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The Rain in Endless Fall Full Album Lyrics

Prayer for Cleansing - The Rain in Endless Fall cover art

The Rain in Endless Fall

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Lyrics > P > Prayer for Cleansing Lyrics (7) > The Rain in Endless Fall Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-08-12)
1. A Dozen Black Roses (Intro) (1:32)
2. Feinbhas a Ghabhail (4:23)
suffocate in water graves
as i stare in disbelief, blood
drains from open wrists
a silent prayer, concentrate on
death's sweet kiss
for the pain is far too great
and the love is far too late
to keep breath upon my lips
a world of flowers dead,
a world of truth unsaid
too many days alone
the moonlight shines below,
a sign to let me know
my soul is not my own

and dreams of all i wished
together died in the depths of
your abyss

to worry does no good for a
death not understood
this life should not have been
the rain in endless fall, a cry to
one and all,
is death from suffering a sin?

a whisper in my ears takes hold
my deepest fear
the tomb beckons my name
for once the cut is made,
a slice of cold steel blade
air and ground feel not the same

words torment, inscribed in
sin, actions are brisk, bring
final end
water turns red, turns life to
dust, dust is nothing,
darkness left
mourners in black, laugh at
the wake, treason of love,
death heart now aches
3. Winter's Gloom (1:17)
4. A Dead Soul Is Born (5:19)
walk through nature's dweeling
hide from obscure trees listening
winter brings gloom, brings remnants of
our shadows
twilight casts shadows on those who
espouse their fate
ice pricks necks like knives, leaving
shards of cadaverous skin
tears spout from my eyes, shunned from
mankind's den

gathering sunlight, gathering night's
frigid air

sharpen wood to impate myself, no
more will words torment
floating downward, sleep eternal

born from wombs of cruelty
leaves escape to be alone
rope suffocates short breaths
an angel screams to take me home

try to find solace in heavenly stars,
under skies above
submerge beneath the cold river's tongue
my soul died a martyr for pain
golden rays of soft yellow light
accentuate the harsh, stinging rain

snow starts to fall
my tears start to freeze
nature brings forth her cold winter's breeze
my heart has been shunned, i fail to care
nary are those whose dreams i do share

waking from eternal slumber
to find my wrists slit open
demons chase me behind the sun
dreaming from another's body
my life eradicated
my nightmares have just begun
5. Sonnet (4:35)
where can i turn for comfort?
where do the cold days end?
where has the sunshine gone?
where do our two hearts blend?
where has love gone and hidden?
where must i go to find?
the more i shun romance,
the more love is defined
indulge me
pick a dozen black roses
lay them at my feet
buried in golgotha
amongst the dead's elite

blink one more time and eden will be gone
buried in red hair of fire
drunk on eyes azure blue

serenade the gothic queen,
for her burial is at noon
put aside amorous thoughts, ancient
chivalry is doomed

smile one more time and my angel will be gone
screams - 400 years gone by
tears - i kiss her where she lies

soaking in a bath of blood,
inviting is such naked flesh
what do temptations convey?
flowers grow in disarray

the world engulfed in darkness,
one glance brings years of gloom
i only cry when she smiles,
i have cried much too soon
my lady doth await me,
her eyes reflect the sun
her wicked sins provoke me,
my love has come undone

enthrall me
your scowl makes me smile
eden's leaves cover me
if only for a little while
a rose petal for each tear
a drop of dew for each year
consolation for your death will be an
eternity left alone
do not perish tonight, do not kill what
has not grown
6. Violent Waves (5:31)
wind howls at me, i shun this beast
waves crash on shores, i invite this feast
as blood seeps through my hollow eyes
a poetic night, our souls did die
water invades her lungs,
what thought doth this compel?
darkness, a cherished dream,
seizes living cells
love can't suffice for death,
love can't forbid our tears
sharing on pulse won't help for it
hastens fears

compensate for her endearing breaths
far too late save her from the clefts
fluctuate to thoughts of following
terse debate of hell soon swallowing

sickenend by morbid confessions of
voices of those who've drowned at sea

the sun has been lost, this time it won't be found
daughters of pious men,
your harvest doth now abound
bend to your calloused knees and recite
a hearty prayer
speaking your structured words,
i see your faith's not there

heavens expose my pale dead ghost
lighting illuminates my bride on the coast
thunder whispers madness into my ears
hell penetrates the sadness i fear
weep for my dying bride
escape from the wounds i hide

i tumble into darkness, enrapture me
no more mercy, just let me sink
7. Destiny of Culture (5:02)
a notion of divine right
one life the pinnacle of all
a vision of perfection
by way of noble bloodlined birth
whispers of self-justification
provide constant assurance of authority
continuance with burnt offering
sacrifice to the altar of bloodlust - culture
the essence of innocence flawed by corruption
an angel in thine own eyes
a devil in thine own right
a bloodfed atrocity hailed as the paradigm of civility

which is the savage beast?
is it instinct? death as a necessity of survival?
rather a simple act of domination
murderous pride in development as
beauty dies

tears soak the tainted soil
cried to germinate a hope for the growth
of compassion
violence becoming a slave for the effects of...violence
how does it end?
does our lofty vision fade into the earth?

a fall from grace,
for our seeming seraphic stature?
or do we rebuild?
a new foundation for the future

our choice fast approaches
acceleration to a possible apocalyptic end
with hope of emergence of humanistic
inner beauty
i prepare for the assured destiny of culture
8. Chalice of Repentance (3:16)
springtime is sorrow, make love
last until the heart is dead
frost on the cracked glass, bleaching purity
ride angel's wings into heaven,
naked flesh a sick sight
vomit into hair of sweat, feed
myself on the lust of humanity
devour orgasms of blood
singing an ode of selfishness
into a sea, putrid recognizance
a stench of sex so strong, taste
it on my tongue
sweet poison caressing taste
buds until death

decay - corrode from the inside out
rot, melt away - the coating of security

now and forever, burns numbers in my head
cum to my senses, turn back the clock thrice

realization of desperation
suffer virgin flesh - suffer loneliness
together rode the wings of
demons right into hell
9. Bael na Mblath (5:17)
moonlight shines upon the
gallows of men stretched by
their necks
by british crown they suffer so,
swinging in the winter air
centuries of terror follow
centuries of blood
the red ride through the
countryside bringing forceful rule
mothers bury sons and
daughters, into irish soil they rot

in the realm of summer stars,
patriots do march
saint patrick sheds a tear for
martyrs who will die
red eyes gleam, white lips twitch,
the devil draws a smile nearby
fog dresses corpses at night,
and dusk brings safe escape
slaves of wind from northern land
drive angels from their homes
a pilgrimage of stars leads right
to hell's own gates

followed by demons' shadows,
our homeland isn't safe
tyranny the bitter friend to those
with evil in their souls
prisoners will not make amends,
for bloodshed is fate
as coffins line cobbled streets the
bastards still watch o'er
no savior comes to aid the saints
the funerals still proceed
black clouds mark the end of
english rule, of english law

the queen has shut her eyes to
the torment of common man
the queen will have a pauper's
grave for stealing irish land
apparitions rise up from the mist
and appear on easter morn
from the sea the dead arise
and to the castle they storm
hail mary full of grace,
rebel hearts have won today
heaven's doors swing open wide
as terrorists enter free
10. Sleep Eternal (1:26)
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