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Name (Nick) Krindern  (ex-abdullah, Prog Master, ProgMaster, Abdullah)
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Interests Btbam

I like to listen to many genres But my favorites
Progressive Metal / Rock ♪
Melodic Death Metal / Death Metal ♪
Technical Death Metal / Thrash Metal ♪
Power Metal ♪
Thrash Metal ♪
I can say I like all kinds of Metal
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My top albums of 202297Dec 24, 2022
Artist Genres Country Albums Votes Date
previewGrimazeGroove Metal, Death MetalBulgaria10Jan 14, 2024
previewIron FrontDeath MetalUnited States10Dec 28, 2023
previewNarzissusBlack MetalAustria11Dec 28, 2023
previewLazarusHeavy Metal, Power MetalUnited Kingdom10Dec 28, 2023
previewDomination CampaignDeath MetalAustralia10Dec 28, 2023
previewGothonyMelodic Death MetalFinland10Dec 28, 2023
previewDarkclusterBlack Metal, Thrash MetalCanada11Dec 28, 2023
previewPhosphorousDeath MetalFinland10Dec 28, 2023
previewPanzerwarBlack MetalNorway51Dec 28, 2023
previewMeridionDeath MetalChile20Dec 28, 2023
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cover art Artist Album Release date Rating Votes Date
Untoward PerpetuitypreviewpreviewUntoward Perpetuity  [EP]2024-04-12-0Feb 21, 2024
The Empyrean Equation of the long lost ThingspreviewpreviewThe Empyrean Equation of the long lost Things2024-04-19-0Feb 21, 2024
A Sinners PastpreviewpreviewA Sinners Past2024-03-08-0Feb 21, 2024
BotanistpreviewpreviewBotanist2024-05-17-0Feb 21, 2024
Cannibals AnonymouspreviewpreviewCannibals Anonymous2024-03-29-0Feb 21, 2024
Vengeance of Eternal FirepreviewpreviewVengeance of Eternal Fire2024-04-19-0Feb 21, 2024
Trepanned by Glutinous ClawspreviewpreviewTrepanned by Glutinous Claws2024-03-31-0Feb 21, 2024
Ascent into Draconian AbysspreviewpreviewAscent into Draconian Abyss2024-05-01-0Feb 18, 2024
Versets noirpreviewpreviewVersets noir2024-04-26-0Feb 18, 2024
Cometh the StormpreviewpreviewCometh the Storm2024-04-19-0Feb 18, 2024
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preview  Therion preview  Vovin (1998) 100/100    Feb 23, 2023
Vovin Amazing how scandinavian bands took metal to the next level and I think last stage of perfection. Bands like The 3rd and the Mortal, Theatre of Tragedy, Therion, Tiamat, Tristania, Pagan's Mind, Decoryah, The Sins of thy Beloved and some dutch bands as well like Epica, The Gathering and Within Temptation, all of these bands releasing at least 1 perfect album through out their career, they epitomise some of the best music in the last 20 years. I'm grateful to them for their existance as they have created a better world for me to live in and exactly This is my favourite record by Therion, truly classic from symphonic metal and tbh This is not only Therion's best album but also symphonic metal greatest masterpiece.
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preview  Septicflesh preview  Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX (2020)  [Live] 100/100    Jul 25, 2022
Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX Stop and think about what you just heard. Immediately I heard 50+ classical musicians who were rehearsing for many months ahead to pull this off. That dedication, to put their expertise into a field of music their typical listeners would loath, is truly commendable. Further to that, they do extreme justice to Septicflesh arrangements. Now let's salute Septicflesh. The combination of death metal and orchestral musicianship is pure genius. Especially for any musician out there who knows anything about Drop tuning. That was quite simply incredible. A masterpiece in fact
It was an indescribable show and one of the best shows I've ever seen in my life
They are music geniuses
I was really shocked by the power of this show
They amaze me so much and the words I said above may not suffice for ... See More
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preview  Ygg preview  Ygg (2011) 100/100    Jul 10, 2022
Ygg I don't understand what's going on
The album in the first five minutes I felt it would be like any normal album but I gave it a chance and finished it
But after the first five minutes exactly at the beginning of 'Ygg', the album exploded out of power
I could not stand the strength of such music in my mind
It was an indescribable album of greatness I liked the combination of singing between several styles, such as the suicidal bleak black metal style, and also with the melodic death metal style.
