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Impaled Nazarene - Rapture cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal
LabelsOsmose Productions
Album rating :  68 / 100
Votes :  1
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Rapture Lyrics

Submitted by level DaveÅkerfeldt (2011-05-27)
1. Penis Et Circes (2:35)
Penis et circes
Dominate the weaklings
Ecstatic whippings
Iron and chains
Branding the slaves
Mastering the games

[cho:] Hail Satan, master, weeping christians burn at stake

Penis et circes
Boiling oil fetish
Lion raped victims
Screaming for God
Divine intervention
Ain't fucking coming

[repeat chorus]

Penis et circes
Killing the weaklings
Volcanic beatings
Meaningless lives
About to end
Stone them to death!

[repeat chorus]

[Music: Lehtosaari]
[Lyrix: Luttinen]
2. 6th Degree Mindfuck (2:30)
First degree, one simple step, just burn your skin with a cigarette
For the second degree, take a knife, slowly slice and let it bleed
And for the third degree, drink your urine,
let the sour taste fill your stomach

[cho:] Screaming for the living
Screaming for the dead
Together we go thru
This acid trip from hell
Fucking with your body
Fucking with your mind
Total devastation
Time to fuck off and die

Fourth degree, eat your shit, keep it in, dare not to vomit
For the fifth degree, open up your mind, see those burning pentagrams now shine
And for the sixth degree, get your gun, let's go hunting the scumfucks

[repeat chorus]

This is what I want, this what I need
This is why I go thru all the six degrees
This is what I want, this is what I Need
I lost my soul ages ago, hell's my sanctuary

[Music: Lehtosaari]
[Lyrix: Luttinen]
3. Iron Fist With An Iron Will (2:27)
This is the action counter reaction
To all things dead, crawling dead
This is the counter action reaction
To all living things who should be dead

Burn their bodies, parasites
Fuck their minds, genocide

This is the tired old story of shit
About things, all of them braindead
This is renewal, perhaps a better end?
About shit that ended up digested

Burn their minds, parasites
Genocide of one of a kind
Now that we are spilling blood
Ignorants cry for God
Now that we are raping their souls
Innocents cry for more
Thus we finally came this far
Got what you prayed for
Useless fucking digested shit
Turn around and suck this:
Iron fist with an iron will

[Music & Lyrix: Luttinen]
4. Angel Rectums Do Bleed (2:00)
See it with your own eyes if you don't believe me
Come on, just one cut and angel rectums do bleed
Taste it with your own tongue, now that's real blood
Slip your finger inside and hear the weep of God

[cho:] Thundering damnation
Hellfire salvation
Redeeming abomination
Masturbating till death

Feel it with your own finger if you don't believe me
Hard as stone, golden rectum yet red blood it bleeds
Slice it open, open wide and find about the reek of heaven
Throw away your inhibitions, smear the shit with devil's semen

[repeat chorus]

Rub it with your own penis if you don't believe me
Golden walls of angel rectum feel like pure goat skin
Now that you have been liberated, baptized in angel's blood
It's time to move on, next stop is God's cunt

[repeat chorus]

[Music: Anttila]
[Lyrix: Luttinen]
5. We're Satan's Generation (2:23)
We are Satan's generation and we don't give a fuck
Virtues, values and innocence all long dead and gone

[cho:] Infernal blood runs in our veins
Alcohol and drugs is what we need and take
We need no stupid fucking conscience
Go get fucked if you are not one of the bestial ones

We are Satan's generation and we don't give a fuck
We shit on you, on your stupid God and on his bastard son

[repeat chorus]

We are Satan's generation and you will give a fuck
For soon we will take over and kill all you scum

[repeat chorus]

[Music & Lyrix: Luttinen]
6. Goatvomit And Gasmasks (3:31)
Ripe cunts
Spilled blood

[cho:] Vomiting blood, vomiting fire
Gasmask ritual for goatvomit God

Hungry cunts
Guiding star

[repeat chorus]

No wasted lives
On a goatvomit night

"Rises the chosen - rise and shine
Calling the fallen follow or die
Bells are chiming sacrifice
End of ritual - you fucking die"

[repeat chorus]

[repeat ""]

[Music: Kellokoski]
[Lyrix: Luttinen]
7. Fallout Theory In Practice (2:22)
Silver lights burning eyes
Ultraviolent hellish cries
Deep red flashes blistering skies

Fallout theory in practise
The great mushroom never lies

Roaring thunder cracking earth
Delightful decay crawl in dirt

Mankind radiated
Finally annihilated
Darkness is what remains

Fallout theory in practise
The grand mushroom my rebirth

Obey the mushroom warlock of hell

Mankind annihilated
Finally radiated
Blackness is what prevails

[Music: Kellokoski]
[Lyrix: Luttinen]
8. Healers Of The Red Plague (3:37)
As the new millenium closes in
Take a look what's going on
Carriers of the plague on earth's every corner
The disease is spreading again
I remember the better times
Once the plague was destroyed
Now this disease is everywhere
Action is needed in order to survive
It is time to start fighting back
Or we all end up like them
Back in the days of Vietnam
The cure was called napalm

Che Guevara wept!

