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Lake Morose Lyrics

Mephistopheles - In Reverence of Forever

In Reverence of Forever

GenresTechnical Death Metal
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2. Lake Morose (4:16)
Here I lie watching the fish swim by, a nice view on clear days! So often it's dark when the mud is churning from the movement of fish - and (the) weather plays its own part, strong winds interspersed with the rain, and of course, there are (the) hours when it is embraced by the Night! (Embraced by the Night!)

I remember viewing this lake from next to it, and thinking to myself that it was a jewel - but that was a host of decades ago, just a distant memory now; And I definitely no longer share the same positive view... In fact, one could intimate (that) I fucking hate it down here.

I most certainly have regrets! I wish I had never entered that house, and killed all of them, despite the fact they needed to die,
I really didn't (effectively) execute my plans as I had intended.

...And now, I lie here, legs encased within a slab of the finest concrete that those fucks could muster up (with their) limited skills acquired in their building trade; Those assholes really don't know how to do anything - especially not how to kill someone like me...

Even 15 bullets and a slashed throat; Not even close to being enough - those crooked cunts, (they) will soon be mine,
I will separate their heads from their spines! They must pay, their lives for their crimes,
quite a fair trade - they truly deserve worse.
I need just to wait for the fish to eat through the last part of my left leg, then I will finally be able to get out of this delightful lake, and get to my supplies and heal! ...then they will know hell!

They will not expect to see me again, they know not what I am; I am Olden, I am Powerful!
I was built by the Ancients, from the bones of the First Folk, I slept until awakening in this world of hate and death.
Your world became my world - I lost so much, balance is nigh!
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Mephistopheles - In Reverence of Forever
In Reverence of Forever - Lyrics
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