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Feeding on Angels Full Album Lyrics

Soulburn - Feeding on Angels cover art

Feeding on Angels

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2012-10-13)
1. Enter the Flames of Soulburn (Intro) (1:16)
2. Hellish Entrapment (7:36)
Gazing through the infernal cloud,
I see a reign of hate
Captured in a satanic spell,
My mind was set ablaze
Demons and devils are shouting out,
Their victory is a fact
God and his warriors of light
Experienced an infernal death

Hellish entrapment
Hellish entrapment

Guardian angel, sky turning red
The cross stands on the hill
The wind howls around the cross
Expel goodness, our will
This place will be remembered
For its evilness and death
Because what I saw in the cloud
Took my breath

This place was deserted for ages and ages
No living creature did care to come here
The cross was witness of silence

Emperors and kings, no one could deny it
That this place where bloodshed took place
Was the battlefield where darkness took over

Here I slaughtered the lambs of christ
And drank the blood of the dead christ
Covered myself in relics so pride
To end the reign of this fucking light

Immortal I stand at the cross
This modern wreck, fate of the lost
I'm wondering if this is the end of his domain
This battle will remain
3. Crypts of the Black (4:02)
Storming down from the hills
With an infernal speed
Their only aim is to quench their satanic greed
Carried by horses nothing more than carrions
Spreading mayhem and terror,
The wind will carry us

Crypts of the black

At night the crypts of the black are opened wide
From their sulphur graveyard,
They ride into the night
Nothing can stop such primitive
(and blackened) power
Hear the chanting at this hellish hour

Crypts of the black

There you can see them,
Emerging from the mist
Their eyes are glowing,
Fiery and intense
The weapons are rusty (and bloodstained),
Forged in eternal fire
No lives will be spared,
So hide your precious desires

This curse started some centuries ago
The knightly order sealed a bloody pact
Trading their souls for eternal life
A power to have for which many strive
Endless in time, summoning the dead
Empty shells, carried by the night

Their only need is to destroy the human race
As vultures they prey on flesh and blood
No emotions allowed, just a ghastly stare
As they take the lives to satisfy their thirst

Some may wonder if this curse will stop
If the crypts of the black will closed at dark
But the answer is simple
As long as there'll be humans
The black will rise from the crypts, to emerge
And slay until they're all dead
4. Hymn of the Forsaken (5:02)
Ruling with might
Power through blood,
Your flesh is mine
Prevailing the night
Nocturnal domain,
An endless reign

The flame of the righteous is alive
Just engraved in my mind

As chaos dies
Ending the tale
Of the good and brave
Silent cries
The ones who failed
Are now enslaved

The flame of the righteous is alive
Just engraved in my mind

My art is black,
Yet its fuel is red
Cold, but intense
As I speak the words,
Untimely end
Kissing your soul
Blackened rose,
Again so cold
Moonblood flows
Distorted views,
My eyes are black

Hymn of the forsaken
Untold by religion
Hymn of the forsaken
Obscure and forbidden
5. Feeding on Angels (7:43)
Dwelling through time,
Unseen by man
The dark is my guide,
Embracing it with a cold passion
Warmth is for me not existing,
Love is for me just repelling
Awakened by the sign of the black,
Lasting eternal sins (of damnation)

Some may call me hideous
But other embrace the fact
That I'm feeding on angels,
Accomplished light's death
Their blood tastes so warm,
Their goodness I devour
Don't deny your fate,
It belongs in my bowels

I'm a true apparition
For those who seek a warm salvation
Day or night, it doesn't matter,
My wrath will come undetected

This dream has been seen
By many kindred blackened souls
They all are the eyes and ears
Of my existence

Many battles took place,
Countless one were undecided
Yet, I still exist,
In mankind's sleep I am buried

Feed for me... on angels

Feeding on angels,
Their blood gives me strength
Chanting the winds,
Experience the eternal fire
Feeding on angel's death
Behold the angel's death
Trespass my domain
And it will be your demise
6. Storming Hordes (5:26)
Bitter was the delusion of chaos
We, the children of lust and perversity
Proud we stood on the battlefield
And gave our blood for your splendour

With hate in our veins, we charged the foe
Dark and grim we used our weapons
Sliding through flesh, blood spreads swiftly
Their numbers increased with the minute

Under the banner of the pentagram
Its blood-filled, upheaval at night
Through fire and violence
We'll cleanse this world
Drink the blood and join us this night
You will see the angels die
And lift the scourge of light and pride
Feast my friend and enjoy this flight
Flesh and silk, a beautiful sight

Mighty we fought with pure valour
Comrades felt through the slashes of our enemy
Because we were although our ranks decreased
And the end most of were deceased

The battle raged on for an endless time
The sun and moon embrace my pride
I thought and fought,
Attacked and slayed
'Til I was left
No sounds of death
Watching the carnage,
No souls are left
I reached my goal,
Weltering in gold
7. Throne of Hatred (3:32)
8. Behold the Funeral Candle (5:49)
By rites of a bestial nature
You're searching for your unknown future
Life eternal, fact or vision
Your strive for this ancient wisdom

Behold the funeral candle
Its light showing you your grave
Behold the funeral candle
Accept your fate, die in vain

Believe in forgotten wisdom
To behold the streams of this wisdom
Feel the might of the crimson star
You know the solution cannot be far

Behold the funeral candle
Its light showing you your grave
Behold the funeral candle
Accept your fate, die in vain

Behold the funeral candle
Behold the funeral candle

Behold the funeral candle
Its light showing you your grave
Behold the funeral candle
Accept your fate, die in vain

Flashes of wastelands forgotten
Below the soil, power
What happened in this moment of glory
Your messiah turned himself against you

Lost, you see a flame burning
The candle illuminates your body
See, your life is eternal
Eternally you rot in my inferno

Behold the funeral candle
Its light showing you your grave
Behold the funeral candle
Accept your fate, die in vain
9. ...The Flames of Soulburn (0:50)
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