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Unseen Full Album Lyrics

Tortharry - Unseen cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-01-15)
1. Dusktale (3:26)
I'm staying alive just to see who's guilty
I'm causing pain just to make sure, I'm still alive
Don't come near
Don't disturb my desperateness
Roaming inside it
I survive...

How many times I wished to enter unlife?
How many times my heartbeat took away my sleep?
It's the darkest side of human pleasure
And when I'm a man
Strong enough to weep
I survive...
2. The Chosen (5:30)
You are feeding the mouth that bites
Offering your pain
Desiring for the things to come
Too tired to breathe

Staying away from the saintless sky
Praying to fear
Hiding your soul in an unclean crowd
Now you enter the door

Light is reflecting on the altar
Where the mirror dwells
Kissing softly yourself goodbye
You accept the rain

No heading back
No road ahead
No herd to look after

Here - on your own
Here you realize
You are the only sheppard

Once and forever...
3. Unseen (3:55)
I was
Staying and hiding
Thus making him die
Is it my fault?
Am I the cause?

I haven't know
Anything of the pain
A survival can bring
Up to now

Taking his place
Long time ago
Made me his fate
Am I the blame?

Unknown he remains
The guilty of mine
My first dishonor

My very first crime...
4. The Eternal (4:23)
In the silence of night
Moon's voice invites eternity
The true me - into this world

As the consumed soul spreads it's darkness
The feeling of freedom raises in me

In the moonlight I drown my thoughts
Blood is standing by my side
Time is running in my veins

Soundless stream of light
Changes the mood
Changes the me

Hunger inside
Immortal pride
Blood by my side
5. Out of Today (5:23)
And so
When the wolf goes through the mirror
And so
When the bottom reaches the day
Then maybe
In the skin is about to melt
We're going to meet
On the very edge of night

And then
I'll give you my eyes-dumb and clearer
And then
Time inside my blood will fade away
Then maybe
If the wind is allowed to be felt
We're going to touch
Ourselves and steal the death's might
6. In the Desert (4:06)
Too close to pain
To feel a thing
Too tired of hope
To ignite my wings

That's what I'm - the lord of uncertainty
A flame feeding on it's own misery
The last asylum you would seek
The unchosen one, the weak
Show me a mirror
And I'll be gone

Come to me
And hurt me
Remove me from fathers sight
His glory is just to bright
For me to worship

Too far from hope
To lose it
But near enough
Not to belive

Here it is - my ominuous path of faith
Divine intervention that came too late
Look into my eyes
And I'll be gone
7. Hymn of Twillight (4:31)
In the seventh seal
The conception hides
And waits to be revealed
You won't run away
You won't be saved
In your life you'll be left to bleed

In the revelation of john
The salvation dwells
And waits to be born
You won't hide yourself
You won't escape
You'll go insane to pay honour to god

That's how we're feeding on your pain
There's no power in us left to gain
That's how the chorale is being sung
By the ones lacking in faith
8. Acceptance (4:04)
I met an angel tonight
He caressed me
Then with understanding
He poisoned my wine

I took his hand
The bloodless one
And I have maimed it
With the mere breath of mine

Aeons of light
That's what he showed me
Leaving me in the dark

I kissed the decay
And called for faith
He touched my head
Crossing the forbidden line

Aeons of light
That's what he showed me
Leaving me in the dark

The eternal night
That's what he brought me
An uneresable mark
9. Ending of Slavery (6:03)
The blind blood whispers
As it is roaming through my face
The wolf's heart searches
Some way to leave the divine maze
Sometimes the dead ends
Are all you are allowed to see
Still the flame of your pain
Is ready and waiting to set you free

Body denial
No longer a tool
Body denial
Now the one to rule
Body denial
Material atrophy
Self destruction
Has become a part of me
10. Stain (5:37)
Swordless king
Rusty crown
I do bring
Myself down
Pain won´t think
Bleeding clown
I impersonate my life

Cannot quit
Cannot hide go
Gods commit
Into the pit
I threw my pride
To look at me - it hurts

I´m the one outside myself
I´m the cancerful soul
I´m the innocent stillborn one
I´m the waste that was let out

Take me to the edge of pain
Erase the fear from my brain
For being empty i feel no shane
I´ve just done it to stay sane

Hostile saint
Pool of blood
My soul did faint
It starts to rot
Was I meant?
No, I was not
To satisfy is hard
11. Nightmare (4:23)
That dream is so gloomy
I don't like it by no means
I want to defend myself but I can't
It's sitting on me like a nightmare.

A gloomy corridor, I'm full of fear
Morbid ideas are weighing heavy on me
Thousands of candles around - a strange nymbus
A figure lying in a black coffin

I want to go away from here
I don't want to see who's lying there
A bad foreboding
No, there is no escape

I'm walking closer, I'm worried
I recognise that silhouette so well
Long hair is killing my doubt
Yes, yes it is you

Your body is so strangely cold
Your eyes don't tell anything at all
The lips are screwed up in a strange smile
And I'm only helplesily screaming

I want to go away from here
I don't want to see who's lying there
A bad foreboding
No, there is no escape

At last I'm waking up - a moment of liberation
In the darkness I'm touching your hand
I want to plant a kiss on you
But you don't breathe.?
12. Outro (1:42)
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