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TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBrutal Death Metal, Noisegrind
LabelsHumanos Mortos Productions
Reviews :  0
Comments :  3
Total votes :  3
Rating :  40 / 100
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Submitted by level 1 Riikuh
Last modified by level 16 휘루
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Vagina Information

Track listing (Songs)

1.Bitch I'm Drunk0:54-0
2.Bea Arthur Porn Party1:09-0
3.Castrated Corpse0:27-0
4.Basement Sex Slave0:44-0
5.Endless Sadistic Torture0:07-0
6.Boiled Skulls on the Stove0:33-0
7.Bloated Strangled Corpse0:59-0
8.Slut Honey0:04-0
9.Unregistered Sex Offender0:55-0
10.Fat Dirty Pink Pussy0:14-0
12.Bi-Curious George0:39-0
13.Scrotal Skin Ski Mask0:42-0
14.Sean Hannity Scat Fantasy0:39-0
15.Fag-Filled Furnace0:09-0
16.Crossing Cocks with Koppel0:02-0
17.Triple Cock Piss Shower0:26-0
18.Eating John Stamos' Pussy0:30-0
19.A Bloated Corpse Basted with Semen0:34-0
20.The Libertine1:07-0
21.Knee Deep in Maggots and Corpses0:58-0
22.I Have Been Told You Have a Fine Ass0:58-0
23.I Came I Saw I Came0:02-0
24.Hotel She-Male Threesome0:04-0
25.Bra of Amputated Breasts0:28-0
26.Fuck Oprah0:29-0
27.Women the Other Worthless Meat0:02-0
28.Marry Me Bitch0:30-0
29.Bound Gagged and Beaten to Death0:26-0
30.Waking Up to a Warm Glass of Piss0:05-0
31.Spermsoaked Tranny Whore0:49-0
32.Cokewhore Concubine0:53-0
33.Emphesemic Granny Tranny0:25-0
34.You Are Nothing but a Cum Rag0:30-0
35.Pimp Ass Gimp Mask0:32-0
36.Eruption of Putrid Digestive Juices0:12-0
37.Pre-Teen Piss Princess0:26-0
38.Granny Whore Hand Job0:44-0
39.A Backyard Full of Buried Hookers0:02-0
40.Exhumed and Sexually Assaulted1:14-0
41.A Mouth Stuffed with Cocks0:32-0
42.A Moment Alone0:44-0
43.Kill Her0:05-0
44.Shit-Smeared Fag Corpse0:24-0
45.The Upside-Downing of the Cross0:20-0
46.Worm-Eaten Severed Heads0:43-0
47.Gagged with Piss-Soaked Panties0:14-0
48.College Pussy0:43-0
49.I Will Kill Every Motherfucker in This Place0:59-0
50.I'm Naked0:32-0
51.Molested Hipster Bitch0:40-0
52.I'm Going to Fuck Your Kid0:59-0
53.The Bludgeoning of the Cow0:11-0
54.I Stabbed Your Fucking Husband to Death0:34-0
55.Tongue My Ass0:09-0
56.I Fed My Wife Through a Woodchipper0:35-0
57.Randy Is a Faggot0:32-0
58.I Ditched My Bitch in a Ditch1:08-0
59.Pussy Gristle0:04-0
60.I Like My Women Like I Like My Eggs - Beaten0:12-0
61.God Help Me0:30-0
62.Twenty Two Stab Wounds0:20-0
63.Deviant Sex Acts0:33-0
64.Hidden Track1:01-0

Line-up (members)

  • Ryan Wilson : Drums, Guitars, Bass, Electronics, Vocals
  • Jacob : Vocals (high and low), Violins, Trombone, Clarinet
  • Randy Swartzel : Vocals (high)
  • Pissy : Vocals (high)
Track 37 listed as Pre-Teen Princess in liner notes.
Tracks 63a and 63b are separated by 27 seconds of silence, making track 63 2:01 in length.
Track 63b is not listed.

Recorded April/May 2007 at Ryan's house.
All music/lyrics ©2007 Intestinal Disgorge.

Vagina Comments

level 17   (40/100)
완전한 쓰레기로 변모했군. 차라리 1집때 스타일로 돌아와라. 니들 디스코그래피중에서 그나마 좋아하는 스타일이니...
level 14   (40/100)
라이브때 악기를 다 뺏어도 라이브가 가능한 인간들. 악기는 뭐하러 가져다 쓰냐? 그냥 돈 안들게 빈병이랑 대형폐기물 주워와서 두들기면서 악 쓰면 되는걸
level 8   (40/100)
Intestinal Disgorge에서 60트랙으로 이루어진 앨범은 쓰레기임을 증명합니다.

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