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Rituale Satanum

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal
LabelsWoodcut Records
Ranked#45 for 2000 , #1,745 all-time
Reviews :  2
Comments :  8
Total votes :  10
Rating :  87.5 / 100
Have :  3       Want : 0
Submitted by level 21 Zyklus (2006-12-07)
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Behexen - Rituale Satanum CD Photo by 모흐
Rituale Satanum Information

Track listing (Songs)

1.Intro / The Summoning1:05-0
2.Sota Valon Jumalaa Vastaan3:33-0
3.Night of the Blasphemy4:46-0
4.Christ Forever Die5:31-0
5.Towards the Father3:55-0
6.Saatanan Varjon Synkkyydessä5:55-0
7.Baphomet's Call...5:42-0
8.The Flames of the Blasphemer5:44-0
9.Blessed be the Darkness4:21-0
10.Rituale Satanum4:02-0

Line-up (members)

  • Torog : Vocals
  • Lunatic : Bass
  • Gargantum : Guitars
  • Horns : Drums
Limited to 500 copies.
Remastered & re-released in 2004 (with new artwork) by Dynamic Arts Records.
LP released by Faustian Distribution/Northern Heritage in june 2006.

Rituale Satanum Reviews

Reviewer :  level 14   (85/100)
Date : 
Rituale Satanum ; an obvious parody of Roman Ritual, is Behexen's debut album after releasing two demos. Behexen's most distinctive style comes from their vocalist. Torog identifies himself as a Satanist, which is vividly illustrated on their Intro/the summoning. Torog calls on Leviathan, Belial, Lucifer and Satan, followed by the phrase 'Hail Satan'. The phrase is somewhat cheesy but when Torog says it, it actually sounds utterly dark and gruesome.

Their music has some thrash-influence.(I'd like to call it Celtic Frost Influence) With blasting beats in the background pacing the whole riff, the listener can enjoy Behexen's unique and Satanic tremolos. The most impressive feature of this album is no doubtly the vocal sets of Torog. His squeaking, harsh voice makes the album 'EVIL'. There are few 'true' Satanic bands out there in extreme metal scene, but I have never seen any band that surpasses Behexen's raw Satanism. With the First-Wave influence (and there even are some guitar solos that sound like Thrash metal) , I personally got the feeling that Behexen tried to get away from Norwegian Black's influence, yet I believe if would have been better if they have gone orthodox(Although compared to other Darkthrone posers, Behexen's style is godlike) The way I look at Behexen is that they are following the trails of First Wave black metals influences, yet trying to construct their uniqueness by being evil.

Overall, Behexen's Rituale Satanum is an acerbic and raw embodiment of Satanism which is enough to get a reputation for a black metal band.Yet their innate musical style, with some Thrash touch and wild vocals, one cannot help paying them much respect.
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Reviewer :  level 19   (90/100)
Date : 
날카로운 스크리밍을 구사하는 비헥슨 의 데뷔앨범입니다.날카로운 보이스가 돋보이는 전형적인 북유럽로블랙 로써 지글거리는 올드한 느낌보다 쎄련된 레코딩상태가 아주 돋보이는데,스피드와 완급조절이 아주 인상적으로 다가옵니다.멜로딕또한 건조하고 딱딱하게 느껴지지 않으면서  변화와 반복이 계속되는데 안정적인 녹음상태가 아주 좋게 느껴졌습니다.핀란드출신이라는 것만 봐도 어느정도 실력을 영향력있는 밴드밑에서 실력을 쌓은것 같은 신인이라고 보기 힘들정도로 연주또한 안정적 입니다.

Rituale Satanum Comments

level 12   (90/100)
미치광이같은 보컬이랑 리드미컬한 멜로디 라인이 상당히 맘에든다.
level 17   (75/100)
주옥같은 2집에 비해 멜로디컬한 모습이 두드러졌다.이 때문인지 분명 사악하고 날카로운 사운드인데 왜 밝게 들리지?
level 12   (85/100)
지글거리는 기타리프와 흉폭함을 잘 표현하는 블랙메탈. 개인적으로 보컬이 사악하다기 보단 너무 웃겼다. 추천해주신 버저커님께 감사를..
level 12   (90/100)
개인적으로 이들 앨범중 가장 좋아한다
Behexen - Rituale Satanum CD Photo by 모흐
level 3   (90/100)
특이한 보컬이 마음에 든다
level 14   (80/100)
상당히 멜로디컬한 로블랙. 살쾡이 보이스는 정말 끔찍하다.
level 12   (90/100)
괜찮은 블랙메탈! 멜로디도 물론이고 특히 보컬이 앨범을 돋보인다 수작
level 14   (90/100)
멜로디컬하지만 특유의 악마적 색채가 잘 나타나있다. 보컬이 이 팀 이미지 구축에 큰 힘을 한다

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