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Stylistic originsDeath Metal, Grindcore
Cultural originsLate 1980s, United States and England
Typical instrumentsVocals, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Monolith of InhumanityLyricsDeathgrind, Death Metal, GoregrindUnited States16678
Gore MetalLyricsDeathgrind, Goregrind, Death MetalUnited States37511
World DownfallLyricsDeathgrind, Grindcore, Death MetalUnited States8445
Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme ResponsesLyricsGrindcore, Deathgrind, Hardcore PunkUnited States30372
Space Symphony Around UsGoregrind, DeathgrindCzech Republic182917
The Killing GodsLyricsDeathgrind, Death MetalUnited States22222
Morgue Sweet HomeLyricsDeathgrind, GoregrindSpain46181
Order and PunishmentLyricsTechnical Death Metal, DeathgrindCzech Republic9120
Chaos Dissection OrderBrutal Death Metal, Deathgrind, GrindcoreNetherlands891
Remnants of FilthLyricsGrindcore, DeathgrindUnited States2862
Desecrate / Retaliate / ObliterateDeathgrind, Brutal Death MetalPoland1361
no imageBrutal DeathgrindUnited States451
Asian Stoned EffectBrutal Death Metal, Grindcore, DeathgrindTaiwan1650
C T R LDeathgrindAustria2052
The InsolentLyricsGrindcore, DeathgrindPoland2440
Night of the Ultimate MoshLyricsGrindcore, DeathgrindSweden2140
no imageLyricsGrindcore, DeathgrindBelgium1030
Bride of Insect / Carrion for WormLyricsDeathgrind, Grindcore, Death Metal, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental RockUnited States1330
Clockwork UdderLyricsDeathgrind, Death MetalGermany820
no imageDeathgrindUnited States720
Black KnellLyricsDeathgrind, Crust PunkGermany720
no imageLyricsBrutal Deathgrind, GoregrindFinland1210
Vengeance Z-SquadDeathgrind, Death MetalRussia610
ResultsLyricsDeathgrindUnited States210
Mature NecropsyDeathgrind, Death Metal, GrindcoreFrance1110
Chapter 2: the Flesh HarvestBrutal Death Metal, DeathgrindUnited Kingdom510
MephitismDeathgrind, GrindcoreFrance110
Dialect of the DeadDeath Metal, Deathgrind, GoregrindUnited States210
Depths of ExcruciationBrutal Death Metal, Deathgrind, Brutal DeathgrindAustralia110
Early RehearsalGoregrind, DeathgrindUnited States800
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Reviews : 9,053
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Lyrics : 185,523