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Those Who Have Lost the Right to Exist Full Album Lyrics

Amboss - Those Who Have Lost the Right to Exist cover art

Those Who Have Lost the Right to Exist

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  100 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 4 UnholyAndre (2015-04-23)
1. Christian Damnation (6:40)
Damned religion of people fuck me up. You ask me why?
Pope preaches irreaslistics about life. You ask me why? Cause he doesn't know what life is!
Cause he doesn't know what he says! Pope preaches church is good, church doesn't make mistakes. If you are the one who blasts the chain.
You forlet your life, he says.
Christian Damnation.
You're a small part of a system.
Religion tells you what to do.
If you can't live with the words of god. You're a sinner you fucking know.
Christian Damnation.
2. Common Sons (6:48)
You will die till nothing more remains, then a shadow with no real aim.
Common son, dying son, buring son, die!
It's too late to feed your pain,
forgotten soul, burn in hell.
You're life is endless and you are last, you're screaming for vengeance, skin turns to dust.
Holocaust in your mind never ending pain, there's no way to escape your soul is dead.
Common sons. . . .
Body forever lost. Fighting eternally. Unfilfiled Vengeance, Horror - Misery!
You're death is a must and you will obey, you sail the blood in life and you must pay. Born to the evil and trust in the words of Satan.
This is death - you will die.
This is death - no more cries.
This is death - you will die.
This is death - you die!
3. Lost ... (2:51)
is this death or is this dream.
in fought hard in a battle scene, till darkness came for me so fast, a silent voice speaks to me, DIE! It will ever last.
Darkness of hell burns my flesh, feel so cold it holds my breath, flesh rots fast bursts my head, I can smell the smell of death.
Ready for the death from above, kill it rips out my heart, damned to live your life in hell, cries of anguish is killing me.
4. Maze of Dreams (3:26)
My thoughts disalves my soul obscures.
Dream isn't dream it rips out my thoughts.
Slimy maggots under my skin. I pray! But no one hears my implore. Where is god I'm near insanity. The darkness holds me under ones spell.
My heart beats fast. Eyes run with tears.
Pain isn't pain they steal my mind. Emotions of torment under my skin. I see!
Demons before my eyes, point out the maze of dreams. Fatal memories of myself.
The lord of hell instructs. Rips out my heart my brain pulsates. The lord of hell instructs.
Rips out my heart my brain pulsates.
My flesh burns like hell. Maggots under ones spell. They grow unholy flesh. I see the soul of death.
Maze of dreams!
5. Reborn (4:17)
Believe in the dark sides of live. Controll the evil ceremonies. My heart drowns in darkness. My soul crucified. Let the evil be me. Possessed by hatred and revenge.
I want to be reborn escape my only wish escape from pain and torn. God give me rebirth.
Bloody tears express the cruelty. Of a hundred dyin' shizaphernic memories. Slaughter consists of pulsing flesh, crossed by the armies of death. Bloody rivers flowing to the sea. Eternally dying in this scene.
The swing of the axe hits my head. Fills the air with brain and blood. The smell of this calls for me. I want to be reborn.
I want to be reborn . . .
6. Reign of the Moon (Or The Symphonies of Sarajevo) (2:48)
God of war assault them, with warlike control, with demonic might. I never could close! I never could close! But I see, seven times will blood run. I can refuse!
I see death. To my regret. I see death. To my regret.
Pain and greif against the others. I can refuse!
I see death . . .
And I see, disharmonic brothers I can comprehend!
Like a slap in your face! No! Mordid visions, hail to death. Religious mania, allergic act.
Senseless! Brainless!
Forty years - they can't see a rainbow,
forty years - they can't see the sun. Moon turn back - in absolution. Hell is real - there's no turning back. Burning flesh - innocent young victims. Degrading pain - sarajeva die!
I see death . . .
Can you hear - symphonies of sickness.
Can you hear - symphonies of death. Civilisation - die! A baby cries- a scream of hate. humanity - it's a hopeless reason.
Warmachine - euthanasia hope.
I see death . . .
Scum - of - the - earth. 'Final solution - human free zone. Snipers of hell. Picture of saint - baby farmers!
Senseless! Brainless!
I see death . . .
7. Suicidal Overdose (4:08)
Sitting in my room. With darkness on my side. What the world will used to be? What kind of freedom is outside? Freedom is outside! No!
Now my world colopses. Room of darkness stresses. My eyes show me what I never meant to see now. i'll see.
Painfull feelings rise in my head. No time to cry, want no life I'll die. Pain it is too much, I worked too hard. My wife fucked around, she's a bitch!
Now the end has come. Freedom still outside the door. I can't refuse my escape, calls suicide. I cried too much. You bitch! I worked hard. Oh lord you must help me to decay.
See this misery. You can't understand my feelings. Now look at me as I die, why? My soul burns, burned till I fall. You waited so long for my soul.
Born to die, too much. And all the people will ask too much. Soulwarfare torture! Will bring death under cover.
Torture in my brain. I'm the man who is insane. Suicide in my mind. Faces the death so unkind.
Born to die. . . .
My soul burns till I fall. You waited for so long For my soul born to die. And all the people will ask why?
8. Temples of Evil (7:39)
A thousand ways to death you see me cryin' of pain and anguish. I keep fighting endless. I will spill the blood now.
Dadly bodies shall be your grave. My sword will kill you. No one will hear you.
Dead bodies shall be your grave. Absorbing all I ever gave. Eternal pain remains.
Slaughter artists in my eyes, uncontrolled insane sadists. War! The temples of evil.
Cold death is all around us. Never seen but always in us. War! The temples of evil.
One way to death you see me dying' of pain and anguish now I keep fighting endless. My blood will be spilled.
Deadly bodies. . . .
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