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Chief editor/founder of Singapore based metal webzine, Heavy Metal Tribune.

We do interviews, album and gig reviews for bands, big or small, as long as you are METAL!

Contact us at boss[at]heavymetaltribune.com or hongrui[at]heavymetaltribune.com if you want your band featured or album reviewed!

Gargoyle - Misogi
Loudness - King of Pain
Undergang - Indhentet Af Døden
Cerebral Bore - Maniacal Miscreation
Hour of 13 - The Ritualist
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preview Dormant Inferno Death Metal, Doom Metal India 1 1 Mar 24, 2011
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In Sanity preview preview In Sanity  [Demo] 2011-03 78 1 Mar 24, 2011
preview  Loudness preview  King Of Pain (2010) (92/100)    Mar 24, 2011
King Of Pain Japan has a knack for producing quality bands, taking every sub-genre of metal to their extremes, yet not sound overly cheesy. Joining the ranks of bands such as Sabbat and Abigail, Loudness brings to rabid fans of Japanese metal King of Pain, their 24th full length album studio album, and their second release after original drummer (and founding member) Higuchi's demise.

Now, I have to declare that I am not exactly a fan of Loudness, with the only record that I listen constantly to being the 1985 classic, Thunder in the East. As such, pardon me if the only comparisons I can draw from older Loudness material come from that album.

King of Pain opens with Requiem, a short, anthem-like instrumental intro track, before the title track of the album begins. The King of Pain opens with a short drum intro, reminiscent of Judas Priest's Painkiller. From here on, it is obvious how current drummer, Suzuki's style differs from Higuchi. Unlike his predecessor, Suzuki expresses his high energy style through the inclusion of lots of double bass drumming, whereas Higuchi preferred the punishing pounding on his skins. While the modern (and "updated") style of Suzuki might make the album sound alien to longtime fans of Loudness, on the third track onwards, Power of Death, there is no mistaking that this is indeed Loudness in all their glory. The riffs unleashed by guitarist Akira, and the notes littered with slight pinch harmonics, are reminiscent of songs on Thunder in the East, and the ... See More
preview  Undergang preview  Indhentet Af Døden (2009) (88/100)    Mar 24, 2011
Indhentet Af Døden Undergang's debut album, Indhentet af Døden, was first released on tape, and subsequently only on vinyl and they have finally decided to release the album on CD format under Xtreem Music, after previously encountering numerous problems with the CD version.

The band has been touted by the label as one of the heaviest death metal band and it is easy to see (or hear) why. The opening track, Englemagersken, is a soft and calm piano instrumental track. Once the second track, Dødshymne, begins, it feels as if the intro track were put in place to throw the listener off guard as a heavily distorted riff marks the beginning of the madness, a 32 minute ride of Undergang's brand of death metal.

Torturdöd's undecipherable, low-pitched style of vocals are reminiscent of bands such as Grave Miasma. The heavy chugging present on almost all the songs create the foundation of the heaviness that is to be built upon by the rest of the rhythm sections. For example, the drums are also fully utilised to help in building up the climax in the music, such as at the 0:30 mark of Opslugt Af Mørket, where all other instruments are absent, leaving the listener to anticipate what's to come next. Influences from old school Swedish death metal bands are also present in his drumming style, such as on Evigt Lidende. Bassist Ondsind provides the low-end growl of the music, adding more of the "heaviness" effect to the already heavy-as-fuck music, such as on the title track Indhentet Af Døden, where t ... See More
preview  Gargoyle preview  Misogi (1989) (96/100)    Mar 24, 2011
Misogi While most bands in the 80s were focussing on extremities in their music, in terms of speed (Slayer) and heaviness, Gargoyle here from Japan goes into extreme in another form: the craziness in their music and the inclusion of all sorts of influences. Looking at the whole host of musicians present on the recording of this album (ranging from violins to saxophones to crazy guitar), one knows that this will be a crazy ride, yet not know what exactly to expect.

The first track, Destroy, opens with a weird start-stop riff before breaking into a more "normal" tempo, a signal to listeners to know what to expect in the coming 45 minutes of the song. Kiba makes his first entry in the music ("DESTROY!!!") after the opening riffs, and his vocals is unlike the other practitioners of thrash metal of the time, sounding like a heavy metal vocalist intentionally trying to sing in a gruff manner, and could be a hit-or-miss affair for listeners who are not used to the whole variety of vocals that the Japanese are able to bring about. It is on this track where Gargoyle first displays their "innovation" in the music, with the inclusion of a tasteful lead violin solo in the midst of the adrenaline pumping guitar solo. If you missed this, fret not as such moments are littered throughout the entire album, so there are plenty of chances to get your dose of wackiness from Gargoyle. Often, the violin solo, along with the guitars, play notes reminding the listener of theme songs of animes that come ... See More
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preview  Omision preview  In the Shadow of the Cross (2011) (70/100)    Mar 24, 2011
In the Shadow of the Cross Being formed back in 1993, and the hiatus in 1997 before restarting in 2000, Omision joins the number of bands that have been formed a long way back, yet are only releasing materials only recently. Among the ranks of the members are Robert Lizarraga, one time member of Incantation, and Joel Marquez, ex-member of Sadistic Intent. It is therefore interesting to hear how this album, having been brewing for at least 10 years, will turn out to be.

The music on the album is solid death/thrash metal, filled with crushing guitar riffs, with an extremely distorted tone, backed by a solid rhythm section. The guitar solos that are unleashed by guitarist Roberto are also constantly face-ripping, reminiscent of thrash legends such as Slayer and Possessed. The drums take an intense punishing, with drummer Joel constantly hitting the skins relentlessly, complete with a crisp production, making the beats feel as if a punch in the face. The primitive tribal beats on Pray bring in a early Sepultura feel, adding a different dimension in the music as well. His play on the cymbals on the intro of Fallen Angels display his ability to control the strength in the drumming, yet on the same track the beats that he utilises feel punkish (the cymbal-snare combination), adding yet another interesting aspect to the music.

The dark atmosphere provided throughout the album are reminiscent of bands such as Incantation. The acoustic guitar at the background on tracks such as Assault in the Vatican add t ... See More
preview  Dormant Inferno preview  In Sanity (2011)  [Demo] (78/100)    Mar 24, 2011
In Sanity Already receiving praises from doom legends such as Remembrance and Funeral, In Sanity is Indian death/doom metal band Dormant Inferno's debut demo effort. With the large number of extreme metal bands popping out of India, it is therefore interesting to hear what Dormant Inferno is able to bring to followers of the Indian metal scene.

The dense atmosphere set up by the introductory clean guitarists, aided by the clashing of cymbals at the background gives the listener a hint of what's to come. The band soon breaks into the song proper, with a melancholic guitar line on top of the crushing riffs below, reminding listeners of bands such as The Fall of Every Season. The moody atmosphere in the music, and the deep growls of vocalist Gautam instantly brings to mind gothic/doom metal bands such as Draconian (Death, Come Near Me), and leaves the listener almost expecting a clean female vocals to come into the music, completing the beauty and the beast vocal effects that so many bands tend to use today.

The songs are not complete doomy affairs though, as the band speeds up slightly in the middle of the song on Failed Experiments, yet retaining the gloominess with the constant haunting keyboards playing in the background. Gautam also constantly shifts from a deep growl to a higher pitched pseudo-shriek, depending on the music and often to good effect, such as on the first few verses of Ashes. The whispers on Total Negation, backed by clean guitar lines and synths in the backgrou ... See More
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