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Sonata Arctica - Unia CD Photo by EFMB15Nightwish - Wishmaster CD Photo by EFMB15
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Perfume of the TimelesspreviewpreviewPerfume of the Timeless  [Single]2024-05-21-0May 21, 2024
YesterwyndepreviewpreviewYesterwynde2024-09-20-0Mar 27, 2024
preview  Bruce Dickinson preview  Tattooed Millionaire (1990) 80/100    Apr 30, 2024
Tattooed Millionaire This is melodic, radio friendly hard rock in the vein of Def Leppard or something, definately NOT Iron Maiden, so before even considering listening to this album, shake out any and all expectations of this album sounding even remotely like Maiden or even Bruce's later solo albums.
Ok, now that you have an idea of what to expect, this album isn't bad. This is a very fun, good time, go out on a saturday night, go to a bar, have a couple of beers, play darts, go to a strip club and have fun type of album, and it loosens you up like a good beer. In the lyric department, we see Bruce putting away his history books and pulling out a Playboy, and just letting it all hang out. The music is a very melodic, very slick, hard rock platter that would definately not sound out of place on 80's mainstrea ... See More
preview  Metallica preview  Metallica (1991) 85/100    Apr 26, 2024
Metallica Metallica reaches commercialism with surprising result. This album isn’t by any means perfect. It’s got things about it that ARE perfect, but other things just feel out of place in my opinion. Still, there is a reason why this is the best selling metal album ever made, and it’s easy to see why. It’s got an amazing mix, it’s got mostly good songwriting, and the songs are extremely heavy and delve into complex topics that make the listener think. Overall, this album is damn good. I give Metallica’s self titled an 85%.

Highlights: Unforgiven, Nothing Else Matters, Enter Sandman, Sad But True

Weakest Moments: Don't Tread On Me, Through The Never, The Struggle Within

P.S. Sorry I haven't written a review for a while, I've had problems logging in.
preview  Megadeth preview  Rust in Peace (1990) 90/100    Mar 28, 2024
Rust in Peace Despite the fact that 'Rust In Peace' is one of the best technical trash and metal albums of all time, it is still slightly overrated in my opinion. There are some real gems on the album, but unfortunately the song material is a bit uneven, and Mustaine's vocals are not quite on the level of Dio or Dickinson. On the other hand, the production of the album has been brilliantly successful, and the length of the album is just optimal. And not every album needs to be perfect to become a classic.
An excellent, classic, and absolutely unique album that everyone must incorporate into their own metal DNA if they want to call themselves a Metal Head.

Highlights: Tornado Of Souls, Hangar 18, Holy Wars... The Punishment Due

Weakest Moments: Dawn Patrol, Poison Was The Cure
Unia preview  Sonata Arctica preview  Unia (2007) 80/100    May 23, 2024
It might be only situationally enjoyable music, but at the same time the album is kind of impressive too. It shows a more ambitious side to Sonata Arctica, if nothing else, and personally I find these songs quite imaginative and interesting. Especially the extended instrumental sections are cool and unusual since Sonata Arctica is typically a very vocal line driven band. It's not a perfect album and it can tire you out fast, but it has some good things going for it too.
Sonata Arctica - Unia CD Photo by EFMB15
Wishmaster preview  Nightwish preview  Wishmaster (2000) 85/100    May 22, 2024
This may not be Nightwish's crowning achievement in my opinion, but is definitely an essential for fans of the band as well as newcomers and symphonic metal purists. There's definitely enough variety here to be enjoyed by everybody. Whatever your wish may be, the Wishmaster will surely grant it.
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Nightwish - Wishmaster CD Photo by EFMB15
Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II preview  Helloween preview  Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II (1988) 95/100    May 22, 2024
Power Metal Bible: The New Testament. This is a classic and groundbreaking record in the history shelves of metal, together with part I. A source of inspiration and influence to countless bands to follow.
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Clear Cold Beyond preview  Sonata Arctica preview  Clear Cold Beyond (2024) 90/100    May 19, 2024
I think it's a very good album! I didn't really expect a real Power Metal album from Sonata after 15 really weak years, but here it is, and yes, I've missed it. The song material is strong and versatile enough, making the album an excellent whole. Tony Kakko's vocals are also stronger than the previous album(s). I hope SA keeps this strong momentum on the next album as well.
Oceanborn preview  Nightwish preview  Oceanborn (1998) 90/100    May 18, 2024
An excellent album, and a significantly more mature and professional ensemble than the debut, although it certainly does not rank among the band's best albums. The music has become more straightforward and melodic since the debut, there are clear influences from e.g. Stratovarius. And even though Tarja Turunen's vocals have never convinced me, they fit the album's atmosphere in a certain way and give the album just the personality it needs. Great album, I highly recommend it.
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Stones Grow Her Name preview  Sonata Arctica preview  Stones Grow Her Name (2012) 75/100    May 12, 2024
I do not get it. Every other song on the album is excellent and every other is downright shocking. As if they wanted to create the most dubious album possible. Not bad, but I don't recommend listening to this if you're not a fan of Sonata, or just interested in really special music.
Maniac Dance preview  Stratovarius preview  Maniac Dance (2005)  [Single] 70/100    May 12, 2024
After two incredible albums, they released an incredibly weak and boring album that would ruin a classic line-up. Maniac Dance is probably the most entertaining song on the album, which says something about the low level of the album.
The Mandrake Project preview  Bruce Dickinson preview  The Mandrake Project (2024) 80/100    May 12, 2024
Not bad, but I guess we're all disappointed considering the high expectations and decent singles. The Mandrake Project is still not bad and has its moments. Unfortunately, those moments are few and far between compared to previous albums.
Ed Hunter preview  Iron Maiden preview  Ed Hunter (1999)  [Compilation] 80/100    May 11, 2024
I think it's a decent compilation album, on the other hand, the lack of long and epic songs is at least a shame, considering that Iron Maiden is best known for them.
Sacred Heart preview  Dio preview  Sacred Heart (1985) 85/100    May 11, 2024
Actually better than I expected, though not a masterpiece. The song material is more uneven and commercial than the previous albums, although there are also real gems. Despite everything, in Dio's top 3 records.
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UniaGood Enough Is Good Enough85/100    May 23, 2024
preview  Sonata Arctica preview  Unia (2007)
UniaFly with the Black Swan75/100    May 23, 2024
preview  Sonata Arctica preview  Unia (2007)
UniaThe Worlds Forgotten, the Words Forbidden70/100    May 23, 2024
preview  Sonata Arctica preview  Unia (2007)
UniaThe Harvest80/100    May 23, 2024
preview  Sonata Arctica preview  Unia (2007)
UniaMy Dream's But A Drop of Fuel For A Nightmare75/100    May 23, 2024
preview  Sonata Arctica preview  Unia (2007)
UniaThe Vice75/100    May 23, 2024
preview  Sonata Arctica preview  Unia (2007)
UniaCaleb100/100    May 23, 2024
preview  Sonata Arctica preview  Unia (2007)
UniaUnder Your Tree90/100    May 23, 2024
preview  Sonata Arctica preview  Unia (2007)
UniaIt Won't Fade95/100    May 23, 2024
preview  Sonata Arctica preview  Unia (2007)
UniaFor the Sake of Revenge85/100    May 23, 2024
preview  Sonata Arctica preview  Unia (2007)
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