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A Shedding of Skin

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal, Thrash Metal
LabelsMajor Records International
Reviews :  1
Comments :  3
Total votes :  4
Rating :  92.5 / 100
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Submitted by level Lamento (2011-02-08)
Last modified by level 21 Eagles (2017-02-13)
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Album Photos  (2)
Protector - A Shedding of Skin CD Photo by 악의꽃Protector - A Shedding of Skin CD Photo by 똘복이
A Shedding of Skin Information

Track listing (Songs)

2.Mortuary Nightmare2:54-0
3.A Shedding of Skin3:39-0
4.Face Fear3:18-0
5.Retribution in Darkness3:37-0
6.Doomed to Failure3:13-0
7.Thy Will Be Done3:45-0
8.Whom Gods Destroy4:41-0
11.Death Comes Soon3:26-0
12.Unleashed Terror3:49-0
13.Toward Destruction2:20-0

Line-up (members)

  • Olly Wiebel : Vocals, Guitars, Bass
  • Michael Hasse : Drums

A Shedding of Skin Reviews

Reviewer :  level 9   (95/100)
Date : 
<The Brutal Symbiosis of Death & Thrash>

In the late '80s to early '90s, when Thrash Metal was starting to become stale and bedridden, bands had to come up with a way to survive and thrive. Some bands decided to appeal to a larger base of listeners(Metallica with their eponymous record) and others had made similar decisions by tampering with other genres(Punk Sodom and Industrial Kreator, for example). Some bands, however, shifted their sound towards an extremer path. Sure, there were "Brutal Thrash" bands like Dark Angel, but this was on a higher tier. Soon enough Death & Thrash hybrid bands became prevalent.

Now this Teutonic band, Protector, is one of those bands. The two EPs and two full-releases had proved that these German thrashers were solid as hell. But this album just tops everything they had done in a span of 40 mind-numbing minutes. This stuff is way more brutal and ripping than Urm the Mad and all the songs match the quality of their Leviathan' Desire EP, some songs even being better.

Here, I've made space for a paragraph dedicated to praising Protector's song/riffwriting skills, which are straight-out amazing. The riffs are fresh and creative and has smelly rotten corpse juices dribbling out of 'em. One song presents multiple riffs but is mostly presented around one main riff. Standard Thrash Metal structure. Even so it doesn't feel boring because the riffs, again, are so well written. A Shedding of Skin, Face Fear, Doomed to Failure, Retribution in Darkness, Tantalus has some amazing ones that I can listen to all day while having a smoothie with the decaying corpse on the album cover. Indeed, that man can rot away happily after being featured in such a good album!

This, Ladies and Gents, is one of the best Teutonic Deathrash albums you can possibly find. I'mma have to stop writing this review because I need to blast this record on while headbanging vigorously.
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A Shedding of Skin Comments

level 10   (95/100)
Deathrash at its finest.
level 17   (90/100)
뇌가 필요없을 정도는 아닌듯하다. 이 밴드의 장점은 굉장히 스트레이트하고 폭력적이면서도 곡 중간중간마다 깜짝 놀랄 정도의 특유의 분위기를 가지고 있다는 것이 아닐까? 당시의 데스래쉬 명반들에 비추어봐도 전혀 뒤떨어지지 않는다.
Protector - A Shedding of Skin CD Photo by 똘복이
level 10   (90/100)
좋다 매우 좋다 아니 존나 좋다 ㅎㅎㅎ 뇌가 필요없는 막가파 데쓰레쉬

Protector Discography

Album titleTypeRelease dateRatingVotesReviews
EP - 00
Studio 90 20
Studio 87.5 20
EP - 00
Studio 92.5 41
Studio - 00
Studio 75 10
Studio - 00
Live - 00
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