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Soldiers of the Endtime Lyrics

Mephistopheles - Sounds of the End

Sounds of the End

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
LabelsWillowtip Records
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  2
3. Soldiers of the Endtime (5:40)
You foresaw this in your dreams - (The) impending war
Humans' greed surviving far too long - (A) balance sought
Then "They" came...

Gigantic ships came (from) beyond the sky
Wielding powers our world has never seen
The sentinels of the galaxy have come to cleanse
Their mission to obliterate our race - For we are worthless

Humans were far from ready
The giant ships landed and opened up
(And) out came things resembling giant robots
But they were beings of an ancient time
Their bodies like steel - Their intentions clear

The ground it shook as they began to walk
Crushing all things lying in their path
Humans run, screaming - Crowds of thousands move
Away from the beasts, they are desperate for safety
What they don't know is these creatures will not let up 'til they've wiped our planet clean
Our soulless race must be gone and it must be done

None of us shall be spared - In death we are all equal
These great ships, they are spread across our ancient rock
Beasts in the thousands, no military will ever stop them
They shall endeavor, but will surely fail
As is so common - For our pathetic „race"
Now... we shall watch... the end... together...
Our frail, piety armament - we'll surely die

The governments have meetings - must unite
But they cannot work alongside one another with success
As greed has forced international relations to a state where egos rule
Decisions are delayed, and weak choices are made
Resulting in fighting when alliances (should) be created - to give them any hope
(But) instead arrogance wins; for this is just a testament to how our race has come to this time when the olden forces have decided to remove our existence from
The universal family, and reinstate order by simply removing the beings
That are causing the dark disturbance - and their method of doing this is most fitting as we do deserve intense and violent deaths

Obliteration is being dealt out, earth in ruins, no population
A planet - of corpses
We will be lain down, the pointless time that we spent here irrelevant
Our history will not be recorded nor will anyone care that we're gone
For this is the end time of the human race
The sentinels they are watching
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Mephistopheles - Sounds of the End
Sounds of the End - Lyrics
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Mephistopheles - Sounds of the End
Sounds of the End - Album Credits
  • Sam Dowson : Drums
  • Ben Lawless : Guitars, Vocals
  • Matthew "Chalky" Chalk : Vocals
  • James "Blower" Excell : Bass
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