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no imagepreviewpreview16 Strokes: The Best of Billy Squier  [Compilation]1995-04-041001Apr 11, 2021
CycloramapreviewpreviewCyclorama2003-02-181001Feb 22, 2021
no imagepreviewpreviewResonate2016-10-281001Sep 21, 2020
no imagepreviewpreviewAfterglow2012-10-291001Aug 25, 2020
preview  Royal Hunt preview  Paper Blood (2005) 100/100    Apr 13, 2021
Paper Blood My 440th most played album. Royal Hunt - Paper Blood. Such an amazing band! I was lucky enough to get 4 titles in the music store, they moved to the top of the list, then I got this album 20 months ago played it 19 times, fast moving up my most played list. Now I see they have just posted 7 more albums just 8 days ago on Youtube so I see a lot of this great band in my future. The more I hear the more I love. Progressive rock like Rush or Dream Theater. Some of their videos have almost 200,000 views, great for a metal band. Some have less than 100 views. André Andersen one of the best Keyboard players in the world, John West has amazing vocals. Now 21 plays moved up 200 places the whole catalog rocks!
preview  Judas Priest preview  Turbo (1986) 100/100    Apr 13, 2021
Turbo My 348th most played Album. Judas Priest - Turbo. The tenth studio album by the English heavy metal band released on 14 April 1986. I know what I was doing the week of 14 April 1986. My band and I were learning the song "Turbo Lover" in my jam room! The good old days when you could learn a song from a favorite artist and perform it a week after it's release and people knew and liked what we were doing. I would listen to this great album more but we did play it to death in the late 80's and early 90's before I tracked what I listen to. This album still rocks, still racked up 23 plays this century, with 9,549 albums to choose from it is very hard to get 23 plays! The album is the band's first use of guitar synthesizers.
preview  Whitesnake preview  Good to Be Bad (2008) 100/100    Apr 13, 2021
Good to Be Bad My 38th most played album. Whitesnake, Good To Be Bad! Riff crazy this is a guitar players album! Reb Beach and Doug Aldrich tear it up! The Dinosaur Rock Guitar forum honored the album with a 2008 Dino Award for "Best Album of the Year. In November 2008, Good to Be Bad won the Classic Rock Award for "Album of the Year". It's also my most played album from 2008. David Coverdale is at the top of his game too. 4 singles from the CD, "Lay Down Your Love", "All for Love", "Summer Rain" and "Can You Hear the Wind Blow". I think the best songs are "Best Years", "Can You Hear the Wind Blow", "Call on Me", "All I Want All I Need" and "Good to Be Bad". The tenth studio album was the first album of new studio material in a decade.
preview  Cinderella preview  Still Climbing (1994) 100/100    Apr 13, 2021
Still Climbing My 776th most played album. Cinderella - Still Climbing. The fourth and final studio album might be their best! This should be higher on my most played list, I started counting around 1998 this came out in 1994, I got it the week it came out, I know I played it a bunch in the first four years. I love this album! Very mature they went from great songs about sex to great songs about real life! Tom Keifer tells the story about how MTV told them they would not play a single video from the CD and Tom said but you have not heard it yet, they answered back just trying to save the band some money. We don't care how good it will be, we already decided not to play!. Darn M.T.V. they kept their promise. Their best album peaked at #178 never had a chance sadly they knew more than 3 chords, it destroye ... See More
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preview  Dream Theater preview  Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory (1999) 100/100    Apr 13, 2021
Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory My 895th most played album. Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory. The fifth studio album and first concept album. An interesting story about going through past life regression therapy. Nicholas the main character finds out he was murdered in a past life, his Hypnotherapist is his old killer reincarnated and kills him again. Amazing music to go with the amazing story. The album was ranked number 95 on the October 2006 issue of Guitar World magazine's list of "The greatest 100 guitar albums of all time", ranked as the 15th Greatest Concept Album (as of March, 2003) by Classic Rock Magazine, In 2012, the readers of Rolling Stone voted the album into the #1 position of their "Your Favorite Prog Rock Albums of All Time" poll. It is #3 on Metal Kingdom's top album list.
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Paradox II: Collision Course preview  Royal Hunt preview  Paradox II: Collision Course (2008) 100/100    Jun 30, 2021
My 1,190th most played album. The ninth studio album was released in 2008. Peaked at # 46 on the Japanese Albums chart. Amazing progressive metal. Metal Kingdom’s #714th best album of all time. Sounds like Dream Theater. A great political message as well! This is rising fast on my most played list. My 8th most played Royal Hunt behind; Moving Target, Paper Blood, Land Of Broken Hearts, Devil’s Dozen, The Mission, The Watchers and Paradox.