[cho:] Healers of the red plague
We are heading for the new world order
Where no plague stands a change
Forcefed disease for subhumans
All healed once we strike back
Back in the days of Vietnam
The cure was called napalm

Che Guevara dead!

[repeat chorus]

[Music: Lehtosaari]
[Lyrix: Luttinen]
9. The Pillory (2:01)
The pillory infernal toy
What a shame and a joy

[cho:] Nothing can beat this infernal joy
When i am playing with satan's toy
Nothing can beat this feeling of shame
When i am sitting chained to the pillory

[Music: Kellokoski]
[Lyrix: Luttinen]
10. The Return Of Nuclear Gods (2:58)
Nuclear armageddon attack
Phallic deadly missiles
Warheads ready to strike
Bloodred nuclear skies

Burning horizons
Chaos all around
Skies open you realize
Time has come to fuck off and die

Burning horizons
Chaos all around
Skies open you realize
Time has finally come for:
It's the return of the nuclear Gods
A fist in your face in a megaton size
It's the wrath of the nuclear Gods
MUshroom clouds over bloodred skies

Nuclear killer fallout
Agony, misery and pain
Pay the price of idiocy
Nuclear the only way

Burning horizons
Chaos all around
Skies open you realize
Time has finally come for:
It's the return of the nuclear Gods
A fist in your face in a megaton size
It's the wrath of the nuclear Gods
Mushroom clouds over bloodred skies
Feel the hate of the nuclear Gods
You pieces of shit drop like flies
Feel the power of the nuclear Gods
Weeping fucks just fucking die
It's the return of the nuclear Gods
A fist in your face in a megaton size
It's the wrath of the nuclear Gods
Mushroom clouds over bloodred skies

[Music: Anttila]
[Lyrix: Luttinen]
11. Vitutation (2:25)
Agonized, beaten up
This feeling ain't just giving up
Vomited up to twenty times
Coming back these fuck off times

[cho:] This is vitutation, total vitutation
Fucking vitutation, beloved vitutation
And walls close in
This is vitutation, superb vitutation
Perkeleen vitutation, cursed vitutation
And walls close in

Waking up, shaking fuck
I feel I have been buttfucked
I look at the mirror and it screams
Go get fucked you fucking piece of shit

[cho:] This is vitutation, fucking vitutation
Hyped up vitutation, warming vitutation
And walls close in
This is vitutation, saatanan vitutation
Vitun vitutation, grandious, vitutation
And walls close in

Ei helevetti!!!

[Music: Lehtosaari]
[Lyrix: Luttinen]
12. JCS (2:29)
The wisdom lies behind those swollen lips
Taste the fruit, find the xtasy

Jesus cunt syndicate
Suck your enemy, spit and pray
Jesus cunt syndicate
Energy fades away

The truth can be found in this wet path
Embrace your fate, open up to knowledge

Jesus cunt syndicate
Fuck your enemy, kill and prey
Jesus cunt syndicate
Sperm covered decay

All the pleasure, all the pain
The righteous way of the Jesus cunt syndicate

All the glory, all the shame
The righteous way of the Jesus cunt syndicate

Moment of truth, open to swallow
Punishment to come from the whipping master

Jesus cunt syndicate
Bathe in sperm of saviour race
Jesus cunt syndicate
Hellfire damnation journey

[Music: Kellokoski]
[Lyrix: Luttinen]
13. Inbred (1:37)
You fucking inbred shit, you make me so sick
I'll teach you a lesson you will never forget

I'll hunt you down, you faggot fucking whore
Smash your fucking skull and laugh when I am done

Cursed be the day when you were born
You should have been aborted now that's for sure

And one more thing, this is what I think
Whatever you are involved in is nothing but pure shit

Say just one more word and here comes my fist
It rips that faggot face apart you fucking inbred shit

And I won't rest before you are dead
And maggots are consuming your oversized head

Die you fuck, drop fucking dead
I am glad to help you, you fucking piece of inbred shit

Even if I would be caught I couldn't care less
'cause long time ago I stopped caring

My hate is fuelling my inner burning fire
And to end your life, now that's my desire

I just hope you have guts to fight
For I am happy as hell to end your fucking shitty life

[Music: Kellokoski]
[Lyrix: Luttinen]
14. Phallus Maleficarum (5:45)
Reaping the holy from their misery...forever
Harvest of hell believers weep

Total destruction of whore mankind...perish
Sign of the times hellbound unity

Strike of higher force of evil ... Satan
Dark dimension meltdown force

Invaded by pain no saving grace ... repent
Flame rapture burning flesh

It's the twilight of the cunts
Salvation by fire and brimstone

Blood of the holy will flow...weaklings
Heading for the infernal throne

Time has come for the attack...attack
Rape their holy souls

It's the highlight of their lives
Swallowed by lakes of burning fire

It's the twilight of the cunts
The weaklings awaited their saviour
But then the plague swept the lands
Their fate was sealed by an iron hand
Their prayers were left unanswered
Eternally their souls burn

All hail Satan!!!

[Music: Anttila]
[Lyrix: Luttinen]
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