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Target - Mission Executed cover art



Mission Executed

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresSpeed Metal, Thrash Metal
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Mission Executed Lyrics

Submitted by level Wait (2011-08-11)
1. Mission to the Andes (3:28)
Searching for a race in birth
Directed to the ancient planet Earth
Dark ancester cast mis message
Message from the depths of the universe
Long ago they left their base
Leaving as behind in space
They will return
A ray of lights is then to guide the visitors
Go centuries have passed
The prophecy was not a lie
A city in the andes high
Welcomes the gods of the sky
The bringers of our wisdoms sleep
Man’s creators never found
Have they returned ?
Was it the light ?
Do they hide ?
Mission, mission to the Andes
Company of people rights
2. Hordes of Insanity (5:14)
Descending on the city
The calm before the Storm
Breaks loose
Hardcore-Metal on the loose
Abolishing all moral rules
Incursing at the fatal speed
The Center of your sanity
A powerhouse of energy
Can barely feed this lunacy
A Cyclonic Storm of noise
Is your devastating choice
Hordes of insanity
Maximum trashing capacity
Adrenaline injection
In the blood
Pent’ up rage
Unbridled aggression’s
To get out
Slamming crowd is going wild
Total trashing fills their mind
Drained of rationality
Filled by our Insanity
The mosh Brigade is marching out
The diving Squad is coming down
You will forget all your sorrow
Come and trash ‘till death will follow
3. They Walk in Front (4:59)
Charge of the tank batallions
Mines spread under the hot sand
Children ignorant walk in front
Chained up so they cannot flee
Their task is to clean up the way
They’re weak and of no other use
Their blood will color the sand red
As their bodies will be torn apart
Until the end, they walk in front
Expecting no mercy, the slaughter awaits
‘Till the end they walk in front
‘Till death will rip them apart
Eternity is promised to Titem
They’re condemned to die, why ?
For the good cause, for the honour
So their parents can be proud
Under the glow of the evening sun
Screams of children in agony
They gave their lives for a noble cause
That they don’t even understand
4. Warriors of the Holy One (4:51)
They are on a holy quest
Armed, prepare to fight
They think they have the right to kill
Their gods lead them into war
They are fanatic, no use to talk
They won’t understand any reason
Brainwashed by megalomane leaders
They want to die for salvation
Warriors of the holy one
The right to kill
Warriors of the holy one
Kill for the Messiah
“The people of god must rule the world.
If you don’t believe you have no
Right to live, just die !”
Terrorist or hero, I don’t care
Slaves of what they call the holy word
Are you a believer ! You could die next
For a god who’s just an illusion
5. Nuclear Waste (3:39)
Panic at control
Internal overheat
Chainreaction cannot
Be stopped anymore
Main reactor burns
Evacuation starts
But his last breath will spread the plague around
Lethal touch, defiled your blood
Radiation you can’t see
Lethal touch, defiled your blood
Fast decay, ends into death
No hope for the victims
They’re condemned to die
Extinguishing the fire takes his toll
The energy we need now we must pay the prices
Radioactive dust
Contaminates all life
6. The Gathering (4:58)
There is a Game, a Game in which is to gain,
The bidden secret of eternal life.
If you win you will live,
If you fall you will burn
But you’re chosen, you cannot refuse
There can be only one
There shall be only one
There can be only one
There shall be only one
It’s time for the gathering
You know the rule, the rule of the game
As in the beginning, so shall be the end
As there was one human, so one shall remain
You must prepare, prepare to fight
One man will live, eternally
Fate decided, who was to die
This planet is yours now, yes, time is your toy
Garden of Eden, Palace of death
Life has no meaning for you anymore
7. Under Dominion (4:07)
General alert for what should never be
The President’s hotline glows
It is for one Moment as if Time’s standing still
As the final Decision will fall now, doubt finally has won the Game
As we see the Giants rising
Under Dominion of death
Searching their way through
The darkness of Space
They bring the Message of death
You cannot see or hear them but yet they are here
Unbelief, fear, going insane
Pray to your mighty god for Paradise
No man can help you now
Under Dominion of death
One flash of bright white light
Your body is vaporised
A mighty atomic shock
Crushes the hardest Rock
Under Dominion of death
A fight for survival for those still alive
The weak and newborn are doomed to die
Mutation (of humans) into deformed Creatures
Makes women loose their own child
Everything living in moral away
Under Dominion of death
Freezing cold darkness destroying all hope
The nuclear winter sets in
The sun a Star unknown
A Queen in glory smiling
A Planet where blue turned to black
A Planet hiding behind clouds
A Planet under reign of death
A Planet under Dominion of eternity
under Dominion of death
8. Death Blow (3:33)
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