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Phoenix Rising preview  Artension preview  Phoenix Rising (1997) 95/100    Apr 13, 2021
Album of the day #1116. Artension - Phoenix Rising. Amazing neoclassical progressive metal, sounds like Dream Theater hired Malmsteen. One reason why I love this band is because of the great lyrics I can understand. excellent keyboardist Vitalij Kuprij, Roger Staffelbach killer guitar John's voice is really powerful. They say they have an 8th album coming out, I can't wait. Great songs are “Area 51”, “Phoenix Rising” and “Valley of the Kings”.
Keel VI: Back in Action preview  Keel preview  Keel VI: Back in Action (1998) 95/100    Apr 13, 2021
My 1608th most played album another great CD from Keel and band!
Diamond Dave preview  David Lee Roth preview  Diamond Dave (2003) 85/100    Apr 13, 2021
Crazy versions of cover songs very good just added to my playlist! Check out If 6 Was 9 and a cool original Thug Pop!
Blue Tears preview  Blue Tears preview  Blue Tears (1990) 100/100    Apr 13, 2021
My 771th most played album. Blue Tears - Self Titled 1990. Sounds almost exactly like Bon Jovi! Not what the market was looking for on 1990. 2 singles released from the record "Innocent Kiss" and "Rockin' with the Radio". More great songs, "Crush" and "Blue Tears". It would take 15 years to release their 2nd CD! Another CD I pulled out of Second Spins $1 bin, Warehouse records closed sold their stock to Second Spin I bought about 1,000 $1 CD's.
Greatest Hits preview  Whitesnake preview  Greatest Hits (1994)  [Compilation] 100/100    Apr 13, 2021
My 640th most played album. Whitesnake - Greatest Hits. Platinum released 1994. Such a strange album, it only contains songs from 3 albums Slide It In, Whitesnake and Slip of the Tongue. The songs are killer but it forgot about the other 5 albums? Still a Whitesnake fan must buy this one to get the song "Sweet Lady Luck" (a B-side from the previous album Slip of the Tongue). and the 1987 versions of "Here I Go Again" and "Crying in the Rain".
Dust to Dust preview  Heavenly preview  Dust to Dust (2004) 95/100    Apr 12, 2021
What an amazing album new to my collection thanks to Metal Kingdom for turning me on to this great gem!
Keep the Faith preview  Bon Jovi preview  Keep the Faith (1992) 95/100    Apr 12, 2021
My 1,333rd most played album, this is when Bon Jovi was a great band!
Mandrake preview  Edguy preview  Mandrake (2001) 80/100    Apr 12, 2021
A great new addition to my collection great lyrics and guitar great metal!
Temple of Shadows preview  Angra preview  Temple of Shadows (2004) 80/100    Apr 12, 2021
Great music new to my collection thanks to Metal Kingdom for turning me on to this great album!
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Keel VI: Back in ActionLay Down the Law '8495/100    Apr 13, 2021
preview  Keel preview  Keel VI: Back in Action (1998)
Keel VI: Back in ActionProud to Be Loud95/100    Apr 13, 2021
preview  Keel preview  Keel VI: Back in Action (1998)
Under Lock and KeyTill The Livin' End100/100    Apr 13, 2021
preview  Dokken preview  Under Lock and Key (1985)
Under Lock and KeyWill The Sun Rise?95/100    Apr 13, 2021
preview  Dokken preview  Under Lock and Key (1985)
Under Lock and KeyDon't Lie To Me95/100    Apr 13, 2021
preview  Dokken preview  Under Lock and Key (1985)
Under Lock and KeyJaded Heart95/100    Apr 13, 2021
preview  Dokken preview  Under Lock and Key (1985)
Under Lock and KeyIt's Not Love100/100    Apr 13, 2021
preview  Dokken preview  Under Lock and Key (1985)
Under Lock and KeyLightnin' Strikes Again100/100    Apr 13, 2021
preview  Dokken preview  Under Lock and Key (1985)
Under Lock and KeySlippin' Away90/100    Apr 13, 2021
preview  Dokken preview  Under Lock and Key (1985)
Under Lock and KeyIn My Dreams100/100    Apr 13, 2021
preview  Dokken preview  Under Lock and Key (1985)
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