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TypeStudio Full-length
GenresGrindcore, Death Metal
Ranked#39 for 1989 , #1,637 all-time
Reviews :  1
Comments :  11
Total votes :  12
Rating :  87 / 100
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Submitted by level Death and Life
Last modified by level 17 Besi Karat
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Horrified photo by 스래쉬
Horrified Information

Track listing (Songs)

1.The Stench of Burning Death1:34-0
2.Eaten Alive1:39-0
3.Acid Bath1:31-0
4.Slaughter of the Innocent1:33-0
6.Radiation Sickness2:05-0
7.Splattered Cadavers1:26-0
8.Festering Boils1:53-0
9.Pestilent Decay1:05-0
11.Driven to Insanity1:40-0
12.Six Feet Under1:12-0
13.Bodily Dismemberment1:46-0
15.The Lurking Fear1:10-0
16.Black Breath2:17-0
17.Maggots in Your Coffin1:46-0

Line-up (members)

  • Scott Carlson : Vocals, Bass
  • Matt Olivo : Guitars
  • Aaron Freeman : Guitars
  • Dave "Grave" Hollingshead : Drums
Originally released in 1986 as a demo called Slaughter of the Innocent. It was "officially" released as Horrified on the Necrosis label (owned by members of Carcass and a subdivision of Earache) in 1989.

The tracks were recorded in June '86 at Silver Tortoise Soundlab, Ann Arbor, MI [demo]; and then remixed in March '89 by Jonas Berzanskis, Scott Carlson and Aaron Freeman, and produced by Doug Earp and Repulsion [Necrosis Records release].

Re-released on Relapse in 1992 with different artwork and "Black Nightmare" as bonus track.

2003 re-release comes with old artwork and bonus material, including a bonus CD including:

Genocide 11/84 rehearsal demo
1. "Armies of the Dead" (2:23)
2. "Satan's Whores" (2:35)
3. "Crack of Doom" (2:30)

Genocide "Violent Death" demo, autumn '85
4. "Armies of the Dead" (1:42)
5. "Six Feet Under" (1:33)
6. "Violent Death" (1:05)
7. "The Lurking Fear" (1:34)
8. "Crack of Doom" (1:59)
9. "Horrified" (2:32)

Genocide "WFBE" demo 1/16/86
10. "The Stench of the Burning Death" (1:29)
11. "Decomposed" (1:34)
12. "Slaughter of the Innocent" (1:50)
13. "Eaten Alive" (1:50)
14. "Six Feet Under" (1:18)
15. "Crypt of Terror" (1:48)
16. "The Lurking Fear" (1:19)
17. "Festering Boils" (1:56)
18. "Pestilent Decay" (1:13)
19. "Black Nightmare" (2:03)
20. "Bodily Dismemberment" (1:54)
21. "Horrified" (2:13)

Genocide live 5/14/86
22. "Radiation Sickness" (2:05)
23. "Black Breath" (2:17)

Repulsion "Excruciation" EP/demo
24. "Excruciation" (3:31)
25. "Helga (Lost Her Head)" (3:25)
26. "Rebirth" (3:05)
27. "House of Freaks" (2:42)

Repulsion 1991 final demos
28. "Depraved" (2:59)
29. "Face of Decay" (3:14)
30. "Something Dead" (3:30)

Re-released again in 2006 on double gatefold vinyl by Southern Lord, with the same bonus tracks as on the CD release, except Genocide 11/84 rehearsal demo and Genocide "Violent Death" demo, autumn '85.

In the song "Decomposed" the word "bitch" is clearly heard instead of the word "girl", which is stated on the booklet.

Horrified Reviews

Reviewer :  level 15   (80/100)
Date : 
이미 Carcass가 첫 Goregrind 앨범을 선사하기 전 Gore적이고 좀비적인 요소를 넣어 Gore틱한 Grindcore 밴드가 존재했었다. 시기가 엇 비슷하지만 결성일은 Repulsion이 빨랐고 두 밴드는 그렇게 동시대에 비슷하면서도 다른 음악을 들려줬다.

이 앨범에서 들려주는 음악은 Carcass보단 덜 Death Metal스러우면서 Grindcore적인 사운드 위에 약간의 Gore를 가미한 사운드다. 거의 Grindcore에 가깝지만 Grindcore 태동기 때 이미 Grindcore와 Goregrind를 동시에 선사한 밴드나 마찬가지로 업적만 해도 충분히 Grindcore 역사에 거론될 만한 밴드이다.

Horrified Comments

level 6   (90/100)
고어그라인드 명반
level 10   (90/100)
제법 들을만 하다
level 10   (95/100)
autopsy를 2배속한거같은 음악. 물론 좋다는 의미
level 9   (90/100)
Great work, somewhere on the verge between Death Metal and Grindcore. A monumental album regarding the genre of Grindcore.
level 17   (75/100)
úderné rýchle piesne, ktoré sú však príliš jednotvárne, hudba je na pomedzí death/grind/punk, spev je skôr thrash metalový
level   (80/100)
오리지날 자켓은 따로 있는데 .. 그라인드 코어의 전설적인 앨범이지만 조악한 음질덕에 음악을 제대로 캐취해서 듣기가 어려운 치명적인 단점을 가지고 있다.
level 16   (90/100)
꽤 개성넘치는 음악을 들려준다. 그라인드 쪽에선 중요한 앨범이다
level 11   (80/100)
그라인드 코어의 시초라고 하지만 앨범이 귀에 안맞는 건 어쩔 수 없다.
level 6   (90/100)
쓰레쉬 메탈 느낌이 강한 올드 스쿨 그라인드코어/고어그라인드다. 가사적으로만 고어그라인드지만 카르카스에도 큰 영향을 미친 걸로 알고 있다.
level   (95/100)
그라인드코어의 원조!
level 5   (85/100)
원조격 그라인드코어! 올드스쿨!

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