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Occupation Bassist

I like: Melodic Death Metal, Black Metal, Crossover Thrash, Thrash, Brutal Death Metal, Industrial Death, Slam, Slamming Gangster Groove, Thrash, Nu-Metal, Alt Metal, Prog Metal,
Hardcore, Punk, Metalcore, Deathcore

I Hate: Glam Metal, Hair Metal Kawai Metal, Electronic Metal

If you want me to edit anything that i have contributed to the website. Memo me.:-)
Mayhem - Dawn of the Black Hearts CD Photo by AlbertTheKingSepultura - Under Siege (Regnum Irae) CD Photo by AlbertTheKingSepultura - Schizophrenia CD Photo by AlbertTheKingSlayer - Seasons in the Abyss CD Photo by AlbertTheKingShadowspawn - Ashes of Sorrow CD Photo by AlbertTheKingSepultura - A-Lex CD Photo by AlbertTheKing
Sepultura - Nation CD Photo by AlbertTheKingMetallica - Hero of the Day CD Photo by AlbertTheKingLordi - Zombilation - Greatest Cuts CD Photo by AlbertTheKingDimmu Borgir - Eonian CD Photo by AlbertTheKingThe Kovenant - Animatronic CD Photo by AlbertTheKingCovenant - Nexus Polaris CD Photo by AlbertTheKing
Sepultura - Roots CD Photo by AlbertTheKingSepultura - Arise CD Photo by AlbertTheKingHammerfall - Renegade CD Photo by AlbertTheKingMetallica - Death Magnetic CD Photo by AlbertTheKingMetallica - St. Anger CD Photo by AlbertTheKingMetallica - S&M CD Photo by AlbertTheKing
Lists written by AlbertTheKing
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Artist Genres Country Albums Votes Date
previewChthonian AppanageBlack MetalUnited States30Feb 29, 2024
previewNecrobutcherBlack Metal, Avant-garde MetalNorway00Feb 29, 2024
previewSwartzheimThrash MetalDenmark50Feb 28, 2024
previewMichael StützerThrash MetalDenmark00Feb 28, 2024
previewExtBlack Metal, NoiseSweden00Feb 28, 2024
previewItNoise, Black Metal,Sweden00Feb 28, 2024
previewAllBlack MetalSweden00Feb 28, 2024
previewEvilNoise, Black Metal,Sweden00Feb 28, 2024
previewMarty LesmeisterProgressive MetalUnited States00Feb 28, 2024
previewMike AndrieProgressive Metal, Gothic MetalUnited States00Feb 28, 2024
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cover art Artist Album Release date Rating Votes Date
The WearypreviewpreviewThe Weary2005-0Feb 29, 2024
RehearsalpreviewpreviewRehearsal  [Demo]2004-06-11-0Feb 29, 2024
Siege upon the ThronepreviewpreviewSiege upon the Throne  [Demo]2003-08-20-0Feb 29, 2024
ConflictpreviewpreviewConflict  [Single]2024-02-28-0Feb 29, 2024
SympathypreviewpreviewSympathy  [EP]2023-10-13-0Feb 28, 2024
SympathypreviewpreviewSympathy  [Single]2023-09-15-0Feb 28, 2024
Clinical NightmarepreviewpreviewClinical Nightmare2021-09-10-0Feb 28, 2024
Enslaved by HatepreviewpreviewEnslaved by Hate  [Single]2021-07-30-0Feb 28, 2024
Front Teeth Kicked InpreviewpreviewFront Teeth Kicked In  [Single]2021-07-02-0Feb 28, 2024
Raw Live (At Copenhell)previewpreviewRaw Live (At Copenhell)  [Live]2024-02-02-0Feb 28, 2024
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Album reviews written by AlbertTheKing
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Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectére Me preview  Abruptum preview  Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectére Me (1993) 100/100    Feb 28, 2024
Pure evil. There are rumors that he still has pieces of Dead´s skull sent to him by euromymous after Dead´s death. There are also rumors that he wanted Abruptums listeners to kill themselfes.
De mysteriis dom Sathanas preview  Mayhem preview  De mysteriis dom Sathanas (1994) 100/100    Feb 28, 2024
Pure Pain And Brutallity On This Album. Just What I like
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Reinventing the Steel preview  Pantera preview  Reinventing the Steel (2000) 100/100    Feb 28, 2024
The Best Pantera Album. Don´t Kill Me, I Have Opinions!
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Charcoal Grace preview  Caligula's Horse preview  Charcoal Grace (2024) 100/100    Feb 27, 2024
I was not expecting much. But this is groundbreaking good!
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Controlled by Hatred / Feel like Shit... Deja Vu preview  Suicidal Tendencies preview  Controlled by Hatred / Feel like Shit... Deja Vu (1989) 90/100    Feb 25, 2024
Although it is realy good. i have a hard time hearing Mike´s Vocals.
The Sickness Within preview  Hatesphere preview  The Sickness Within (2005) 90/100    Feb 23, 2024
Love the vibe of the album!
Project: Regeneration, Vol. 2 preview  Static-X preview  Project: Regeneration, Vol. 2 (2023) 85/100    Feb 23, 2024
I think that Static-x has hope!
The System Has Failed preview  Megadeth preview  The System Has Failed (2004) 85/100    Feb 23, 2024
This was a hard time for Megadeth. but they still made a really good album!
Re-Industrialized preview  Fear Factory preview  Re-Industrialized (2023) 90/100    Feb 23, 2024
Mike Heller was always a lame drummer. i love that they re-recorded the album.
Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. preview  Slipknot preview  Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. (1996)  [Demo] 70/100    Feb 20, 2024
you can hear that they was inspired by Fear Factory On This One. But ofcourse not as good as Fear Factory.
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DescentThrough Time90/100    Feb 28, 2024
preview  Orbit Culture preview  Descent (2023)
DescentDescent85/100    Feb 28, 2024
preview  Orbit Culture preview  Descent (2023)
DescentUndercity100/100    Feb 28, 2024
preview  Orbit Culture preview  Descent (2023)
DescentThe Aisle of Fire85/100    Feb 28, 2024
preview  Orbit Culture preview  Descent (2023)
DescentAlienated90/100    Feb 28, 2024
preview  Orbit Culture preview  Descent (2023)
DescentVultures of North95/100    Feb 28, 2024
preview  Orbit Culture preview  Descent (2023)
DescentFrom the Inside95/100    Feb 28, 2024
preview  Orbit Culture preview  Descent (2023)
DescentSorrower95/100    Feb 28, 2024
preview  Orbit Culture preview  Descent (2023)
DescentBlack Mountain90/100    Feb 28, 2024
preview  Orbit Culture preview  Descent (2023)
DescentDescending80/100    Feb 28, 2024
preview  Orbit Culture preview  Descent (2023)
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cover art Band Lyrics Album Lyrics Date
Oblivion OmittedMake a Change... Kill Yourself Lyrics (16)Oblivion Omitted Lyrics (4)Dec 22, 2023
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