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Yearning - With Tragedies Adorned CD Photo
Yearning - With Tragedies Adorned CD Photo
preview  Yearning  –  preview  With Tragedies Adorned (1997)
Format : CD
Holy Records, 1997
June 12, 2019
Yearning - With Tragedies Adorned
Rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
Album (1997)
TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAtmospheric Metal, Doom Metal
LabelsHoly Records
1. Remnants of the Only Delight (7:09)
2. Bleeding for Sinful Crown (6:35)
3. Flown Away (6:02)
4. Haze of Despair (5:32)
5. The Temple of Sagal (5:33)
6. Release (7:17)
7. In the Hands of Storm (5:02)
8. Canticum (16:49)
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Yearning - With Tragedies Adorned CD Photo
Yearning - With Tragedies Adorned CD Photo
Yearning - With Tragedies Adorned CD Photo
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