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Nekroholocaust - In Memories of Fire cover art

In Memories of Fire

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
LabelsMercenary Musik
Ranked#38 for 2005 , #1,210 all-time
Reviews :  3
Comments :  2
Total votes :  5
Rating :  92.4 / 100
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Submitted by level 제로팻 (2011-08-04)
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In Memories of Fire Information

Track listing (Songs)

1.The Kingdom of Night5:14-0
2.Fall of Berlin2:10-0
3.Burning Galleries4:26-0
4.Embracer from the Dark Ages7:23-0
5.Hail to Victory7:55-0
6.Siberian Winter (Conquer or Perish)6:11-0
7.Mortuary Krematorium (flesh blood bones)8:10-0
8.Deny the Cross3:03-0
9.Army of Infamy, Axis of Evil6:35-0
10.March to the Abyss1:30-0
All material on album is taken from rare recordings done in 1988-89.

In Memories of Fire Reviews

Reviewer :  level   (90/100)
Date : 
무자비하고 원초적인 사운드와 거칠고 광기에 둘러쌓인 듯한 무시무시한 분위기를 뿜어내는 밴드로 1988년과 1989년도 사이에 활동했던 Live 음원등을 그대로 실은 Compilation 앨범이라고 하는데 이렇게 진보된 Death Metal / Black Metal 사운드를 그 시절 이 정도의 퀄리티로 녹음이 됐다는게 놀라웠다.

이 밴드를 아는 사람들 사이에서 일부 믿지 못하는 사람들도 있는데 솔직히, 과연, 정말 1988~1989년도의 사운드라면 그 당시에 이 밴드는 엄청난 전설 반열에 오를 만큼의 위치가 되어야 하는데 그 어떤 앨범도 발매를 하지 않다가 Compilation 앨범만 떡하니 나오니 이 앨범을 듣는 Metalhead에겐 뭐지? 싶었을 것 같다. 그나마 이 밴드가 이름을 바꾸기 전에 Thrash Metal 밴드인 Necrophagia가 본체였다면 아예 없었던 밴드는 아니었던 것 같고... 뭐 나름 미지의 앨범이 되어버린거라고 봐야 한다.

일단 다 떠나서 사운드만 듣는다면 Old School Death Metal / Black Metal 팬들에겐 아주 즐거운 앨범이 될 것 같다. 그나마 단점이라면 조금 Riff 진행이 뒤로 갈수록 지루하게 들리는 정도지만 금방 다른 곡이 바뀌어버리면 잊어버리는 정도다.
Reviewer :  level   (90/100)
Date : 
굉장히 거칠고 폭력적인 블랙/데스메탈. 만약 정말로 앨범에 적혀있는대로 이 사운드가 87~88년도의 리허설, 라이브 음원을 복각한게 맞다면 아마 미국 블랙/데스메탈에 있어서는 조금은 그 역사를 수정해야 하지 않을까? 수정은 안하더라도 최소한 선구자나 당시의 대표적 밴드로 이름이 거론되어야 함은 맞다.

여하간 '알려진바로는' 이 밴드는 마지막 미팅(합주)후 1989년도에 해산돼었으며 그동안의 몇차례의 녹음물과 라이브 음원등을 복원한 앨범이다.

문제는 그 음악 자체가 가진 블랙/데스나 워메탈 적인 완성도가 상당히 대단했던고로 여러 포럼에서 정말로 그때 이런 밴드가 있었고 정말로 당시에 연주됀 음원인가! 하며 논란이 벌어졌었다.

물론 이 밴드의 전신인 necropaghia는 wild rags에서 ep도 발매했었기 때문에 그 흔적이 명확한 밴드이지만 그 이후 밴드 멤버들(이 밴드에서 활동한)의 활동은 1990년 말부터 갑자기 다시 시작돼었기 때문에 정말 아무런 흔적을 찾을 수 없는 이 Nekroholocaust의 마른하늘에 뚝 떨어진 똥덩어리같은 컴필레이션 앨범은 매니아들의 궁금증을 자아내기 충분했다.

하다못해 메탈아카이브, rateyourmusic에 같은 글을 쓴 리뷰어가 있는데 아래와 같다.

"Composed of rare tracks recorded '88-'89? My fucking ass it is. If any of this was recorded before 2000 I'll rip my dick off. The music on display here is more advanced than Profanatica and supposedly predates it, which would make this literally one of the earliest USBM records ever made, predating Profanatica and Havohej and just barely being recorded after 'Deathcrush' came out the previous here. The blasting is too fast, the songwriting is too modern in a number of ways, and even the production techniques are suspect. There's zero chance the story behind this is true- but of course it's not going to be confirmed because the members all wanted to 'remain anonymous' (probably because it's actually kids who were still in elementary school in the late '80s). I hate this sort of shit.

Fortunately, I don't have to fight my initial revulsion at how lame that promotional technique is because the music sucks as well. Nekroholocaust is a sloppy mixture of Profanatica and 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas', trying to do the brackish black/death of the former with the more defined melodic development of the latter. There's a dose of thrash here, which tends to be annoying when it's grating against the more obviously modern black metal, but it doesn't really matter because the songwriting itself is horribly sloppy and hackish. Riffs link together arbitrarily (although they're rendered practically inaudible by the sheer amount of reverb and delay on the guitars anyway), vocals lazily rant without any sort of rhythm or real intensity, and even the drums just seem pretty random. This would be lame if it was a demo, but this is an actual album getting released on what used to be a fairly prominent USBM label. What the fuck, really?

