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Name (Nick) Metal Addiction  (ex-veo1026)
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About Me :
▸ I have been an active user of Metal Storm and Prog Archives since 2012, but the Metal Kingdom is my favourite nowadays. For your information, I am an enthusiastic fan of !T.O.O.H.!, Akercocke, Between The Buried And Me (BTBAM), Carcass, Dan Swanö, Death, Dødheimsgard, Dream Theater, Edge of Sanity, Igorrr, Judas Priest, Khonsu, Opeth, Pantera, Shining, The World Is Quiet Here (TWIQH), and Vektor.

▸ I am an ardent and staunch prog-metal maniac. Even though I am leaning towards tech and the extreme side of prog-metal at this point in time, I have been hugely influenced by eclectic, symphonic, and neo prog-rock musicians like Gentle Giants, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Marillion, Rush, and Yes. But my musical taste is a bit more complicated to be described in a single phrase.

▸ For more details, my musical Xanadu is the music based on a labyrinthine progressive metal structure with a sophisticated mixture of unconventional avant-garde metal approach and leviathan doom / black metal atmosphere. My journey to the metal world is to find out the albums that can offer those features.

▸ Although I used the term 'labyrinthine' above, it does not mean that I always favour unnecessary musical intricacy. I believe that simplicity overpowers intricacy. At the same time, I do not like musical oversimplification in both sound and structure either. It is a matter of greater or less degree of how a musician integrates plural, distinct and various musical elements into a harmonious or musically sensical form.

▸ I am a guy who would like to be an audiophile but does not have the auditory capacity to be the one. I also love to collect my favourite music in various formats such as vinyl, CD, and Hi-Res digital audio files.

▸ I am bilingual in English and Korean.

