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The Time in Which I Astral Travel Lyrics

Mephistopheles - In Reverence of Forever

In Reverence of Forever

GenresTechnical Death Metal
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6. The Time in Which I Astral Travel (4:17)
"The Times When Supreme Beings Rediscover Astral Travel" was one of the many titles advocated for my memoirs by my best friend Orrilzyntio;
Feeling that this title was preposterous
I simply laughed and said "that's just so ridiculous".
(He) acted like he was hurt, then he also laughed.
We barely see one another at all these days, because we currently live 6000 light years away -
And the fact is we are both rather busy,
due to working on huge projects.

In fact, that is sort of how we first met -
Building SkyWalk Number 2;
And this subject was how we got to the topic
of my stupid travel memoirs this morning.

But, the thing he finds most interesting about my "life" are those certain times when I sleep and I dream, and my "Other" travels; Throughout a host of worlds that cycle within (the) solar system that houses the moon(s)
in which I slept for 80 years:
It is something my "body" needs whenever I
have been exposed (to) long times of light.

I need dark, I need peace... I need to be alone!
But when I sleep - my "Energy", my "Other" will often form and live - and it will act in ways it needs, to deal with problems I often miss, due to many folk who send a call for my aid...
But "he's" free and he roams but (is) still drawn..!

He can only be formed from items with connections to ancients;
So, items like bones, runes, tools and weapons, trees - even sacrifices done
with Llytrz Blades; He can be borne through them...

The time when I'm sleeping but am living as my other (I'm) vicariously found killing many people.
It sadly seems that he is often drawn to saving those who are in harm from cruel "urban" tyrants...

The times when I'm sleeping
Is the time when "he" exists
Beware him, all tyrants
Beware my energy;
Beware the time in which I astral travel!
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Mephistopheles - In Reverence of Forever
In Reverence of Forever - Lyrics
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