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Sacred Steel - Reborn in Steel cover art

Reborn in Steel

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresPower Metal
LabelsMetal Blade Records
Album rating :  70 / 100
Votes :  1
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Reborn in Steel Lyrics

Submitted by level Skullgrindere (2014-04-02)
1. Metal Reigns Supreme (3:58)
Comrade come, prepare for War
The Field of Battle calling
Unfold our Banner, Time has come
Our Eve of Victory dawning
Come face our Might and meet your Doom
Our Curse of Death is upon you
Our Axes tearing through your Shield
Our Sword brings Victory
Attack of Rage
Pure Steel can only win
Come feel the Pain
Where Metal Reigns Supreme
True Battle drink our Blood
In Honour we praise thee
Metal is our Glory
Metal Reigns Supreme
Take our side heading for Slaughter
With Power breaking through their lines
Strong Armies never falter
To conquer - Fight or you must die
2. Battle Angel (4:45)
From the Pits of Hell
A Legion of Hatred
To break the Holy Spell
All that is sacred
In the midst of confusion
Heat of the Battle
An Angel in Armour
The Power of Metal
Warrior of Steel
To fight the Deceiver
You're in for the Kill
A non-believer
Wings stained with Blood
Sword deadly Metal
Come fight if you dare
The Angel in Battle
Battle Angel
Slay with Wrath Divine
Battle Angel
Feel his Rage and die
Ascending with Power and Might
Wielding his Sword of Revenge
See the Fire of Truth in his Eyes
Destined to fight - Battle Angel
Taking to the Sky
Guardian in Glory
In Grace so Divine
And pure Victory
Celestial Fighter
Defender, Leader
The Armies of Heaven
Crushed the Deceiver
Saviour from the Sky
Stand and deliver
Fight and never die
Reign on forever
You who brought us Steel
Blessed us with Metal
Forever blessed be
The Angel of Battle
On Wings made of Steel
He flies through the Heavens
He's stronger than ever before
If your Heart is evil
And your Soul is false
Prepare to meet him in War
3. Trapped in Hell (3:25)
Preparing virgin Sacrifice
She's lying awake, the Fear of dying in her Eyes
Trapped In Hell - There's no Salvation
Whispered Screams turning to Cries of deep frustration
He will take your Mind
Your Life is in his hands
Now watch the Dagger rise
Beginning of the End
Altar stained with crimson Life
Her Blood is spilled to call forth Lucifer to rise
Drowning in Pain, Desperation
Awaiting Death and everlasting hell damnation
Priest of Evil
Chanting Praise again
Maiden victim
Die by his Command
Preparing virgin Sacrifice
She's lying awake, the Fear of dying in her Eyes
Drowning in Pain, Desperation
Awaiting Death and everlasting hell damnation
Dark and grim Nightmare
This Vision seems so real
In his demonic Lair
You're in for the Kill
Giving Holy Blood
Killing helpless prey
Satan is your God
And Death the price to pay
Priest of Evil
Chanting Praise again
Maiden victim
Now she burns in Hell
A Whore for those who dwell
In the Flames of Hell
A Bride for those who fell
Maiden trapped in Hell
4. True Force of Iron Glory (3:43)
The Sound of True Metal
Religion and Force
The grinding of Immortal Steel
Is taking your course
Surrender to Power
And fall to your knees
This Sanctuary of Might
Will kill the disease
Scream, fall, cry
Do not repent or deny
All die
No time to run, time to hide
True Force of Iron
Glory of Steel
Bonded by Metal
Metal is all that is real
Deliver pure Violence
Deliver pure Speed
We are the Victor, the Glory is ours
Our Call you take heed
5. Reborn in Steel (4:42)
Steel forged in Fire
Baptized in Blood
The Flame soaring higher
Given birth the Metal God
Doom falls silent, Death draws near
Bring on Vengeance, Pain and Fear
Assault of Metal, Death is real
Kneel and praise the Gods of Steel
You are born to suffer
You are born to bleed
Your time is over
The False One to be killed
Righteous Slaughter, no more lies
Time for Truth, the time to die
Metalheads born to the Light
Sons of Steel will kill tonight
We are Reborn in Steel
Born to be Heir to the King
Foretold to be Rulers of Heaven and Earth
