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Woods IV: the Green Album

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Black Metal, Doom Metal
LabelsPractical Art
Ranked#214 for 2009 , #6,573 all-time
Reviews :  1
Comments :  3
Total votes :  4
Rating :  83 / 100
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Woods of Ypres - Woods IV: the Green Album CD Photo by Fly
Woods IV: the Green Album Information

Line-up (members)

  • David Gold : Vocals, Guitars, Piano
  • Bryan Belleau : Guitars
  • Shane Madden : Bass
  • Evan Madden : Drums
Recorded at Stereo Soul Studio during June and July of 2009. Mastered at Silverbirch.

Pressed in a single CD version and a limited 1000 copies 2CD pressing that features the new Necramyth album which Woods of Ypres founder/creator David Gold performed drums on.

Re-released by Earache Records in 2011 on CD and limited-edition double vinyl in the following colors/quantities:

100 - Shards Of ... See More

Woods IV: the Green Album Reviews

Reviewer :  level 2   72/100
Date : 
Bands with the melodic black metal tag tend to push me away, with bands such as Catamenia and Agathodaimon instantly coming to mind, and Woods of Ypres's fourth release, Woods 4: The Green Album had the similar effect. However, on the first listen of this album it seems that Woods of Ypres is hardly the conventional melodic black metal band at all.

Woods 4 opens with Shards of Love, with a melodic and melancholic guitar line backed by a wind instrument. As the distortion guitars play the first notes, Woods of Ypres brings to listeners their take on black metal, with heavy riffs and an atmosphere to match the music, moving at a doom metal pace. David Gold's clean vocals sound like a richer and more emotional version of Opeth's Mikael Akerfeldt, a nice complement to the sad lyrics on the songs on the album. The layering of clean vocals and growls present throughout the album, such as on Everything I Touch Turns to Gold certainly add a nice touch to the music, adding to the disparity already present and the heaviness in the listener's heart. Songs such as You are Here with Me test and display Gold's vocal prowess as he hits every note with ease, yet manages to maintain that emotional quality in his voice. The transition between melancholy and aggression on tracks such as By the Time You Read This are surprisingly smooth and not awkward, before the transition again to the next track, the piano introduction of I Was Buried Under Mount Pleasant Cemetery. It is also on songs such
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Woods IV: the Green Album Comments

level 10   100/100
장황하고 허술한 부분마저 노스탤지어를 짙게 만드는 요소가 되어 2000년대, 혹은 21세기의 몰락하는 메탈의 자화상을 고스란히 체험하게끔 청자를 이끄는 아주 특별한 앨범.
level 9   85/100
A nice Extreme Metal hybrid. The songs are generally well written with awesome riffs and vocal parts, and the right amount of heaviness to top it off(which differs from track to track). R.I.P. David Gold.
level 5   75/100
참이슬 어떤ㅁ순이 알려줬는데짱신기하다 참이슬

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