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Melodic Black Metal

Stylistic originsBlack Metal
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Enthrone Darkness TriumphantLyricsSymphonic Black Metal, Melodic Black MetalNorway3039834
DrudenhausLyricsSymphonic Black Metal, Melodic Black MetalFrance1019120
As the Angels Reach the BeautyLyricsMelodic Black Metal, Gothic MetalItaly1317521
Storm of the Light's BaneLyricsMelodic Black Metal, Death MetalSweden161279
Sad LegendLyricsMelodic Black MetalKorea61154
Takasago ArmyLyricsMelodic Black Metal, Melodic Death MetalTaiwan33791
Harakiri for the SkyLyricsBlackgaze, Melodic Black Metal, Post-Black MetalAustria7596
ArntorLyricsMelodic Black Metal, Black MetalNorway94210
Their Greatest SpellsLyricsMelodic Black Metal, Grindcore, Gothic Metal, Death MetalGreece38461
Through Times of WarLyricsMelodic Black Metal, Death MetalNorway13394
DiabolicalLyricsMelodic Black MetalSweden14444
The Nocturnal SilenceLyricsDeath Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Melodic Black MetalSweden18410
Cast Into Fields of Evil PleasureLyricsSymphonic Black Metal, Melodic Black MetalDenmark7594
Nexus PolarisLyricsMelodic Black MetalNorway4374
Wake Up the MoonLyricsGothic Metal, Melodic Black MetalKorea3421
The Endless Pain and DarknessLyricsMelodic Black Metal, Death MetalKorea101147
EmergenceLyricsMelodic Black MetalNetherlands2230
Autumn Leaves - The Rebellion of TidesLyricsMelodic Black Metal, Gothic MetalNorway7284
Chaos BornLyricsMelodic Black Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Gothic MetalFinland15357
EnkiLyricsMelodic Black Metal, Folk MetalIsrael10201
Walk Beyond the DarkLyricsMelodic Black Metal, Deathcore, Atmospheric Black MetalUnited States12231
NightworkLyricsMelodic Black Metal, Progressive MetalSweden5182
Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy)LyricsMelodic Black Metal, Death MetalSweden9162
Within the Depths of a Dream... a Moment's RespiteLyricsMelodic Black MetalKorea1152
Aria of Vernal TombsLyricsMelodic Black Metal, Folk MetalUnited States4160
YlemLyricsMelodic Black MetalGermany9191
Far Away From the SunLyricsMelodic Black Metal, Death MetalSweden6151
SvartalvheimLyricsMelodic Black MetalNorway14210
Dark Requiems... and Unsilent MassacreLyricsMelodic Black Metal, Death MetalUnited Kingdom10150
The Three-Faced PilgrimLyricsSymphonic Black Metal, Melodic Black MetalFinland10121
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Artists : 40,550
Reviews : 9,678
Albums : 146,626
Lyrics : 196,071
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Issue date :  May 20, 2022
Persefone Metanoia (2022)
Amorphis Halo (2022)
Ibaraki Rashomon (2022)
Hermóðr My Throne (2022)  [EP]