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Alternative 4

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAlternative Rock, Doom Metal
LabelsPeaceville Records
Ranked#23 for 1998 , #929 all-time
Reviews :  2
Comments :  11
Total votes :  13
Rating :  91.2 / 100
Have :  21       Want : 0
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Anathema - Alternative 4 Vinyl Photo by melodicAnathema - Alternative 4 Cassette Photo by melodicAnathema - Alternative 4 CD Photo by meskwarAnathema - Alternative 4 Vinyl Photo by IlludeadAnathema - Alternative 4 CD Photo by groooveAnathema - Alternative 4 CD Photo by Megametal
Alternative 4 Information

Track listing (Songs)


Line-up (members)

  • Vincent Cavanagh : Vocals, Guitars
  • Danny Cavanagh : Guitars, Keyboards, Piano
  • Duncan Patterson : Bass, Keyboards, Piano
  • Shaun Steels : Drums

Guest / additional musicians

  • George Rucci : Violin
  • Andy Duncan : Drum Loops (track 3)

Production staff / artist

  • Kit Woolven : Producer, Mixing Engineer
  • Noel Summerville : Mastering Engineer
  • Simon Dawson : Assistant Engineer
  • Tim Spear : Cover Art
Japanese and German versions have an orchestral version of "The Silent Enigma" as a bonus track.
Recorded at the Windings Jan / Feb '98.
Mastered at Transfermation by Noel Summerville.
All tracks published by Vile Music.
Band photography by Lili Wilde.

Peaceville Re-release Bonus Tracks:
11. Your Possible Pasts
12. One of the Few
13. Better Off Dead
14. Goodbye Cruel World

Alternative 4 Reviews

Reviewer :  level 12   100/100
Date : 
Quite plainly, one of my personal favorite albums ever released. Despite that, I have trouble finding the right words to paint such a picture. If you’ve heard the album, it speaks for itself. If you haven’t yet heard it…

Imagine your world has just been shattered. Not in any vague sense, no – the person you care about and trust most in the whole world has just betrayed you. Initially you feel intense, stabbing pain; the world as you knew it is no more. Your vulnerable, unguarded heart takes the full brunt of the blow from the one you least expected to ever hurt you. Or, maybe you always knew. The pain sets, stays, and eats away at all you are.

Then the implications set in. If the person you cared about most in the whole world betrayed you, how can you trust anyone? How can you trust yourself? It was you who let your guard down around them, after all. Anxiety. Pain. Insanity. Pain. Paranoia. Pain. A desire to escape, by any means necessary…

Then comes the anger, the hate. They did this to you. They should be the one suffering for this. You’d love a chance to pay that back. You dare, you hope for them to make another mistake and give you any excuse.

But as time passes, memories remain. And there were so many good memories. There was love, once. Flashes of passion and genuine feeling come back, and once more the unavoidable pain starts again. It hurts because you loved them. It still hurts because a part of you still loves a part of them.

Regret. Genu
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Reviewer :  level 15   85/100
Date : 
우울함이 짙게 느껴지는 깊은 감성이 있는 음악이지만, 다 같이 죽자는 식으로 엄청나게 디프레시브하지는 않고 다소간의 여백의 미와 듣는 재미는 챙겨주는 밴드이다. 엘범 초반의 1~3번 콤보를 즐겨 들었다. 러닝 타임을 의식해서인지 갑자기 마무리하는 듯한 트렉이 몇 곡 있다. 가사가 인상깊은 엘범이기도 한데, 4번 도입부의 Life.. has betrayed me once again 이라고 읊조리는 부분은 식상한 가사일지라도 굉장히 인상적이었고, 9~10번의 가사도 대단할 것 까지는 없음에도 인상깊었다. 사실 엄청 거창하게 허세를 부리지 않고도 인상깊게 기억나게끔 창작하는 것이 더 매력있을 때가 많다.

사실 별거 없을 것 같은 밴드라는 첫인상의 오해를 상당히 오래 가지고 있던 밴드였는데, 다시 들으면 들을수록 듣는 재미와 상당한 유니크함을 겸비한 음악을 들려주는 밴드이다.

Alternative 4 Comments

level 15   95/100
I almost forgot how much I love this album
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level 5   100/100
가장 처음 들은 아나테마의 앨범.. 당시 현재는 기억도 나지 않은 국내 스트리밍 서비스를 통해서 들었는데 너무 좋았다.. 유튜브도 없던 시절이라서 해외 음반을 접하기가 정말 어렵던 시절이였는데 정말 이들의 음악을 우연히 접한 것이 행운이였다고 생각한다.
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level 10   95/100
great album & great band
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level 10   85/100
끝없이 몰락하는 듯한 우울함
level 21   90/100
Life has betrayed me once again....
Anathema - Alternative 4 CD Photo by Zyklus
level 3   85/100
2번 트랙은 무난했고 4번 트랙이 인상깊었다. Bad Religion 의 음악을 리메이크한 13번 트랙도 색다른 분위기로 인해 자주 듣는다.
level 12   90/100
멋진앨범. anathema 특유의 우울함이 잘 묻어나는 앨범. judgement앨범에서 더 성숙된 음악을 들려준다.
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level 13   80/100
이들만의 애절한 멜로디는 들으면 들을수록 매료되는 것 같다.
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level 21   100/100
ďalšia pecka
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Anathema - Alternative 4 CD Photo by Megametal
level 11   88/100
이들만이 연출해낼 수 있는 우울함...
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level 6   90/100
우울할때 들으면 10 배 더 우울해짐 -_- 대단하다 진짜
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