▸ I listen to a targeted album at least twice before I leave a comment or review on it.
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★ (On the scale of 60 to 64)
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☆ (On the scale of 50 to 59)
▸ Very bad. May cause the degradation of your hearing capacity.
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▸ Abomination.
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Pestilence - Consuming Impulse Vinyl Photo by Metal AddictionMorbid Angel - Altars of Madness Vinyl Photo by Metal AddictionThe World Is Quiet Here - Prologue CD Photo by Metal AddictionHands of Despair - Hereafter CD Photo by Metal AddictionIn The Woods - Omnio Photo by Metal AddictionDio - Holy Diver Vinyl Photo by Metal Addiction
Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell Vinyl Photo by Metal AddictionA Forest of Stars - The Corpse of Rebirth CD Photo by Metal AddictionDew-Scented - Inwards CD Photo by Metal AddictionAcatalepsy - Acatalepsy CD Photo by Metal AddictionSepticflesh - The Great Mass Vinyl Photo by Metal AddictionGorhoth - Honorvm CD Photo by Metal Addiction
Gorhoth - 1994-2000 A.B. CD Photo by Metal AddictionNocturnus - The Key CD Photo by Metal AddictionDiskord - Dystopics CD Photo by Metal AddictionOpeth - Blackwater Park Vinyl Photo by Metal AddictionCarcass - Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious Vinyl Photo by Metal AddictionIn Mourning - Shrouded Divine Vinyl Photo by Metal Addiction
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Avant-garde Euphoria!83Jun 16, 2023
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previewImplant Pentru RefuzHardcore, Metalcore, Alternative RockRomania00Apr 15, 2024
previewDionysiaqueDoom MetalFrance10Apr 15, 2024
previewHereticDeath MetalMexico10Apr 15, 2024
previewEye of FenrisMelodic Death MetalInternational30Apr 13, 2024
previewKólgaBlackened Surf Rock, Black MetalUnited States10Apr 12, 2024
previewO Zorn!Doom Metal, Sludge MetalUnited States30Apr 1, 2024
previewWax PortraitAtmospheric Black Metal, Blakened Doom MetalUnited States20Feb 14, 2024
previewRomuvosFolk Metal, Viking MetalLithuania40Feb 14, 2024
previewVivisectDeath MetalUnited States50Feb 13, 2024
previewOxalateDeath MetalUnited States10Feb 13, 2024
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DiogonospreviewpreviewDiogonos2024-03-15-0Apr 15, 2024
Cruz VacuumpreviewpreviewCruz Vacuum2015-02-14-0Apr 15, 2024
SkinwalkerpreviewpreviewSkinwalker2024-06-28-0Apr 15, 2024
CerberuspreviewpreviewCerberus  [EP]2023-07-14-0Apr 14, 2024
Let the Blood FlowpreviewpreviewLet the Blood Flow  [EP]2022-10-23-0Apr 13, 2024
The House of HadespreviewpreviewThe House of Hades2023-09-29-0Apr 13, 2024
End TerrainpreviewpreviewEnd Terrain2024-04-05-0Apr 13, 2024
Black TidespreviewpreviewBlack Tides2024-03-29-0Apr 12, 2024
O Zorn!previewpreviewO Zorn!  [EP]2017-06-01-0Apr 1, 2024
Your KillerpreviewpreviewYour Killer2020-03-20-0Apr 1, 2024
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Album reviews written by Metal Addiction
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Zon preview  The World Is Quiet Here preview  Zon (2023) 90/100    Jan 29, 2024
It is a bodacious metalcore album in a flamboyant proggy and extreme outfit. Fans like me were worried about the change of vocal duty before the release of TWIQH's sophomore effort. But it was an unfounded fear. The musical synthesis of prog, death and metalcore has successfully been moulded by an incredible musicianship in this album, being evocative of Colors album of BTBAM. Especially Heliacal Vessels: I and II are the pinnacle of progressive metalcore awesomeness.
Goetia preview  Goetia preview  Goetia (2023)  [EP] 90/100    Jan 25, 2024
What a release it is. It is a shame that it is just an EP, not a full-length album. This EP contains all the features that death metal maniacs have been looking for. Coarse and searing vocals, hammer-pummelling drums, cacophonous variations and addictive but evil-inspired hooks are all apparent in this release, which makes me have tremendous expectations for Goetia's full-length debut album in the future.
Molmolti Volti preview  Frore 5 Four preview  Molmolti Volti (2024) 45/100    Jan 25, 2024
Modern avant-garde progressive metal demands a lot in terms of skills. That is why it is hard to find bands who successfully blend their proggy technics in the realm of avant-garde awesomeness. This album is the paragon of the unsuccessful formula of mingling prog-metal with avant-garde metal. The poorly produced instrumental circus in this album gives the indirect listening experience that you would have if you were in hell.
Full Contact preview  Kontact preview  Full Contact (2024) 50/100    Jan 24, 2024
The most obtrusive peculiarity of this album is the vocals with a nasally lower register, reverberating snarls and occasional falsetto. The outrageous and un-charming vocal control makes this album sound ludicrous. The concept of this album is also preposterous. The goofy lyrics hinder listeners from intertwining with the alien theme. I know that we have 11 months to go for 2025. But, I am sure that this release is the biggest shamble of this year.
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Heal preview  No Terror in the Bang preview  Heal (2024) 70/100    Jan 24, 2024
The band has done a good job of blending different musical elements in a classy way. Each track has heavier and lighter sections modulated by the dynamics of vocals and the sophisticated use of instruments. Structure-wise, it sounds a bit formulaic due to the too many middle sections led by the piano or synth, which seems to be aimed by the band to make a musical contrast in sound. In short, this album sounds like well-polished pop music that wears a metal outfit.
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Visions of Infinihility preview  Carnosus preview  Visions of Infinihility (2023) 85/100    Jan 23, 2024
This album boasts the unorthodox balance of musical concoction between proggy death metal and thrash metal. There are no generic or overly intricate riff structures. This album is the epitome of the instrumental masterclass, considering its well-balanced technicality. Nevertheless, all the tracks are a bit short to my taste. The advancement in structure is required to release a masterpiece next time because of the lack of variability in tempo and rhythm.
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Fools Tomorrow preview  Sicksense preview  Fools Tomorrow (2023)  [EP] 65/100    Jan 23, 2024
This album is the triumph of production which makes the band look like a successful revivalist of Nu Metal. Structure-wise, this album sounds akin to KoRn and Slipknot. A bit of Limp Bizkit influences come to mind in some tracks. Without considering the quality of production, It's not an impressive work, probably below-average quality, from the perspective of musicality due to the lack of originality. But the fans of Nu Metal would appreciate this album due to their nostalgia
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The Killing Room preview  Spider God preview  The Killing Room (2023) 80/100    Jan 23, 2024
It is a good crime-inspired black metal album with a soft production. Some tracks offer lyrical and campy musical experiences through the adoption of synths. The slick approach to combining death metal with post-punk and groove metal elements deserves to be praised by some listeners. The title track, 殺人室 (The Killing Room), provides the most thrilling moments in this album. Overall, this album has shown their potential to get better in their next one.
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Omnivore preview  At the Plates preview  Omnivore (2024) 70/100    Jan 21, 2024
At the Plates, the US death metal trio, described their music as 'Culinary death metal for the hungry metalhead.' I think it is a bodacious gimmick to have the attention of the metalheads. In a nutshell, the concept of the album is more interesting than the music itself.
Akt III: Erl​ö​sung preview  Narzissus preview  Akt III: Erl​ö​sung (2024) 75/100    Jan 21, 2024
Narzissus is one of the metal projects that Erech Leleth is leading. This full-length debut has some 'tonally ambitious' moments in track 3 and 5 by adopting the musical influences outside metal. It is glad to see his fatigueless passion to yield his works on a consistent basis. But none of his works has reached the level of satisfaction. I think it would be much better for him to put all his energy into a single project rather than scatter it into numerous projects.
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Anthology II: Links from the Dead TrinityThe Bottle of Lie95/100    Jan 8, 2024
preview  Akphaezya preview  Anthology II: Links from the Dead Trinity (2008)
HonorvmLey universal90/100    Jan 8, 2024
preview  Gorhoth preview  Honorvm (2015)
ZonHeliacal Vessels II: In the Unity of the Lake95/100    Jan 2, 2024
preview  The World Is Quiet Here preview  Zon (2023)
PrologueSee the Sun95/100    Jan 2, 2024
preview  The World Is Quiet Here preview  Prologue (2018)
PrologueThe Benign Author: Construct90/100    Jan 2, 2024
preview  The World Is Quiet Here preview  Prologue (2018)
Rise of KassandraRise of Kassandra90/100    Dec 11, 2023
preview  Tritop preview  Rise of Kassandra (2023)
The Asthenic AscensionDarwin's Black Hall95/100    Oct 13, 2023
preview  Reverence preview  The Asthenic Ascension (2012)
Tabula RasaSphenoid95/100    Jul 16, 2023
preview  Innerty preview  Tabula Rasa (2012)
Rise of KassandraThe Sacred Law of Retribution95/100    Jul 16, 2023
preview  Tritop preview  Rise of Kassandra (2023)
Board Up the HouseBoard Up the House90/100    Jun 27, 2023
preview  Genghis Tron preview  Board Up the House (2008)
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