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Her Eyes Bleed - Sitting on the Comet's Tail CD Photo
Her Eyes Bleed - Sitting on the Comet's Tail CD Photo
preview  Her Eyes Bleed  –  preview  Sitting on the Comet's Tail (2007)  [EP]
Format : CD
January 15, 2020
Her Eyes Bleed - Sitting on the Comet's Tail
Rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  2
Album (2007)
1. Sitting on the Comet's Tail (4:19)
2. Complicity in a exploitation (4:13)
3. The age of Discontinuity (Feat.  Joe / Vlackplot) (5:55)
4. Groan wirh Pain (3:26)
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Her Eyes Bleed - Sitting on the Comet's Tail CD Photo
Her Eyes Bleed - Sitting on the Comet's Tail CD Photo
Her Eyes Bleed - Sitting on the Comet's Tail CD Photo
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