The guitars here are indescribable because of their beauty
The drums are really cool
This is probably one of the best black metal albums I've personally heard
They kind of use the black metal style in his second wave
But really well
The playing harmonizes well and that's what matters here
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preview  Slipknot preview  Slipknot (1999) 100/100    May 10, 2022
Slipknot This album is a masterpiece
Everyone should definitely agree on this
This album presents all its strength and all its splendor
Maybe towards the end of the album the songs become a little weaker, but they are very lonely, frankly
The album features many things
Here coray taylor offers his best vocals and vocals, he was a groove mix between modern metal and metalcore, and this is what made his voice special on this album for Mick, his performance was high quality and wonderful
He is the person who gives aesthetics to playing and harmony in his playing with the rest of the instruments is really awesome
As for Shawn, his performance is good. He just does the back vocals and helps make the playing more technical than it is.
Craig's performance is great as there were some really horribl ... See More
preview  Metallica preview  Hardwired... to Self-Destruct (2016) 40/100    May 5, 2022
Hardwired... to Self-Destruct Metallica, they are making very miserable attempts to get back, which I say is impossible after the release of the legendary quartet, as some call it, and I find it somewhat good.
After the complete decline and the release of the terrible album, which is the black album, Metallica's level has declined from bad to worse.
It's just a miserable attempt they might make some good music but they failed miserably
They're Metallica the most elevated group for no reason
There are probably two good songs on this album which are Atlas, Rise and Moth into Flame
The rest was bad
The members of this band do not have the quality of playing that some of the strong bands of today have, especially Thrash Metal for example Sepultura or Kreator
These are way better
This album is disastrous
The guitar ... See More
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The Death King preview  Sickening preview  The Death King (2024) 80/100    Feb 21, 2024
The Death King it was fine
Dark Passion Play preview  Nightwish preview  Dark Passion Play (2007) 80/100    Feb 21, 2024
Dark Passion Play it was a good album
Verses in Oath preview  Hulder preview  Verses in Oath (2024) 85/100    Feb 21, 2024
Their New album is killer!
Nuclear Messiah preview  Apostasy preview  Nuclear Messiah (2011) 85/100    Feb 20, 2024
Nuclear Messiah it was a great release
Lingua Ignota: Part I preview  Persefone preview  Lingua Ignota: Part I (2024)  [EP] 100/100    Feb 20, 2024
New EP is perfect.
As the Crow Flies preview  Steve Von Till preview  As the Crow Flies (2000) 80/100    Feb 19, 2024
The lyrics and instruments are great but I didn't like his vocals here that much, Idk but still a good release
Eyes Wide Open preview  Kittie preview  Eyes Wide Open (2024)  [Single] 85/100    Feb 19, 2024
The Storm & the Horizon preview  Skylark preview  The Storm & the Horizon (2015) 65/100    Feb 19, 2024
The Storm & the Horizon it was kinda bad
Red Teeth preview  Dealer preview  Red Teeth (2024)  [Single] 85/100    Feb 18, 2024
Red Teeth it was a great track
The Fall of an Empire preview  Fairyland preview  The Fall of an Empire (2006) 80/100    Feb 18, 2024
The Fall of an Empire it was fine , I mean its good at all
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Temple of ShadowsSpread Your Fire100/100    Feb 2, 2024
preview  Angra preview  Temple of Shadows (2004)
Shrine of New Generation SlavesEscalator Shrine90/100    Dec 8, 2023
preview  Riverside preview  Shrine of New Generation Slaves (2013)
WastelandWasteland95/100    Dec 8, 2023
preview  Riverside preview  Wasteland (2018)
WastelandThe Struggle for Survival90/100    Dec 8, 2023
preview  Riverside preview  Wasteland (2018)
Voices in My HeadUs90/100    Dec 8, 2023
preview  Riverside preview  Voices in My Head (2005)  [EP]
Second Life SyndromeAfter80/100    Dec 8, 2023
preview  Riverside preview  Second Life Syndrome (2005)
Eternal ThroneIn the Forest of Frozen Darkness80/100    Dec 8, 2023
preview  Battle Dagorath preview  Eternal Throne (2008)
I - Dark Dragons of the CosmosTransfixion of the Spheres85/100    Dec 7, 2023
preview  Battle Dagorath preview  I - Dark Dragons of the Cosmos (2016)
I - Dark Dragons of the CosmosFrom the Black Sun's Fire65/100    Dec 7, 2023
preview  Battle Dagorath preview  I - Dark Dragons of the Cosmos (2016)
Eternal ThroneUnder the Warlord Spell80/100    Dec 7, 2023
preview  Battle Dagorath preview  Eternal Throne (2008)
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