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Brave Murder Day

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Doom Metal
LabelsAvantgarde Music
Ranked#91 for 1996 , #4,363 all-time
Reviews :  2
Comments :  25
Total votes :  27
Rating :  79.5 / 100
Have :  17       Want : 0
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Brave Murder Day Information

Track listing (Songs)


Line-up (members)

  • Jonas Renkse : Vocals, Drums, Lyrics
  • Fredrik Norrman : Guitars
  • Blakkheim : Guitars, Bass
  • Mikael Åkerfeldt : Vocals (session)
Recorded and mixed at Unisound in July 1996.
Remastered at Castillo Sound in September 2006.

Note: This album originally went to the pressing plant completely unmastered, hence the low output of audio and lack of various EQ/FX enhancements. It was finally mastered for the first time in 2006 when Peaceville Records re-released the album as a digipak with the "Sounds of Decay" EP as bonus tracks ... See More

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Brave Murder Day Reviews

Reviewer :  level 12   100/100
Date : 
There’s so much I could say about this incredible album, and I could never do enough to sing its praises, so instead I’ll relay a personal story.

Many, many years ago now, I lost a very dear friend. Not that they died, no; they chose to go down a dark path I could not follow. And that was almost worse, because there was no closure, no finality to it, and it all ended in a very sad, painful way.

My life after that event was quite dark for quite some time. Hopelessness and lack of trust clouded my view of everything, and once solid goals started to appear meaningless. I continued moving forward simply because.

Enter Brave Murder Day. I had previously heard Katatonia’s debut and their 2 prior EP’s, and while I thought they were good, they were far from incredible releases. I thus put on Brave Murder Day as I was going to sleep one night with no expectations.

Brave immediately captured my attention – no, it would be more appropriate to say that it stole my breath and held it for all 10 of its forlorn minutes. Not only was this nothing like Katatonia’s previous work, it wasn’t like anything I’d heard before (nor have I since). This was the purest form of auditorial depression I’d ever heard. It actually frightened me, as vulnerable as I was at the time. Safe to say my chances of sleep had been murdered.

I kept listening to the album day after day, and it felt awful, in a way. It took me to the darkest depths of the low I was already in and forced
... See More
Reviewer :  level 21   55/100
Date : 
어떤 리뷰에서 Katatonia 초기 작품이 Opeth와 유사하다고 해서 나는 이 앨범을 처음 접했다. 들어본 감상은 매우 지루하다였다. 무거우면서도 분위기있는 연주도 처음에만 좋았고 계속해서 반복되면서 집중력을 흩뜨렸다. 어디를 어떻게 들어야 Opeth와 비슷하다는 건지 솔직히 의문이다. 우울한 감수성 하나만큼은 잘 잡았을지 몰라도 이러한 분위기가 단조롭게 이어지면서 극도로 지루하게만 들렸다. Doom Metal을 어지간히 좋아하는 사람이 아니라면 이 앨범은 결코 권하고 싶지 않다.
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Brave Murder Day Comments

level 11   85/100
충분히 다듬어지진 않았지만 앨범의 분위기와 곡 전개 방식은 탁월하다고 생각된다. 들을 때마다 새로운 요소들이 귀를 즐겁게 해준다.
level 1   80/100
It's ok. I think the evolution of Katatonia left this in the dust. However, nostalgia keeps this album hanging in there and feels good to go back to it from time to time.
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level 14   90/100
Very very good album buy the Katatonia guys who had high level musical skills since the early years. I learned that this album is death doom, but I didn't expect the driving beats that show up at many points in the record, nor did I expect those driving beats to work so well. Also, at one point they slip into that smooth gothic metal that I thought started in the 2000s. Really glad I tried this one out.
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level 15   95/100
Brave Murder Day really awesome album
level 7   70/100
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level 2   100/100
눈팅만 하다가 이게 70점대인걸 보고 회원가입... 둠메탈의 프로그레시브 성향, Entombed의 정신을 이어받은 기타톤의 예술('보스 헤비메탈'로 만든 독창적인 사운드), 1번 곡에서부터 개방현 아르페지오의 간섭과 불협화음 연출도 주목. 적재적소에 등장하는 아방가르드한 마이너리프는 Opeth와의 관계를 다시 한번 생각시켜 줌. 앨범 최고의 곡은 Endtime.
level 1   90/100
I listened to this album many times around the millennium. A combination of simple riffs and one finger solos that turn into a monotonous swirl. It has a great atmosphere that is originating from the raw mixing I guess. The riffs include not only power chords, but thirds, major seconds (the beginning of Murder) and augmented fifths. The two guitar tracks complement each other perfectly to actually make triads. The songs are good to practice precision right hand downpicking.
level 9   60/100
이름값만으로 듣고있긴 ㅈ나 지루한
level 6   100/100
미카엘의 무지막지한 그로울링이 염세적인 이 음반에 잘 녹아들었다.
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level 10   85/100
데스둠의 보석같은 존재. 다소 지루할 때도 있지만 우울함을 충분히 잘 풀어냈다
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level 6   90/100
Paradise Lost의 Gothic만큼은 아니지만 중독성있는 데스둠. 특히 몽환적이고 기억에 남기가 쉬운 리드 기타 멜로디가 맘에 듭니다. 창백하고 차가운 분위기가 특히 와닿네요.
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level 9   95/100
What an amazing album. It's dark and gloomy and so mesmerizing. It took some time to get used to, but after a few listens it occured to me that this album was full-blown awesomeness.
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level 12   85/100
이게 정말 둠메탈이다라고 느끼게 해주는 앨범.
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level 2   65/100
저에겐 둠은 안 맞나보네요
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level 12   65/100
1번은 좋은 데스 둠이지만 나머지 트랙은 시계를 바라보게 만들어준다.
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level 11   85/100
괜찮게 들었던 음반. 완성도를 떠나서 축 가라앉은 분위기가 마음에 든다.
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level 6   70/100
다른 건 그냥 그렇게 들었고 Day 하나는 못을 연상케 할 정도로 참 잘 만든 디프레시브 락이다
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level 16   50/100
나에게는 초기 카타토니아보다는 후기 카타토니아가 훨씬 좋다. 이런 지루한 엘범은 두 번 다시 찾아 듣지 않을 물건
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level 21   80/100
celkom dobrý album
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level 7   90/100
둠.고딕메탈의 걸작이라고 생각한다.보컬도 그 유명한 opeth의 미카엘이 게스트로 참여해줬다.이 후에 등장하는 밴드들에게 많은 영향을 끼친 앨범이다.
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level 11   85/100
이 앨범 트리뷰트까지 있는 걸 보면 둠메틀계에 많은 영향을 끼친 것을 알 수 있다.
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level 13   86/100
상당히 좋게 들은 앨범
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level 3   66/100
오페스를 생각하고 듣게 된다면 실망할 앨범.
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level 3   56/100
시간이 정말 더디게 간다는것을 인지하게 하는 앨범.
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level 3   46/100
차분함을 뛰어넘어 우울함... 듣다보면 같은 곡을 계속 듣는 것 같은 일관성..
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