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The Encyclopedia of Serial Murders

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
LabelsRazorback Recordings
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Total votes :  2
Rating :  57.5 / 100
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The Encyclopedia of Serial Murders Information

Track listing (Songs)

1.Mutilation, Rape And Serial Murder As Modern Metaphor-0
2.Supraliminal Psychosadistic Motivation-0
3.Bleeding For Spermqueen-0
4.Hate From The Womb-0
5.I Have A Good Knife For Penetration-0
6.Philosophical Diary Of A Habitual Murderer-0
7.Joy To The Kill... Be My Victim-0
8.King Of The Degenerates In The End Of The Century-0
9.Multiple Parasexuality Disorder-0
10.Mass Murder, The Only Way To Become God-0
11.Homicidal Patterns : Disorganized / Organized-0
12.Murder Is Art, Accepted By Many Artists-0
13.The Man Who Aimed At Maximum Murder To The Greatest Pleasure-0
14.Murder Is Better Than Birth-0
15.He Shot Her Down And Ate Her Flesh, And Then He Said Excuse Me For Living, But I Preferred To Be Eaten Rather Than To Eat-0
16.What Was The Spark That Touched Off A Murder-0
17.I Am As Beautiful As I Have Killed-0
18.I'll Confess Everything That I Have Ever Killed 5 People And One Was A Little Girl-0
19.Defiling The Grave (Impetigo Cover)-0
20.Declaration Of A Serial Killer... Mental Terrorism-0
21.Campaign For Legalize Murder-0
22.Vivid Stains In Hematomania's Delirium-0

The Encyclopedia of Serial Murders Reviews

Reviewer :  level 12   40/100
Date : 
You can get an idea for what this album is about based on the name and album cover. Well, probably, I don’t actually know – the lyrics are impossible to find and entirely indiscernible, but the track titles all check out. The electronic drums give this thing a unique flavor (for its time) and the guitars are actually pretty slow and groovy despite the blast beating drums.

This release is definitely influenced by the Japanese Ero Guro Nansensu movement (erotic grotesque nonsense), which is a really interesting artistic phenomenon that was about exactly as it says. It started back in the first half of the 20th century and for some reason has endured in Japanese art and pop culture up to the modern day (that’s why you see so much gratuitous violence in even mainstream anime). You can bet when Japan caught wind of goregrind and pornogrind, this immediately fit the bill, and was taken to more bizarre extremes with innovative bands like this one pushing the genre further.

Other than all that though, it’s not that great of an album. The vocals are horrible, and the guitars are quite mundane. It’s more fun for the novelty of it. It’s not Cybergrind in itself either, but likely had an influence on the development of the genre, especially seeing as this was easily the biggest Grindcore album to come from Asia at the time.

The Encyclopedia of Serial Murders Comments

level 19   75/100
추억의 일본산 고어그라인드 밴드.음악은 나름 본능에 충실하여서 만족했다.

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▶  The Encyclopedia of Serial MurdersAlbum57.521
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