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Sounds of the End | Full Album Lyrics

Mephistopheles - Sounds of the End cover art

Sounds of the End

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
LabelsWillowtip Records
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-07)
1. Pariahs of the Universe (5:01)
All of us, are living on this rock - we are spinning around a star that we've named
We don't know if we're the only ones who do exist in this universe, as a species, we are so curious (about) what there is out there in space
And, there is, that age-old question - are we the only ones here?

In this great vast expanse, are there no others who exist like us?
Are we just oddities, the only world, with those of sentience?
Those who study the skies, they will continue to theorize

But while they are seeking the truth, the answer is awaiting for us to discover
It's disturbing, a harsh reality - that most of us will refuse to accept
The fact, of why no others have ever made official contact with our modern race is that we are a joke among those entities who travel the cosmos
We're outcasts without knowing it, we are seen as failures
In „their“ eyes, and in their stories, our purpose is nil

Thousands of species, in all directions, in distant corners, they aren't awaiting us
Our trite existence, they are aware of, it's of no interest, as they all judge that

We are useless - to them or their future prospects, not even their curiosity of us is enough for them to want to associate with our species, we're seen as beasts, primitive and fetid, a breeding disease
They pass by us regularly, but stopping is the last thing that they ever think of, we're just a marker point, on their way to better and nicer places that we, shall probably never see...

We are pariahs, in a vast universe humans are alone and our only hope, to connect with those who avoid us... is to improve and evolve...
2. Silver Doors (2:54)
There is a secret that very few of our race have ever seen or known- A secret of old!

In the highest mountains of earth, hidden antiquities (are) awaiting those who seek

Placed here by ancient travelers to encourage future races to strive to achieve great and grand things, and through extreme endeavors be rewarded by finding these places of magic up in the ether - in mountain peaks - and none who find them are ever seen again

Within great caves lie Silver Doors, portals to a utopia light years away
A place of wonder and perfection, only our dreams and our fantasies have considered its realms

But these Silver Gates won't open for everyone that finds them - They must be pure of heart and mind, and seeking things to improve themselves, if they're seeking adultation, then they will be judged and extinguished there and if they're worthy then- The doors will open!

Beyond the doors lies magnificence, lands of splendor - and other travelers!
Many species from across the universe, have arrived here and will together live until the time in which all things have ceased to exist
3. Soldiers of the Endtime (5:40)
You foresaw this in your dreams - (The) impending war
Humans' greed surviving far too long - (A) balance sought
Then "They" came...

Gigantic ships came (from) beyond the sky
Wielding powers our world has never seen
The sentinels of the galaxy have come to cleanse
Their mission to obliterate our race - For we are worthless

Humans were far from ready
The giant ships landed and opened up
(And) out came things resembling giant robots
But they were beings of an ancient time
Their bodies like steel - Their intentions clear

The ground it shook as they began to walk
Crushing all things lying in their path
Humans run, screaming - Crowds of thousands move
Away from the beasts, they are desperate for safety
What they don't know is these creatures will not let up 'til they've wiped our planet clean
Our soulless race must be gone and it must be done

None of us shall be spared - In death we are all equal
These great ships, they are spread across our ancient rock
Beasts in the thousands, no military will ever stop them
They shall endeavor, but will surely fail
As is so common - For our pathetic „race"
Now... we shall watch... the end... together...
Our frail, piety armament - we'll surely die

The governments have meetings - must unite
But they cannot work alongside one another with success
As greed has forced international relations to a state where egos rule
Decisions are delayed, and weak choices are made
Resulting in fighting when alliances (should) be created - to give them any hope
(But) instead arrogance wins; for this is just a testament to how our race has come to this time when the olden forces have decided to remove our existence from
The universal family, and reinstate order by simply removing the beings
That are causing the dark disturbance - and their method of doing this is most fitting as we do deserve intense and violent deaths

Obliteration is being dealt out, earth in ruins, no population
A planet - of corpses
We will be lain down, the pointless time that we spent here irrelevant
Our history will not be recorded nor will anyone care that we're gone
For this is the end time of the human race
The sentinels they are watching
4. The End of All Light (2:56)
Out in the cosmos, (a) great distance away, events are occurring
catastrophically destructive - caused by the unnamed creatures
Old beings that have remained unseen by our space searches and no device we’ve invented can sense them - at least not in their true forms….
Theories… on black holes - are incorrect…..
Since ancients times, a number of giant beasts have roamed galaxies, (with) unending hunger - there’s just one source, of nutrition they are designed for, they lie at the centre of every solar system, and provide life and purpose for those objects surrounding them, and these gargantuan entities need them just as much so they can exist….

They are the eaters – of stars
Men of science see galaxies collapse
And blame Black Holes and Space Storms

But these great beings swallow whole stars and solar systems
And as these things of great mass are imbibed,
cataclysmic galactic events are often borne as a result;
Leaving our feeble kind to see and misread these things,
As we survey what we can with our archaic equipment
The Universe’s worth is finite
For it will cease at the end of all light
5. Battle of the Sea and Sky (4:51)
Everything seemed normal then, back before 'they" appeared
Now the whole worlds abuzz; everyone's obsessed with them
All the world's so entranced by these spots in the clouds
I myself am quite enthralled, wanting to know the truth

Why are they there?
And why can't we
Get close enough to them to see what they're made of and what's holding them there
What's causing the field that stops anything from getting too close

How is it the clouds are generating lightning 10 times stronger than usual, and the magnetic field around them means no devices can gather useful information on the state of the black spots and the mystery of why they have appeared
All we know is that they are growing in size

