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Uriah Heep - Rarities From The Bronze Age CD Photo
preview  Uriah Heep  –  preview  Rarities From The Bronze Age (1991)  [Compilation]
Format : CD
October 4, 2020
Uriah Heep - Rarities From The Bronze Age
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Album (1991)
GenresHard Rock, Progressive Rock
1. Look At Yourself (3:09)
2. Simon The Bullet Freak (3:28)
3. Gypsy (2:59)
4. Why (4:57)
5. Stealin` (3:19)
6. Sunshine (4:50)
7. What Can I Do (3:13)
8. Shout It Out (3:36)
9. Return To Fantasy (3:42)
10. Time Will Come (4:08)
11. Crime Of Passion (3:39)
12. Masquerade (3:48)
13. Gimme Love Struttin (3:16)
14. Cheater (3:59)
15. Been Hurt (3:54)
16. Love Stealer (3:25)
17. Think It Over (3:33)
18. My Joanna Needs Tuning (2:55)
19. Tin Soldier (3:53)
20. Son Of A Bitch (4:07)
21. Playing For Time (4:26)
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