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R.J. Everlife Lyrics

Mephistopheles - In Reverence of Forever

In Reverence of Forever

GenresTechnical Death Metal
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5. R.J. Everlife (3:47)
I am travelling within a capsule that I built four hundred years ago, from a design based on teachings at the school on Syhnnxi, where I attended to learn that exact craft.
I had tired of the outdated vessel that I'd purchased from the Corlithytes in Cycle X27.3, and decided to make something to my particular preferences.

...And here I am, alone again in my ship,
heading towards regions unknown to me;
A Glryth I met on Zzavvryl informed me
I'd be of use, as there were worlds needing my help;
As I am very useful in resoving many problems due my skillset, that I have attained throughout many many years,
and journeys that I have lived; that have shaped me and that I have shaped,
My future is often moulded by what occurs during a breed's evolution.

As I fly through the vast plains of space my mind it often wanders, often reminiscing on past times;
Like the "day" where my space vessel dissolved due to fields of radiation, and I drifted through space for 297 years until I hit a meteor in the Ippskor Realm, large enough to set up a home and build a beacon to summon my robot "Vyrrzg".

...And then he began his 17 year journey -
which seemed like a short time, comparatively -
and when he arrived I actually shed some tears of glee!

I am glad that I have my nicer, newer, sturdy, strong
spaceship that I built with care...
In fact, the Tyffzil company offered me (a) contract
to build them a prototype, but that's another story...

Focus now must be shifted to my task;
2 rival planets, are warring with no end,
so my magic, and tools I must prepare...
This could last for a hundred years - and I want this to end with lessons that stay with them entwined, ingrained -
so they live forever more, with respect for all life forms.
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Mephistopheles - In Reverence of Forever
In Reverence of Forever - Lyrics
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