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A professional normie / Suck at linguistics.
Thank You Scientist - Terraformer
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland
Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory
Dream Theater - Images and Words
Dream Theater - Awake
N.EX.T - The Return of N.EX.T Part 1 - The Being
Meshuggah - Catch Thirtythree
Tool - 10,000 Days
Converge - Jane Doe
Nine Inch Nails - Broken
Between the Buried and Me - Colors
Slayer - Reign in Blood
Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV
Tool - Ænima
Opeth - Blackwater Park
Napalm Death - Scum
Porcupine Tree - In Absentia
Primus - Sailing the Seas of Cheese
Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
Death - Symbolic
Metallica - Master of Puppets
Cryptopsy - None So Vile
Carcass - Heartwork
Alice in Chains - Dirt
Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness
Thank You Scientist - Maps of Non-Existent Places
Steve Vai - Passion and Warfare
Between the Buried and Me - Colors II
Rainbow - Rising
Opeth - Deliverance
Allegaeon - Apoptosis
Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind
Periphery - Periphery IV: Hail Stan
Queen - Queen II
Dream Theater - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
Deep Purple - Machine Head
Tool - Lateralus
Slayer - Hell Awaits
Slipknot - Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)
Meshuggah - The Violent Sleep of Reason
Between the Buried and Me - The Great Misdirect
Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power
Opeth - Ghost Reveries
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preview Hammerhedd Thrash Metal United States 2 1 Aug 29, 2019
preview I Built The Sky Progressive Metal Australia 4 1 May 13, 2019
preview Nik Nocturnal Djent, Progressive Metal Canada 1 1 Jan 21, 2019
preview Blade Killer Heavy Metal United States 2 0 Jan 4, 2019
preview Flesh Storm Thrash Metal Austria 2 1 Jan 3, 2019
preview Lightning Wolf Heavy Metal, Hard Rock United States 1 1 Jan 3, 2019
preview Sacral Rage Thrash Metal, Power Metal Greece 3 4 Jan 3, 2019
preview Rest, Repose Alternative Metal, Hard Rock United States 2 0 Jan 1, 2019
preview Jason Richardson Deathcore, Metalcore, Progressive Metal, Djent United States 3 1 Jan 1, 2019
cover art Artist Album Release date Rating Votes Date
Playing God preview preview Playing God  [Single] 2022-05-11 95 2 May 18, 2022
intortus preview preview intortus  [EP] 2014-03-20 85 1 Feb 3, 2022
Impera preview preview Impera 2022-03-11 81.9 8 Jan 20, 2022
Immutable preview preview Immutable 2022-04-01 85.6 9 Jan 15, 2022
Mamun preview preview Mamun 2020-12-15 - 0 Jan 12, 2022
Monomyth preview preview Monomyth  [Single] 2021-09-02 70 1 Sep 2, 2021
Grand Currents preview preview Grand Currents 2020-07-01 - 0 Jul 20, 2021
Essence of Iron preview preview Essence of Iron  [EP] 2018-11-30 85 1 Aug 29, 2019
新青年 preview preview 新青年 2019-06-05 81.3 4 Aug 5, 2019
Solway Firth preview preview Solway Firth  [Single] 2019-07-22 - 0 Jul 26, 2019
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preview  Bring Me the Horizon preview  Amo (2019) 85/100    Jan 25, 2019
Amo Disclaimer : I may be a clueless fanboy who absorbs one's idol's shit without a single scruple. Considering Metal Kingdom is dedicated to all kind of Metal music, I should have written this on RYM or Herbmusic, but as you can see, I didn't. Please read this as a review for a 'Music album', not for a 'Metal music album'.

I feel sorry for people who has trimmed their imprecation for this album to be shit, Amo is fine. Let's talk about diversity. Some are killer tracks, some are just generic sellout copies. Tracks like Mantra, Nihilist Blues, Wonderful Life, Sugar Honey Ice & Tea are forever memorable songs along with lyrics. As we can see on lyrics in songs like Mother Tongue and I don't know What to Say, Amo's theme is related to Oli's personal stories to some extent.

Overall musi ... See More
Hatred for Mankind preview  Dragged into Sunlight preview  Hatred for Mankind (2009) 85/100    Jun 21, 2022
So is this what gynecologists hear from their mind whenever they abort a fetus?
