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Maniacal Miscreation

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBrutal Death Metal
LabelsGrindScene, Earache Records
Ranked#92 for 2011 , #2,025 all-time
Reviews :  1
Comments :  10
Total votes :  11
Rating :  85.9 / 100
Have :  2       Want : 3
Submitted by level 20 Zyklus (2011-02-07)
Last modified by level 17 Besi Karat (2013-08-23)
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Cerebral Bore - Maniacal Miscreation CD Photo by Zyklus
Maniacal Miscreation Information

Line-up (members)

  • Simone Pluijmers : Vocals
  • Paul McGuire : Guitars
  • Kyle Rutherford : Bass
  • McDibet : Drums
  • Guest musicians:
  • Angel Ochoa : Backing Vocals on "Maniacal Miscreation"
Catalogue # GSR001

Recorded April 2010 at Foel Studios, Wales, UK.
Produced by Chris Fielding and Cerebral Bore.

Limited to 500 copies.

Music videos were made for the songs "The Bald Cadaver" and "Maniacal Miscreation".

Reissued by Earache Records on June 7th 2011.

Released by Earache Records on vinyl in 2012.
Pressing info:
• 100 copies: "Epileptic Strobe"
• 200 copies: "Butchered bloody red"
• 300 copies: "Zinger tower golden yellow"
• 400 copies: "Black"

The song "24 Year Party Dungeon" is about Josef Fritzl, a criminal who turned a cellar in his family home into a dungeon and tortured his daughter in that confined space for 24 years.

Maniacal Miscreation Reviews

Reviewer :  level 2   (88/100)
Date : 
Earache Records reissues UK's Cerebral Bore's debut full length album, Maniacal Miscreation shortly after its original release on GrindScene Records, and it is easy to see the reason behind the reissue.

The band begins their aural onslaught with Epileptic Strobe Entrapment, and the song title tells all about the madness that is about to come. The constant shifts in time signature are common fare in Cerebral Bore's music, displaying the ability of each of the instrumentalists as they shift between tempos with ease. Simone's vocals (holy fuck, and I didn't even realise that she was a female until I read the band bio, fucking salute!) vary from a deep and hollow growl to a high-pitched pig squeal, not unlike most grindcore bands, and constantly impresses the listeners with the variety of techniques utilised.

The Bald Cadaver is perhaps the song that summarises what Cerebral Bore is all about: brutality, technicality intertwined with slick riffs and topped off with all kinds of distorted death/grind vocals imaginable. The seemingly random notes plucked by bassist Kyle on 1:35-1:36 is reminiscent of technical death metal band Defiled, and this will not be the only instance such tricks are pulled off, such as on 2:11 onwards, with an "extended" version. The quirky play on the cymbals by drummer Allan on 2:26 adds an interesting touch to the music, and keeps the listener on a tight suspense before the band carries on with their chaos.

On top of the flamboyant drumming style (I mean it in a good way, mind you) of Allan, the other thing that caught my attention was the playing style of bassist Kyle. Besides the few moments on The Bald Cadaver, later songs dedicate more air time to him to display his technical brilliance, such as on Entombed in Butchered Bodies, where the low end growl of the bass can constantly be heard backing up the guitar riffs, on top of the time given for him for short and groovy solo segments.

Of course, the band doesn't forget to inject that element of fun into their madness. There are moments of fun with the catchy chorus on Entombed in Butchered Bodies, but that is not all. While most of the songs deal with gore and violence, the closing track 24 Year Party Dungeon displays the band's idea of fun (with less gore and morbid themes), with tongue-in-cheek lyrics such as "She'll see, his evil pee-pee" on the chorus.

The hyper speed that Cerebral Bore utilises makes the band seem as if they were in a constant rush, and Maniacal Miscreation certainly provides a good fix for those adrenaline-starved junkies.


Maniacal Miscreation Comments

level 17   (85/100)
고소우 누나의 아성을 넘는 누님들이 꽤 있다. Cerebral Bore의 보컬 분도 그 중 하나. 보컬이 여자인 거 알고 무지 깜놀했다. 더군다나 음악도 브루털하게 조진다. ㅎㄷㄷ
level 2   (90/100)
좋다!! 다음앨범은 언제쯤?
level 12   (90/100)
여자보컬인걸 보고 깜짝놀란 분들이 아마 많을겁니다.
level   (75/100)
그냥 평범한 슬래밍 부르탈. Som의 보컬이 정말 놀랍기는 하다.
level 10   (90/100)
전체적으로 만족스럽게 들었다. 보컬의 역량이 놀랍다.
level 14   (75/100)
보컬 컨트롤과 무거운 리프가 돋보인다.
level   (75/100)
Female also can do vocal of pig squeal style \m/
level 6   (90/100)
음원만 듣고는 보컬이 여자인지 몰랐는데 뮤비보고 깜놀했네!! 굿~~~
level 8   (95/100)
깜찍한 보이스의 보컬누님
level 17   (90/100)
why this band is full of pig squeal?

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