I cannot believe the world is currently home to two freak occurrences
Along with the spots in the clouds there is the darkness spreading in certain sections of the ocean, and akin to the clouds no-one can get close to this to study what's going on as the ocean around it is toxic

- To anything we've made to descend into the water, and (the) emissions from it mean we cannot even get close
But then as I am musing on this, I hear sound coming from above me, I run outside, To inspect the heavens, and my breath it suddenly leaves me for what I am seeing is stealing my sanity I am frozen solid as I gaze at -

Things in the sky giant beasts with wings breathing fire - nothing I've seen before in fiction or told in folklore has resembled what I'm seeing
Then I hear a sound, a cacophony of roars shake the ground - I now find I can move, I run to the top of the nearest hill
From where I stand I (can) see the sea, giants creatures are crawling from it, 6 limbs and giants mouths open, emitting a glow

The battle begins right before my eyes, giants of sea and flying beasts of the sky
A war is being waged and the trophy is
Ownership of this bountiful planet, A worthy prize that both races hunger for, Lightning shoots from the mouths of the sea beasts

Laying waste to many creatures, but there's many missed - the winged beasts discharge fire from their maws, dousing the land and those below, many are fighting one on one, giant bodies, thrashing, tearing, breaking bones, all over our planet the war ensues, collateral damage simply a prelude to our end
6. Those Whose Skin Was Gold (4:16)
I am a studier of fossils, rocks and sediments
And various items that have been deemed worthy of excavation
From deep earth and olden places where life once dwelled and now is holding (the) secrets to previous life on earth

Then on one night I did find a discovery that caused me to shout out loud for the nature of it was insane
Deep in the rock I was digging, something unexpected was there
I could not believe my eyes

There were shapes like limbs, arms, legs, giant in size and all made of an unknown type of stone
As I studied things further, I had another find
The rock was riddled with shimmering sections of gold
Suddenly I realized - I was looking at a mass grave - Of stone giants and the gold entwined, it appeared to be - their skin!

I was reeling with the gravity of this intense discovery; I had worked into the night
And my sleeping excavation team - I simply hadn't woken them, as I couldn't pull away

Just when I was calming down I heard a sound from the rock
It was loud, and the sound it was abrupt and abrasive maybe a creak?, or more a crack, like an implosion within the rock
Then a groan from deep below - it emanated loudly
And the ground began to shake, and this certainly and suddenly compelled me - Into moving back from the dig

And the ground shook - fear it took hold
(But) I could not move - I watched these "things"
All separate - and then stand up in the moonlight
But these giants of stone, those whose skin was gold
Now have been woken, their time to rule has...returned
7. The Great Orbs Beyond Our Skies (7:01)
He lies awake, torn from the throes of sleep
„Not this again!" In the dark broken silence he weeps

No one believed a word, branded as a madman - outcast from population
Blind fools, what to become?
First one then all to a planet in a galaxial nation

Sedated and carried, a man on his own
Surrounded by creatures, not of flesh nor bone
Blind fools what to become, first one then all to a planet in a galaxial nation
As they come to take us now - In their spherical eyes you can see you're destined for a forced subservience

Relentless butchers - through laser surgery
Have perfected the art - of preserving human meat
Prescripted emptiness, a future now taken away
A life of nothingness, the orbs - they await

Extract the human seed - creating hybrids, gestating in tubes of glass
Mass production of a breed - born as slaves to serve - the children of the spheres
Screaming, inserting clear tubes, connected to invasive machines
He becomes a life source - to a race of bio drones

Unwilling father who is controlled by the beckoning - the spheres seeth knowledge - have the power of a deity
Rows of caged humans - await extraction - of the vital genetics...
Perpetually they suffer at the hands of the „children"

Each time one dies - the elation of the spheres
Rising, evergrowing superiority complex, controllers of time, and all the beings that dwell in that dimension
Forcing a chain of thoughts into hybrid breed
Destiny to serve the spheres implanted within their minds
This is everything - reality concocted, desires controlled
Chosen to serve - slaves without knowledge, never (to) know what could have been

The spheres, and the children grow
Their power magnified, assisted by energy forcefully taken
In the recesses of space, beyond their planetary domain - other beings are sensing a growth in power, and an unease is cultivated prompting evaluation

Brought before councils of elders, government, intergalactic monarchies, oracles, seers
Discussing planning action - eventual reaction - creating barbaric factions
Within the spheres, entities are dwelling - unable to be seen, pure hyper-genetic energy
8. Generation O (3:22)
There is a global conspiracy thrust upon us and we cannot see - The truth of things that occur around us every day
Things so heinous and devious but we are
All being controlled by "overlords", who run the world/control the wealth
And they alone dictate how we're to live and what things change
We're just pawns in their insidious dealings of greed - all the hope we've got is released on a drip feed....

These cunts are feeding us lies that we should as a race be able to see through
And yet we're still obdurate, unless it's them who're shaping us
They make us feel like we're lost then safe, starving us then giving scraps
Criticize then falsely praise
This generation of obsequiousness needs to end, (or) we're (just) living dead

Keep dreams of freedom alive!
Those greedy fucks - who take our lives
I would love them to suffer like those who they manipulate and maneuver to fit their master plan - and then restore the world to how it should be, where people shape their own lives, and live with pride and renewed hope
9. A Dolmen Maker's Lament (2:35)
10. The Siren of Eternity (5:38)
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