Playing God preview  Polyphia preview  Playing God (2022)  [Single] 90/100    May 18, 2022
Tim is gradually evolving into this generation's Robert Fripp. (Okay, okay. I might have exaggerated a bit.)
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Immutable preview  Meshuggah preview  Immutable (2022) 90/100    Apr 11, 2022
Fredrik's leads are like icing on a cake. It adds delicacies to the gourmet's dessert, but the supper won't be spoiled without it anyway. Edit: It was brown sugar.
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Parrhesia preview  Animals as Leaders preview  Parrhesia (2022) 90/100    Apr 11, 2022
Their darkest, but sweetest album so far.
Damnun preview  Allegaeon preview  Damnun (2022) 85/100    Mar 9, 2022
Darkest record on band's career. Riley's vocals are almost grieving(in both ways, clean and harsh), Greg and Michaels' 8 strings are dancing through dissonant notes awhile. New drummer however, is one lit player! I loved Brandon, but Holy Macaron...He's on fire. By the way, the album's title is DAMNUM, not DAMNUN. Was this album about damned nuns? If so, there will be lawsuits from porn companies up the Allegaeon's ass.
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Epigone preview  Wilderun preview  Epigone (2022) 85/100    Mar 5, 2022
Tied myself in the bed because I was so ready to ascend(maybe even a rapture) after listening its predecessor. Instead what they gave to me was just a floating piece of balloon filled with Helium. Result? 1 hour experience with high-pitched voice. It was fucking fun, btw.
Veil of Imagination preview  Wilderun preview  Veil of Imagination (2019) 90/100    Feb 22, 2022
Just picturing the prog gurus who might have influenced this album in mind makes me falling into a wet dirty daydream decorated with tall, beardy white guys(no homo again).
Requiem preview  Korn preview  Requiem (2022) 80/100    Feb 9, 2022
You can't just name Korn as a Nu Metal band. They're perfectionists who keep sculpt one distinctive genre(called Korn) although whether it's likable or not is your choice. Me? I loved it.
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intortus preview  I Built the Sky preview  intortus (2014)  [EP] 85/100    Feb 3, 2022
“Even as a boy, when Nana taught me the naming of the clouds…” “Cumulus.” “Yes!” “Stratocumulus.” “Oh yes!” -Sean Connery and Uma Thurman in The Avengers(1998)
Outside the Universe preview  Widek preview  Outside the Universe (2014) 75/100    Feb 3, 2022
Every track sounds the same, hence guitar solos define each songs' identity. Not bad for daily yoga session's meditation music tho. Personal favorite: track 15.
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Hushed and Grim Sickle and Peace 90/100    Dec 28, 2021
preview  Mastodon preview  Hushed and Grim (2021)
In the Court of the Dragon The Shadow of the Abattoir 85/100    Oct 25, 2021
preview  Trivium preview  In the Court of the Dragon (2021)
In the Court of the Dragon Like a Sword Over Damocles 90/100    Oct 25, 2021
preview  Trivium preview  In the Court of the Dragon (2021)
In the Court of the Dragon The Phalanx 90/100    Oct 14, 2021
preview  Trivium preview  In the Court of the Dragon (2021)
In the Court of the Dragon Feast of Fire 90/100    Oct 14, 2021
preview  Trivium preview  In the Court of the Dragon (2021)
In the Court of the Dragon In the Court of the Dragon 95/100    Oct 14, 2021
preview  Trivium preview  In the Court of the Dragon (2021)
Parabellum Wolves at the Door 60/100    Oct 2, 2021
preview  Yngwie Malmsteen preview  Parabellum (2021)
Ghost Reveries Isolation Years 85/100    Sep 30, 2021
preview  Opeth preview  Ghost Reveries (2005)
Ghost Reveries Hours of Wealth 85/100    Sep 30, 2021
preview  Opeth preview  Ghost Reveries (2005)
Ghost Reveries Reverie / Harlequin Forest 90/100    Sep 30, 2021
preview  Opeth preview  Ghost Reveries (2005)
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Immutable Meshuggah Lyrics (103) Immutable Lyrics (1) Jan 28, 2022
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