋진 음악을 선물해주는 밴드의 멋진 앨범
level 13   95/100
Bolt Thrower는 Death만큼 위대한 밴드이다.
level 4   95/100
조타 ㅎㅎ
level   85/100
새총에다 볼트를 딱 끼워서..슉슉..그런 위협적인 색다른 오소독스 데-쓰..
level 10   90/100
...여하튼 볼트 스로워는 정말 멋진 밴드다
Bolt Thrower - ...For Victory CD Photo by 형블블

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