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The Great Orbs Beyond Our Skies Lyrics

Mephistopheles - Sounds of the End

Sounds of the End

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
LabelsWillowtip Records
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  2
7. The Great Orbs Beyond Our Skies (7:01)
He lies awake, torn from the throes of sleep
„Not this again!" In the dark broken silence he weeps

No one believed a word, branded as a madman - outcast from population
Blind fools, what to become?
First one then all to a planet in a galaxial nation

Sedated and carried, a man on his own
Surrounded by creatures, not of flesh nor bone
Blind fools what to become, first one then all to a planet in a galaxial nation
As they come to take us now - In their spherical eyes you can see you're destined for a forced subservience

Relentless butchers - through laser surgery
Have perfected the art - of preserving human meat
Prescripted emptiness, a future now taken away
A life of nothingness, the orbs - they await

Extract the human seed - creating hybrids, gestating in tubes of glass
Mass production of a breed - born as slaves to serve - the children of the spheres
Screaming, inserting clear tubes, connected to invasive machines
He becomes a life source - to a race of bio drones

Unwilling father who is controlled by the beckoning - the spheres seeth knowledge - have the power of a deity
Rows of caged humans - await extraction - of the vital genetics...
Perpetually they suffer at the hands of the „children"

Each time one dies - the elation of the spheres
Rising, evergrowing superiority complex, controllers of time, and all the beings that dwell in that dimension
Forcing a chain of thoughts into hybrid breed
Destiny to serve the spheres implanted within their minds
This is everything - reality concocted, desires controlled
Chosen to serve - slaves without knowledge, never (to) know what could have been

The spheres, and the children grow
Their power magnified, assisted by energy forcefully taken
In the recesses of space, beyond their planetary domain - other beings are sensing a growth in power, and an unease is cultivated prompting evaluation

Brought before councils of elders, government, intergalactic monarchies, oracles, seers
Discussing planning action - eventual reaction - creating barbaric factions
Within the spheres, entities are dwelling - unable to be seen, pure hyper-genetic energy
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Mephistopheles - Sounds of the End
Sounds of the End - Lyrics
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Mephistopheles - Sounds of the End
Sounds of the End - Album Credits
  • Sam Dowson : Drums
  • Ben Lawless : Guitars, Vocals
  • Matthew "Chalky" Chalk : Vocals
  • James "Blower" Excell : Bass
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