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Impiety - Skullfucking Armageddon cover art

Skullfucking Armageddon

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal, Black Metal, Thrash Metal
LabelsDies Irae Productions
Album rating :  92.3 / 100
Votes :  17
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Skullfucking Armageddon Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2011-02-09)
1. Lords Of Apokalypse (6:57)
Horns of genocide, holocaust and hate
From the claws of death we rise
Walk the path to the blessed lands
Enslaved in blackness...

The soulraped many that became the damned
Legions from the end of time
Fly through battleskies
Bathe horizons with blood!

Hellhordes so glorious
Uphold our banner proud
Storm with us through death, doom, destruction!
Hellhordes victorious
Rulers of the battlesky
For lords are we, beasts from the east


Dawn has come, unveil the dying
Bleeding souls impaled on cold steel
Cursed to burn in blasphemy
Crushing the nazarene...
Enthroned high on hellthrones
War-commanders sound battlestrikes
Black deathdemons reign
Predatory force of apokalypse

Lords of apokalypse
Storm with us through death, doom, destruction!
Lords of apokalypse
For lords we are, beasts from the east

Demons on the rise
Eyes of vengeance burns so bright
On wings of death they ride
Crimson blades greets thy flesh...

Visions of darkness
Halls of unchaste dimensions
Sworn to battlement
Mayhemic march of horned warriors
Nocturnal hunger, holocaustic nights of sorrow
Floating deadlights
Nassacres grim under the funeralsky

Eternal praise, infernal masters
With bloodfilled cups held high
Mianthropic tyants crave for more
War, pain, hell, everlasting blasphemies

Enthroned high on hellthrones
War-commanders sound battlestrikes
Black deathdemons reign, Lords...
2. Nocturnized (4:51)
Bloodbath in sorrow
Battleaxes gleam
Third of hellstorms
I fly haunting the nights
From the black sunrise
Comes the firstborn demon

In blackness I chant
The darkness I dwell

Lusting the flesh
An undead's dream
My talons rake the eyes
The eyes of the crucified

Calling blackness to enshroud dim horizons
Raping those alive to breed the blessed undead
Consuming forsaken souls to breed thy immortality
For I am the king

We summon (forth) desecration!
Feed me their blood, bleed them whilst they sleep
Give me the strength and power that I need

Bloodbath in sorrow
Battleaxes gleam
Third of hellstorms
I fly haunting the nights

Let my silence speak the desolation
Embrace my horns
Eternally, a beast so majestic
I fly the nights
3. Sodomythical Frostgoats (4:17)
Blessed by goatfucks, hellcantating sodomies
Malevolent blasphemies
Empire of serigalas dei-glorified, blood froze - time forgot
Told once by ancient knights gatherings of ever-royal

Cunting evil, cunting reichs
They rule vast kingdoms with supreme might
Blackbattles fought victoriously
From the frost forgotten plains of Gahl Rahm
They rise!

Satanique damnation
Sabbatic frostgoats
Blessed dark devilry
Sabbatic frostgoats

Shaktikal liberty
Thy blackness immortality shields the light
Kings of pandaemonic bifrost
Let the legendary sodomyths arise
They rise!

Martyred souls hail these pagan lords
Denial of celestial fame
In aeternum...
Funeralight - abyssic hellparadise
Tyranous goats, hell's infidel victors
4. Ironflames Of Hate (5:50)
Born to battle for eternity
Infernal hate...
Call on darkness, kill the light
My hordes now rise

Infernal armageddon
Hellish realms plagued with sin
Vile enflamed lands
Hellish realms now our plains
Endless barbaric onslaughts
Tyrannous hordes, we crave for blood


Heathenic moonthrone of gold
Sits our lord so fuckin grim
Sanctified are our souls
By the blood from his sword
Immortality, fiercely blessed with
Ironflames of fuckin hate!

Victory, demons' dance, amongst funeralflames
Pagan hails, all in praise for the blade
Warlust, we crave the blood, fuel of our hate
Shield and sword in hand, all in praise for the blade

Mighty slayings - all in command
Ascend, my hordes shall rise
Supreme diamonic helltorment

Now it's time to ride
Cryptic battles endless
Sign that the moon craves for blood.. die!
Storming through darkness
Clad in venomous armour
Born to die are we, tonight... fight!
5. Diabolical Witching Aggression (5:39)
Blackened nights... filled with grim and sorrow
Signs of apocalypse, as seen in the eyes of death
Horrors consumed by pain
Christian slaughter!
Blasphemy, for I am one
One with darkness...

Destroying the gods above
Impaling the christian kind
Sweet bloody revenge
For the reaper..


Blazing wrath of victory
Summons me
Into the fire...
Fucking hard the lambs of christ
No mercy...

Falling prey to the hammer of the masters

Twisted force from the evil of shadows
Imperial fate of their christian kingdoms
Lie in fuckin ruins!

Destroying the gods above
Impaling christian minds
Sweet bloody revenge for the reaper!

6. Skullfucked: The Speed Metal Hell (4:46)
Speedfuck, witchingblack!
Ripping sounds of hellish battlenoize
Forever WAR!
Raging sounds that blast with speed and might
Metal rites!

Diminished, are the flames of the dying sun
Ripping darkness
Call for spikes, blood, war and metal!
Holy terror!

Glory to Metal
Silently, we rust in time
Cold-hymns to Satan
Speed metal hell!
War metal fuckin HELL!
7. Socerique Baphostorms (4:47)
Legions of hate divine
Entralled by battle divine
I am Sin!

We ride to Witcheron
(Across) firey realms
Enchantment of our blackswords
Blind this night...

Embraced by the nocturmoon
Hordes of grim
We ride with pride!

Flames of Onyx-faith lead the way
The plains of Samieth bless darkness by day
Leperchants - called over time
Sorcerique arrival - desecration sublime!

Flames of Onyx-faith lead the way
The plains of Samieth bless darkness by day

On high hellflames they claim the nocturnal silence
Commanding battalions into war
Bleeding me...
Remembering the beasts that moulded fate!

Witcheronic hellcursed hymns
Night processions rage within
Hallowed winds of damnation
Imperia sublime!

Embraced by the nocturmoon
Hordes of grim
We ride with pride!
8. Torment In Fire (5:38)
Call of the witchingmoon
Black massacre, destructive hellforce
I voice out from thy grave
Ripping evil, sodom's tales
Tears from the mother of white
Ritual, we've slaughtered her
Screams from ancient blasphemy
Bringing you torment!

Violent force
Witching hell
Tyranny reigns as the warriors attack
Blessed by sin
Torment in fire!

Fire! Fire!
Desire! Desire!

Vengeance burns across the sky
Funerals... I consecrate
Demon's sacred blade
Unholy praises... sadistic nightmare

Watching souls dance in fire
Blessed evil reigns in fire!

Torment.. in.. fire, desire!
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