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Hammer Smashed Face Lyrics

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Tomb of the Mutilated

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBrutal Death Metal
LabelsMetal Blade Records
Album rating :  83.2 / 100
Votes :  54
1. Hammer Smashed Face (4:02)
Track rating :  95 / 100       Votes :  7       [ ]
There's something inside me
It's, it's coming out
I feel like killing you
Let loose the anger, held back too long
My blood runs cold

Through my anatomy, dwells another being
Rooted in my cortex, a servant to its bidding
Brutality now becomes my appetite
Violence is now a way of life
The sledge my tool to torture
As it pounds down on your forehead

Eyes bulging from their sockets
With every swing of my mallet
I smash your fucking head in, until brains seep in
through the cracks, blood does leak
distorted beauty, catastrophe
Steaming slop, splattered all over me

Lifeless body, slouching dead
Lecherous abcess, where you once had a head

Avoiding the prophecy of my new found lust
You will never live again, soon your life will end
I'll see you die at my feet, eternally I smash your face
facial bones collapse as I crack your skull in half

Crushing, cranial, contents

Draining the snot, I rip out the eyes
Squeezing them in my hands nerves are incised
Peeling the flesh off the bottom of my weapon
Involuntarily pulpifying facial regions

Suffer, and then you die
Torture, pulverized

At one with my sixth sense, I feel free
To kill as I please, no one can stop me

Created to kill, the carnage continues
Violently reshaping human facial tissue

Brutality becomes my appetite
Violence is now a way of life
The sledge my tool to torture
As it pounds down on your forehead
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Tomb of the Mutilated - Lyrics
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