There's a transparent, juvenile attempt at grimness that permeates this album completely, from the dreary wall of fuzz production to the overwrought and imprecise vocals. Nekroholocaust desperately wants you to believe that this is some hidden gem of USBM unearthed just for you, but in attempting to create this weird mythos instantly shoot themselves in the foot because most of the black metal being released in the late '80s didn't suck this bad. Hell, trying to shoehorn in music that sounds more like the late '80s is one of the things that handicaps this so badly- the band honestly does better when they're just doing modern black metal and not jamming thrash riffs and rhythms in where they shouldn't go for credibility. If they hadn't done that... well, it wouldn't have been a GOOD album, but it would be a whole lot less obnoxious.

Basically the US version of Nargaroth, but these guys aren't even amusing characters. Fuck it."

이에 대한 반론으로

"Well, first of all I must say this Noktorn guy must be a real 'Hater" since he wrote the exact same review on Encyclopaedia Metallum!! Maybe these guy's are good?? since he is trying so hard to discredit them!! so I bought the CD and listened to it myself as a reasonable person searching his own truth would do and what I found was astronomical maniac chaos that is profound for the time and place in which it was made.

Now I must say that I am 42 years old and lived in that time and place where these guy's originated from. I knew of them but never saw them live but I heard of shows they performed with Sadistic Intent and Scrilege B.C. and other great underground bands of the time. What I heard was that they were brutal and young and innovative but that was all. Nekroholocaust from the info that I have gathered were formed from the ashes of Necrophagia L.A. which recorded the "Great Demo" It began with a Twisted Dream" released in 1986. Two members survived and formed Nekroholocaust and took a turn from Great American Thrash to more of a Euro Black Death sound, which is what you hear on this CD. This source that I am refrencing was actually at this recording session and by his own words 8 of the 9 tracks were recorded live in a studio on 1 take with no overdubs frills or thrills. Just straight forward from the heart shit!! And that is exactly what you hear on this recording.

I know for a fact that this Band existed in 1988-89 through my own recollections and thru my friends eyewitness accounts of this incredible yet in parts shit sounding recording. I will spare you the details as far as breaking down the songs other than to say songs 4-7 and 9 are some of the most epic and intensity filled pieces of Death that was around at that time, I know of no other than maybe Mayhem and Morbid Angel who were attempting this. The Vocals on these songs in particular are superb for the time and the screams are to be heard to be believed. Why this previous Reviewer would discount them so easily as to be the norm is ridiculous.

I was left with a lasting impression, what if this band had stuck together and actually had a budget and studio time to really put this thing together?? Earth Shattering perhaps, controversial and memorable to say the least."
라는 주장도 있다. (뭐 확인할 수야 없다만...)

진실은 저너머에 있겠지만, 요는 이 음악이 블랙/데스메탈 매니아들에겐 정말로 끝내주기 때문에 일어났던 소동인건 분명하다.
Reviewer :  level   (92/100)
Date : 
Hailing from the Barrios of Boyle Heights-Los Angeles, CA USA came the Death Machine Nekroholocaust, a band of which not much is known. To this date, 2011 to be exact, many fans and curious souls have been dumbfounded as to the authenticity of this release right down to the fact that many believe this is fake. Well I am here to say that everything that this Band has stated as far as release dates are concerned is 100% accurate!! I know this to be true because I knew these guys very well and know all the details surrounding this recording and release. Eight out of the Nine tracks were recorded live in a studio on One Take with zero overdubs or sampling or anything. Just a straight forward assault of the scences that leaves you with the impression that regardless of it being tight or perfect!! they just wanted to get their ideas out to the masses as soon as possible. This concept comes thru loud and clear on this recording, all the concepts and titles and ideas and sounds were taken intact as to maintain there integrity, no perservatives or additives and definitely no outside influences since other than Mayhem and Morbid Angel no other group could compare as far as the rawness and brutal nature of the music.

Originally recorded as a Demo to attract Music Label interest this Demo found my hands way back in 1989 but what at first threw me of was the name of the Band. They were Necrophagia LA for the better part of 4 years and yes this is the same Band that recorded the excellent Demo "It Began with a Twisted Dream" in 1986. Consisting of founding memgers Jerry Battle-Guitars, Eddie Santiago Vocals & Bass they recruited the services of Memo Mora (ex-Infamy) on Guitars and Jimmy Sotelo (ex Bloodcum) on Drums and went on to change their style from Thrash/Death to more of a Black Metal sound, the biggest change being the Vocals of Eddie Santiago (Incinerator) and what a change it was!!!

The music on this release is harsh and brutal and all that but with atmosphere and melody and grace if you will and for its time a Seminal Recording that if not for their untimely breakup in 1989 would have certainly changed the landscape of the Genre. Burning Galleries and Deny the Cross were taken from their "It began with a twisted dream" demo but made much more brutal especially with the vocals on display. Songs 1 & 4 and 5 thru 9 are just epic pieces of Metal Mastery with lots of tempo change and hateful lyrics and brutal as hell vocals. Each song clocks in way over 5 minutes but it is seamless and you don't really mind because the music is so insane and thought provoking that it makes you listen harder thru the shit production that is definitely the down point of this Release but hey for a One take demo recorded live, it far surpasses expectations. "Army of Infamy", Axis of Evil finishes this Album and is a track I had never heard from this but from what I have been able to gather was also recorded live on One take but this time in there Garage!! and this song is a tremondous way to end this Record. On display you will hear all the elements that I feel would have made Nekroholocaust or should I say Necrophagia LA a force to be reckend with but sadly, we will never know since they broke up shortly after this song was recorded for unknown reasons.

In Memories of Fire Comments

level   (95/100)
발매년도가 사실이라면 정말 말이 안되는 엘범..
level   (95/100)
와 이게 87~89년도에 녹음된 거라고?? 도대체 진실은 무엇인가.이게 사실이면 완전 뒤집어지겠는데...

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