We are Reborn in Steel
Sworn not to bow, not to kneel
Forever to rule, witness our Rebirth
6. Purified by Pain (4:20)
Come scream to me
End a Life made of Pain
Confess to be free
Come die for me
Free your Mind, go insane
My Wrath you shall feel
Die for my Sorrow
Torture my Game
Death is my Right
I shall kill tonight
With no Hope in sight
Perish in the...
Name of the Beast
On you I shall feast
Then you are at least
Purified By Pain
Come cry for me
Drive me wild with your Screams
Now you know me well
Relief's what you seek
Helpless red mass of Meat
See I am your Hell
Beaten and tortured and slain
Raping again and again
Know that your Cries are in vain
7. Sword of the King (7:35)
With the dying Breath of the Blind Witch came the Prophecy
From the Land of Myth and Dreams into Reality
From the old Kingdom of Magic the Griffin descends
To bring the Sword of the Elder to the Ruler of Man
Oh, hear the Valkries sing
Your Life or Death they bring
Your Future held within
To bring forth the Sword of the King
The Heir to the Throne is the Child of the Damned
He must be stopped and fall
Black is his Mind, black is his Soul
He has come to bind us all
He is the Fiend of the Pureness of Light
The ancient Tyrant Son
The Heir to the Throne must be killed and denied
Defeat the Chosen One
Die by my Sword and die by my Hand
I will be Lord and the Ruler of Man
Give Light to the Blind
The End of the Tyranny
Your Soul and Mind
Will never be free
Warriors unite
Into Battle for Destiny
Metal is Life
Into War for the King
Take their Children, take their Wives
Take their Cities, take their Lives
Leave 'em broken, hear my Spell
Life on Earth shall be your Hell
The Sword of the King
8. In the Mouth of Madness (3:09)
Born is the new Bible
Wretched Sanctity
Gather the Disciples
Madness reigns supreme
Take heed, the new Religion
Spreading like Disease
The Hunter now the Victim
The Elder Ones break free
Gods of Fire, Gods from Space
Terminate the Human Race
Mankind fallen far from Grace
Meet your Maker face to face
And scream...
In the Mouth of Madness
Your World it drowns in Blackness
Now gone is your Reality
Replaced by Insanity
Born the new Messiah
Prophet of their Hate
Return with mad Desire
On through the black Church Gate
Unleashed the final Terror
Evil killing spree
Face the ultimate Horror
Sadistic Deities
And scream...
In the Mouth of Madness
In the Mouth of Madness
In the Mouth of Madness
9. Kill the Deceiver (3:35)
Strike the weak Deceiver
Let him taste the Iron Fist
The Truth of strong Believers
Will crush the Enemy
Kill the Deceiver
Deceivers must be dead
Death to those who kill the Truth
Die by our Attack
True Force of Iron Glory
Crash course of righteous Hate
You know we feel no sorry
When bones of Sinners break
Sacred Steel Warriors
To fight until the End
Our Fate to feel the Truth of Steel
While others just pretend
We'll never stop to fight for Truth
Metal is our way
Deceivers die while we stand high
And revel in their Pain
Death - We bring Death
Death - We kill the Deceiver
DIE !!!
10. Sacred Steel (5:14)
Born into Metal, born into Steel
Deep in the Heart of Darkness
Metal is revealed
Out of the Blackness to rule and to kill
Those weak and false shall perish
Taste the Sacred Steel
See the Light, feel the Steel
The mighty Power of the Iron Gods to wield
Defenders of Salvation, Enemies of Night
Soldiers of Fortune, Guardians...
United by the Power, united by the Will
Our Hearts are filled with Metal
For Metal we kill
Make the Dream come true, let the War begin
You losers step aside
For Sacred Steel has come to win
See the Light, feel the Steel
The mighty Power of the Iron Gods to wield
Defenders of Salvation, Enemies of Night
Soldiers of Fortune, Guardians of Light
Believe in Magic, believe in Truth
Believe in yourself and conquer Doom
Believe in Suffering and all will heal
As we deliver Sacred Steel
Head on Steel Commander
Lead us into the Fight
Lead us into our Destination
Victory and Might
We came to kill
Sacred Steel
With Iron Will
Sacred Steel
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