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Battalion - Runaway cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresProgressive Power Metal
Album rating :  70 / 100
Votes :  1
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Runaway Lyrics

Submitted by level FTN (2013-10-31)
1. Don't Wait (3:51)
Come along with em tonight
I'll tell you a story
You may not believe what I say
It's even hard for me to take
So young, had his whole life still ahead of him
Not a care in the world
Seemed like everything was how it should be
Then, tragedy struck him down in his prime
Not ready for what was to come

Don't wait! Don't let this chance slip through your fingers.
You will never know when your time has come

Sid loved to hang around
Get a little bit out of control
Under age and lost in a dream
Road tripping from town
One night he shook my hand and said, "I'll see ya later,."
That was the very last time I would ever see him alive

Yes, tragedy struck him down in his prime
Killing himself behind the wheel

2. Runaway (4:37)
Broken dreams promises
Giving way to despair
Thinking that nobody loves you
Does anyone really care?
Hot city nights, calling your name
Oh, they promise your fame
You've just got to get away from the pain
Nobody understands you
Always putting you down
You're going to show them what you're made of
You're going t lose this town.

Runaway, oh, you're heading for a fall
Listen to your heart
Is this really what you want?
Runaway, if you only knew
Love is waiting for you
It's just a prayer away

Late one night you made your move
Without saying goodbye
You're going to make it on your own
It's do or die

3. Only Human (3:48)
In a world of crazy places
And things we need not see
Bless them who persecute you
Give every soul a chance to be free
In a hundred years what will our world look like
What a waste we feed on
Greed, for we are consumed
With anger, yah, I know what you're thinking
I make mistakes just like you
But, just listen to your heart
An you'll know it's true
Faith is a substance found
For things not seen well
Through faith we understand
the worlds were framed by the world of God
Some day I know I'll stand amongst the Heavens
Anyone who believes in Him shall not perish

We're only human our flesh will pass away
But our spirit will remain
4. He is Lord (4:25)
Two thousand years ago a man came to earth
They all knew He was one of a kind born of Virgin birth
Little did the people know the reason He had to come
They didn't recognize He was God's only son? He healed the sick and made the blind man see
He led a sinless life to become a perfect sacrifice

He is Lord the King of Kings
Come before the Lord and sing
He is Lord the Great I Am
Shout it our across the land

On a hill called the skull, they nailed him to a tree
Spilling Blood from His wounds, shed for you ad me
He looked above and cried out loud with pain his eyes
They could see upon His face, the King had finally died
Third day He rose again with power to wipe out sin
You're to go and tell the world that Jesus lives
He sent His only son for us
Thank you God, we worship You Be cause

5. The Lord Sees (4:11)
Little child wrapped in blankets filled with fright
Shakes in fear as he hears his parents fight
Oh lord, please save my family
Can't you see I love my mom and my daddy

The Lord the cries and sees your tear stained eyes
The Lord feels the pain in your heart
He wants take it away
But He wants to hear you say "Lord, I give my life to you"

Every night he cries himself to sleep
The pain inside, it burns so deep
Oh Lord, please hold me tight and give me new life

6. Eyes of Love (3:25)
Hey you, waht's going down
I've noticed something different about you
I can see upon your face a spirit of peace I don't understand
like a child the innocence of youth

Through the eyes of love
We carry the flame
Through the eyes of love
We carry the flame

No booze, no drugs
And yet you are under control
You say it's hard to say no to your flesh
We'll I can tell you here and now
The word of God is what we're lookin' for
I pray today yes to make it clear

7. Judgement Day (3:26)
You ran your own life every day
Never wanting to hear what God had to say
You had the good things
money could buy
How could you know there was so little time

Are you ready to meet the Kings

On that day there'll be nowhere to hide
That's the day when the King of Kings will preside
How will you plead
What you will say
When you stand before Him on Judgement Day

You thought you'd live a long, happy life
Everything was working out just right
The time has come for you to pay your dues
This night your soul is required of you

8. Gates of Heaven (3:35)
Well I'm tired of all the teasin'
This you ought to know
While the world keeps on stealing
They say it's all in who you know
But I've got to keep on pushing
Don't just walk away
No more feelin guilty
Come on get out of my way

Don't go running
Take it day by day
Let the love of the spirit flow
Don't go running get your heart in line
Let's get the gates of heaven open upon you

You say I'm crazy and out of mind
You think I'm just wasting time
But I know what I believe in
And I will stand on the word of God
Yes I've got to keep on movin' No I won't just walk away
I'm lookin' to the future
Come on and get out of the way

9. I Give you my Life (4:05)
I've been running away most of my life
From the One who set me free
Always searching, never finding the love that was waiting for me
Then I cried out Your name
Since then I've never been the same

I give you my life, oh Lord, as a living sacrifice
I give you my life, oh Lord, so take away the wrong and make it right

After trying so hard to find love myself, I find it so hard to believe, that the love of God was mine to receive,
now I live eternally


10. Take a Stand (4:28)
When you are alone at night afraid
I will be there
When you are crossing through a change
You know I'm here
Yes your prayers have come to me
and I make heard them all

Give Him your life and He'll never let you go
Yes Jesus Christ is the lover of your soul
He gave His life so that you can be free from you sin
and have life eternally

When you are under attack, remember this simple truth
The evil ruler of an unseen world will not prevail
So get you shield and armor on
Yes by faith we have won
It's time to wake up to make a stand
Come one and all

11. Vices (6:18)
In the shadows of night, you can see the moon brightly shining down in here eyes of red
The blood of Christ on your hands so fresh from the sin

Tormented cries from inside lost forever in the night
Change of ways blind in sight

Entered to this realm now afraid for your life
Yes your lust and desire can cost eternity
You drink your sorrows away this vice tough to break
There's hell to pay


Take a look inside
Just what do you see
God's light is waiting for you
See the tears of the Lord
He's crying out for you
And then she bowed down before the Lord
Yes she pleased for His love
Oh God forgive my foolish sins
Dear God make me whole again

Now she has life in Christ Yes the challenge has begun
a walk in faith forevermore
No turning back
A love beyond all other love
God's love took control
He set you free

No more cries from inside
My sins forgvin by His grace
Thank you God, I'm whole again
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