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previewDryadBlack Metal, Blackened Crust, Dungeon SynthUnited States10Feb 23, 2024
previewDeath CrusadeCrust Punk, Metal, D-BeatPoland10Feb 23, 2024
previewMoon WizardStoner Doom Metal, Stoner Metal, Heavy PsychUnited States10Feb 23, 2024
previewPlanning for BurialPost-Metal, Doomgaze, Shoegaze, Drone Metal, Ambient, SlowcoreUnited States21Feb 17, 2024
previewDisimperiumWar Metal, Deathgrind, GrindcoreUnited States11Feb 17, 2024
previewCeremonial BloodbathWar Metal, Bestial Death MetalCanada11Feb 17, 2024
previewCoffin NailDeathgrind, War Metal, Crust PunkUnited States11Feb 17, 2024
previewTemple of the DogGrunge, Hard Rock, Alternative RockUnited States11Feb 15, 2024
previewOrometFuneral Doom MetalUnited States11Feb 15, 2024
previewSpectral WhisperBlack MetalGermany11Feb 12, 2024
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cover art Artist Album Release date Rating Votes Date
The Abyssal PlainpreviewpreviewThe Abyssal Plain2023-01-20-0Feb 23, 2024
Zn​ó​w p​ł​onie niebopreviewpreviewZn​ó​w p​ł​onie niebo2023-01-20-0Feb 23, 2024
OctapreviewpreviewOcta2023-05-26-0Feb 23, 2024
SirenspreviewpreviewSirens2024-01-31-0Feb 23, 2024
DesideratumpreviewpreviewDesideratum2014-05-13-0Feb 23, 2024
DynfaripreviewpreviewDynfari2011-07-07-0Feb 23, 2024
Harvest of the Killing FieldspreviewpreviewHarvest of the Killing Fields2023-10-01901Feb 20, 2024
Below the HousepreviewpreviewBelow the House2017-03-10801Feb 17, 2024
Grand Insurgence upon Despotic AltarspreviewpreviewGrand Insurgence upon Despotic Altars2023-07-21801Feb 17, 2024
Genesis of Malignant EntropypreviewpreviewGenesis of Malignant Entropy2023-11-17851Feb 17, 2024
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preview  Beyond the Black preview  Beyond the Black (2023) 65/100    Jun 4, 2023
Beyond the Black This is not a good album. I find it painful to say that because of the singer's gorgeous vocal tones and the pro musicianship by all members. However, the lyrics are full of clichés and the melodies and song structure are cliché as well. Jennifer misses opportunities to sing in the pocket and opportunities to belt out, so the singing ends up lacking motivation.

Another problem is that it sounds like it's designed to break into the pop market and get played alongside Taylor Swift, but this is neither good metal nor good pop. It started to feel like I was walking through a large corporate grocery store. I don't know if this safe poppy sound can make them any money, but either way I wish they wouldn't sound like this if I give them a listen.

Unpopular opinion of the day, delivered by ... See More
preview  Esoctrilihum preview  Astraal Constellations of the Majickal Zodiac (2023) 100/100    May 14, 2023
Astraal Constellations of the Majickal Zodiac I was certain this was going to be another great album by Esoctrilihum, but it was better than I even hoped. Definitely the best I've heard from him so far.

This is blackened death metal but it's so unique and different from any other blackened death metal band I've heard. The mind-warping spectral feelings in the instruments and cryptic vocals bring mutating and unearthly images to mind. This album stands out because I started seeing more detailed and vast scenes than usual. This time it was opulent palaces full of the unexplainable technology of alien specters. There were clear stone structures, glowing objects, and light from unknown sources.

The style this time is the most similar to Dy'th Requiem for the Serpent Telepath, and the cover art foretells of that, and that painting co ... See More
preview  Godsmack preview  Lighting Up the Sky (2023) 65/100    Mar 1, 2023
Lighting Up the Sky The short story is that it's a bad album and I don't recommend it.

The long story is a lot more complicated, since there are some positive aspects to this album. for a couple of early songs there is a rather nice bluesy & bouncy groove. Though the singer doesn't have such a high level of vocal ability, the way he uses his voice on most of these songs is rather pleasant, and when echo and some other effects are added to the singing, it's done in a tasteful way. Even though the singing is one of the positive points, there are still some problems with it.

A few times here & there you'll find too much singing crammed into a chorus, but the bigger problem is what he's singing; there are some embarrassingly bad lyrics here. "I didn't realize that time alone meant time with him"? Ouch Godsm ... See More
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preview  Obituary preview  Dying of Everything (2023) 85/100    Jan 16, 2023
Dying of Everything Major respect is due to Obituary considering how it's almost 40 years and nothing on this album feels forced, and nothing is lazy or awkward either. Very few bands can keep up this level of solid quality and listenable songwriting for 45 minutes straight when they're this old. I get a clear sense that the band and the recording staff all took the album totally seriously while in the studio.

