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Killing on Adrenaline

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal
LabelsMorbid Records
Ranked#15 for 1998 , #498 all-time
Reviews :  1
Comments :  13
Total votes :  14
Rating :  92.3 / 100
Have :  2
Want : 1
Submitted by level 3 KNOW-ALLAH (2007-07-13)
Last modified by level 21 Eagles (2018-02-09)
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Album Photos  (2)
Dying Fetus - Killing on Adrenaline CD Photo by 록스타Dying Fetus - Killing on Adrenaline CD Photo by 신길동옹
Killing on Adrenaline Information

Track listing (Songs)

1.Killing on Adrenaline5:3397.52
2.Procreate the Malformed7:0592.52
3.Fornication Terrorists5:25902
4.We Are Your Enemy3:44952
5.Kill Your Mother/Rape Your Dog1:151002
6.Absolute Defiance3:5287.52
7.Judgement Day (Integrity cover)1:50801
8.Intentional Manslaughter5:3087.52

Line-up (members)

MR 042.

Licensed to Season of Mist as SOM 161 and released as a jewel case CD.

Recorded at Hit and Run Studios, May 1998.
Produced by Dying Fetus.
Music by Jason Netherton and John Gallagher.

Reissued by Blunt Force Records in 2000.

Released by Night of the Vinyl Dead Records in February 2007 as a white with red and blue splatter vinyl with a color insert limited to 500 handnumbered copies.

Reissued by Displeased Records on June 15th 2008 with a bonus DVD:
Wetlands, NYC, Nov 2000
1. Beaten into Submission
2. Skull Fucked
3. Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog
4. Praise the Lord (Opium to the Masses)
5. We Are Your Enemy
6. Justifiable Homicide
7. Eviscerated Offspring
8. Pissing in the Mainstream
9. Born in Sodom
10. Intentional Manslaughter
11. Killing on Adrenaline
12. Your Blood Is Mine
13. Raped on the Altar
Baltimore, January 2000 with Next Step Up's Vocalist Jr.
14. Bringing Back the Glory
Montreal July 27th, 2000
15. Killing on Adrenaline
16. We Are Your Enemy
17. Skull Fucked
18. Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog
19. Fornication Terrorists
20. Nocturnal Crucifixion
21. Intentional Manslaughter
22. We Are Your Enemy (Video)

Reissued by Relapse Records on March 1st 2011 in a digipak. Repackaged with liner notes from the band, expanded artwork and photography with the previously unreleased bonus tracks:
9. Fornication Terrorists [Rehearsal Demo 1997]
10. Judgement Day [Live in Herbolzheim, Germany, 1998]

Killing on Adrenaline Reviews

Reviewer :  level 19   (90/100)
Date : 
Dying Fetus의 최고의 앨범이라고 하는 2집 입니다.저음 그로울링+기교적인 전개+난해한 리프가 한데 섞여서 미묘한 부르탈의 매력을 발산하는 앨범 입니다.특히 투보이스의 전개는 전체적으로 지루함을 줄여줬고,무자비한 속도보다 그루브함과 같이 전개되는 곡 전개가 상당히 인상적으로 다가옵니다.전체적으로 테크니컬함 까지 갖춰짐으로써 조화가 아주 잘 맞은 부르탈데쓰메틀로 다가옵니다.

Killing on Adrenaline Comments

level 21   (100/100)
한때 Brutal Death Metal이라는 장르자체를 극협으로 여겼던 나에게 그.. 선입견을 완전히 짓밝아준 밴드 다잉 페터스 지금은 그것보단 더 한 것도 듣지만. Dying Fetus은 아직도 나에겐 스승님분 ㅋ
Dying Fetus - Killing on Adrenaline CD Photo by 록스타
level 10   (95/100)
듣다보니 귀에 착착감기네
level   (100/100)
(Another ass-ripped Guy)
level 9   (100/100)
This fucking rips ass. RIP Ass.
level 6   (80/100)
아직도 어색한 구석이 있지만 굉장히 좋다.
level 16   (90/100)
불탈 리스너 중에 이 앨범 안들은 리스너는 없을 것이다. 코어적인 요소를 접합시켜 그루브있고 엽기적 사운드를 창출해내었다. 이 계열에선 중요한 음반 중 하나라 생각한다.
level 11   (85/100)
브루탈 명반. 버릴 곡도 없다지만 딱히 좋다는 곡도 개인적으론 없다.
level 2   (100/100)
명반이라 생각합니다
level 8   (90/100)
테크니컬 하지만 부담스럽지 않은.... 참 괜찮은 뎃메럴.
level   (85/100)
불탈데쓰의 전형을 보여주는 앨범입니다..Excellent!!!
level   (100/100)
Dying Fetus 하면 먼저 Killing on adrenaline을 떠올리게 된다.
level 3   (92/100)
level 3   (76/100)
좋긴한데 약간 지루함.

Dying Fetus Discography

Album titleTypeRelease dateRatingVotesReviews
Studio 82 51
Studio 92.3 141
EP 85 40
Studio 92.1 70
Studio 90 30
Studio 94 50
Studio 91.8 141
EP 70 10
Studio 88.1 100
Studio 85 20
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