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Dead Again Lyrics

Mercyful Fate - Dead Again

Dead Again

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
LabelsMetal Blade Records
Album rating :  75 / 100
Votes :  1
8. Dead Again (13:40)
Why do I keep on doing this? It's not for me anymore
I'm doing this more for you than I
And on that lonely road to nowhere
I lost myself to something else
I don't know where I'm going or where I've been
It's so hard to remember all the things I am, am I?
It feels like the end is near, catching up with me
Catch me if you can, cause I'm going down into the ground
How much longer can I keep going on?
I can feel my lost ones coming down
Sooner than later, I'll see you all again
I feel my purpose here slipping away
I see the sun, but it's raining
I hope I'm on my way to better things
And if I'm not, it doesn't really matter
Cause I am doing this more for you than I am me
I can no longer pretend, that my life is worth living
I... I would rather die, be dead again
Hold on
Now here it comes, death for one, a lonely son
Up then down, I'm spinning around
My sould is so confused again
Am I floating towards the sun?
Hold on, am I dead on?
Through a tunnel of black, why?
Why do I feel so sad?
I've been waiting for the end of act 9 to come
The curtain must fall, the end of a song
But the song goes on and on
The light is so very strong
I'm drifting along, I have no will
I'm drifting still
In a room without walls... I feel the chill
No one is here to pick me up
Nothingess... what a mess... oh
Is anybody there?
Is anybody there? I'm talking to you, do you hear me?
If I could only see through the wall of nothingness
The wall of black
They gave me number 9, this is not like the last time
Number 9
This time I am really losing my mind
I hear an orchestra... I see an orchestra
I greet an orchestra... I meet an orchestra
I'm in an orchestra... I am an orchestra
I kill this orchestra... I kill me? No
No don't stop, oh please don't stop
Hey stay here, what's going on?... hey wait for me
I'm running but I can't keep up
Then I realize my feet are gone
This is such a weird weird song
The orchestra is now a door
One is one and two is four, I can see three more
Seven doors, seven doors
I must choose one before they're gone
But I cannot move, oh they are drifting away now
But I cannot move, oh they are drifting away now
I've got to reach that door, the number 6
I've got to reach that door, the number 6
The number 6-6, the number 6-6-6
The number 6-6-6
The number 6-6-6, that's my door
Wuauuu... look at all the colours
There goes an orchestra, no more doors
Close the window, here they come
I hear another end of this song
But again the song goes on
Dead again, I know cause I've been here before
I'm dead agin, if I could only reach that door
The number 6-6-6, the number 6-6-6
I'm beginning to miss you again
Why can't I just get you out of my mind...
I must forget
Dead again, I know cause I've been here before
I'm dead again, if I could only reach that door
Through a purple mist the light is fading
I guess I'll have to stay dead
A little longer this time
Dead again...
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Mercyful Fate - Dead Again
Dead Again - Lyrics
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Mercyful Fate - Dead Again
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