There is a limit to how good the end product gets though. Most melodies are very very simple, and it's Obituary's trademark, but so much simplicity did bring me to Mediocre Town for a few moments. Keeping it simple has brought them a solid fanbase and a discography with no major mistakes, but I also started hearing how their songwriting stays so amazingly far away from taking risks. After all these y ... See More
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preview  Seven preview  Interdimensional (2020) 85/100    Nov 10, 2022
Interdimensional A mixed review, but overall still very good!
All instrumentation is great, but the vocals are a weak point, as are the lyrics. There's no hiding from that criticism when you have intelligible vocals. Apparently, this guy is really early in the history of djent, and his djent is fantastic. I also hear some Porcupine Tree influence as well as Tool, but the Tool-ish parts don't work as well as the rest. Also, the lighter parts aren't up to the same high standard as the heavy stuff.
This is a huge ambitious double-album, but it does suffer a little from too much intro & outro. Worst of all, the last track's guest vocalist has auto-tune. Yuck. Well, now I'll skip that track and have fun with the rest.
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Soul Crusher preview  White Zombie preview  Soul Crusher (1987) 55/100    Feb 21, 2024
Just making noise for fun, with no idea about a main melody. Track 4 was kind of fun for me. Overall sloppy, pointless, & almost unlistenable. I prefer it to Limp Bizkit but.......
Mongrel preview  KEN mode preview  Mongrel (2003) 75/100    Feb 21, 2024
It's cool in a way, but I just don't feel it that much.
Purple preview  Stone Temple Pilots preview  Purple (1994) 90/100    Feb 21, 2024
I always loved the legendary Interstate Love Song, but the whole album is very high quality. Tracks 5 & 7 are new to me, and are real gems.
The Suffering of November preview  Wounds of Recollection preview  The Suffering of November (2014) 75/100    Feb 21, 2024
For sure I enjoyed it a bit. At times it feels too stiff & metered. Well, I already know his later work is a ton better, but this is cool too.
La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1 preview  White Zombie preview  La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1 (1992) 85/100    Feb 21, 2024
Thunder Kiss '65 is straight up a perfect song. The rest of the album alternates between so-so and good songs. Just like Astro-Creep, I will keep returning to La Sexorcisto.
Verses in Oath preview  Hulder preview  Verses in Oath (2024) 90/100    Feb 20, 2024
Hulder's 2nd album shows the artist is good, inspired, and dependable. Maybe a bit better than the first album. Great rousing rhythms and cold evil melodies.
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The Highest Purpose preview  Morbonoct preview  The Highest Purpose (2024) 90/100    Feb 20, 2024
Wow. A definite improvement over their 2022 album. Pure evil, haunting clean vocals, sci fi space ambience, atmospheric composition with a spooky effect; everything works very well together.
Harvest of the Killing Fields preview  Trichomoniasis preview  Harvest of the Killing Fields (2023) 90/100    Feb 20, 2024
The powerful rumbling suddenly changing speed again & again on this album is a great experience. The voice-overs are very amusing and/or depressing. Recommended for slam fans.
Touched preview  Nadja preview  Touched (2007) 85/100    Feb 20, 2024
Good album. I'm trying to get a grasp on the drone metal & doomgaze continuum, and I'm guessing Nadja is an important part of that. They really produce tons of music.
Let the Earth Be Silent preview  Fvnerals preview  Let the Earth Be Silent (2023) 80/100    Feb 20, 2024
Some moments of crushing despair are really great on this album. Overall, good.
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Soul CrusherDiamond Ass55/100    Feb 21, 2024
preview  White Zombie preview  Soul Crusher (1987)
Soul CrusherScum Kill65/100    Feb 21, 2024
preview  White Zombie preview  Soul Crusher (1987)
Soul CrusherFuture Shock60/100    Feb 21, 2024
preview  White Zombie preview  Soul Crusher (1987)
Soul CrusherTruck on Fire65/100    Feb 21, 2024
preview  White Zombie preview  Soul Crusher (1987)
Soul CrusherSkin60/100    Feb 21, 2024
preview  White Zombie preview  Soul Crusher (1987)
Soul CrusherDie Zombie Die60/100    Feb 21, 2024
preview  White Zombie preview  Soul Crusher (1987)
Soul CrusherDrowning the Colossus75/100    Feb 21, 2024
preview  White Zombie preview  Soul Crusher (1987)
Soul CrusherCrow III45/100    Feb 21, 2024
preview  White Zombie preview  Soul Crusher (1987)
Soul CrusherShack of Hate50/100    Feb 21, 2024
preview  White Zombie preview  Soul Crusher (1987)
Soul CrusherRatmouth45/100    Feb 21, 2024
preview  White Zombie preview  Soul Crusher (1987)
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