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Must Own List17Dec 11, 2020
Artist Genres Country Albums Votes Date
previewTyrantula FLDeathcoreUnited States81Dec 17, 2022
previewLast of Our KindDeathcoreUnited States31Nov 15, 2022
previewThe Archaic EpidemicDeathcoreUnited States42Nov 15, 2022
previewKanineSlamming DeathcoreFrance11Aug 2, 2022
previewXenotheorySlamming DeathcoreFrance11Jul 5, 2022
preview9 DeadDeathcoreUnited States11Jun 21, 2022
previewEnemy 906BeatdownMexico11May 29, 2022
previewSnake FatherDeathcoreUnited States31Apr 18, 2022
previewCrown MagnetarSlamming DeathcoreUnited States43Mar 30, 2022
previewWretched TonguesBlackened DeathcoreUnited States41Mar 18, 2022
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cover art Artist Album Release date Rating Votes Date
Disquisition of an ExecutionpreviewpreviewDisquisition of an Execution  [EP]2022-11-25901Feb 12, 2024
No Name GravespreviewpreviewNo Name Graves2024-02-0982.52Feb 12, 2024
An Ode to MiserypreviewpreviewAn Ode to Misery2023-10-1387.52Oct 17, 2023
Severed Limbs SymphonypreviewpreviewSevered Limbs Symphony  [Single]2023-06-30-0Jul 6, 2023
The ShapepreviewpreviewThe Shape  [Single]2023-01-05-0Jul 6, 2023
Graveyard RatspreviewpreviewGraveyard Rats  [Single]2023-05-12-0Jul 6, 2023
WrathpreviewpreviewWrath2023-05-22901May 23, 2023
Everything BleedspreviewpreviewEverything Bleeds2023-07-141001Apr 23, 2023
The MigrantpreviewpreviewThe Migrant  [Single]2023-03-30901Apr 11, 2023
BrobdingnagianpreviewpreviewBrobdingnagian  [EP]2023-03-24-0Mar 28, 2023
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preview  Metallica preview  72 Seasons (2023) 60/100    May 15, 2023
72 Seasons I abandoned this genre years ago, but for the sake of curiosity, I listened to the majority of this album. As a kid who had the Metallica logo on his book covers in middle school, I expect a certain amount of slowing down over the years, but this album is horrendous compared to what I fondly remember of their early years and efforts. I have to wonder how the band could sit and listen to this and give it the final approval to be released. Someone should've stepped in and said "This is absolute mainstream garbage. Are you sure you want to put this album out there under your name?" Does Kirk Hammett have the beginnings of arthritis in his left hand because these riffs are written for someone who can barely move their fingers. Hetfield puts forth the usual monotone efforts but overall, they ho ... See More
preview  Shadow of Intent preview  Elegy (2022) 90/100    Sep 24, 2022
Elegy Giving this a 90 because each individual effort of this band is phenomenal and the final product is very well put together. Although I don't normally like symphonic elements, anyone familiar with the genre understands the amount of talent this band has had for a long time and will continue to have. They're literally one of the bands that has set the tone for deathcore trends and always manage to stay ahead of the pack. Ben Deurr is one of the best vocalists out there and the band behind him repeatedly knows exactly what to write to support the entire sound (even though they're leaning more towards the classic death metal sound now). Very well done and regardless of symphonic elements, this album will always be included in the playlists. This probably won't be my album of the year, but I ca ... See More
preview  Spite preview  Dedication to Flesh (2022) 95/100    Aug 19, 2022
Dedication to Flesh This is one of the best releases I've heard in a while. So glad the vocalist fine tuned his sound and got rid of that screeching nonsense he had in early works. Overall, every artist in this band delivered top quality effort and you can hear it in every song. I don't hand out ratings of 100, but this is the highest 95 I've given. Guitars chug along nicely and drums set the pace for every change. The limited amount of computer generated sounds make it even better, but it has just the right amount of sound bytes and/or movie clips to stand out from the generic bands. This is just a pure deathcore piece of art and quite possibly an album of the year contender. Even if deathcore isn't your favorite, Spite can be a great band to use to help others transition from other genres. This "in your fac ... See More
preview  Kanine preview  Karnage (2022) 95/100    Aug 2, 2022
Karnage Every so often, an album comes out that reorients your faith that some bands are willing to keep it simple and make great music. I'm definitely looking forward to more work from this band, but this album will have plenty of hours of listening pleasure until then. This album is just perfection when it comes to a strong and powerful presence that will make your body move whether you want it to or not. Highly recommend some good speakers to aid in the listening experience, but even without them, it should be enjoyed by many. Since I don't really enjoy a lot of the newer hybrid genres, this album will be a Top 5 of the year regardless of what may be released the rest of the year. Gutrectomy, Acranius, Downfall of Mankind, Xenotheory, and Kanine.
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preview  Xenotheory preview  Dawn of an Eyeless Realm (2022) 95/100    Jul 5, 2022
Dawn of an Eyeless Realm It's music and everyone likes what they like (especially when it comes to the multiple genres of metal), but this album really connected me to what I find appealing. I love the chugging riffs of the guitars and the drums do a great job of carrying the entire album through this powerful experience. I normally don't like to compare bands to one another, but Xenotheory keeps that classic slamming deathcore sound from the past alive and they do it well. It reminds me of older Within Destruction (especially the superior vocals), which is great. So glad to have a band like this putting out quality music. Only critique: vocals could use some better enunciation, but this album may not hit me as well as it did if they were different so "let it ride" as they say. Great album.
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The Slamz: Chronicles, Vol 1 preview  Boltcutter preview  The Slamz: Chronicles, Vol 1 (2024)  [EP] 95/100    Feb 12, 2024
One of the better slam hybrid releases lately. Simple yet worthy of attention for fans of chugging goodness.
Disquisition of an Execution preview  The Last Ten Seconds of Life preview  Disquisition of an Execution (2022)  [EP] 90/100    Feb 12, 2024
Excellent transition EP, but a slow pace can be felt throughout.
No Name Graves preview  The Last Ten Seconds of Life preview  No Name Graves (2024) 80/100    Feb 12, 2024
I was looking forward to the full length with the new vocalist, but I'm sorry to say this album didn't meet expectations. As much as I love the gritty feel of this album, it just leaves me bored.
Rough Justice preview  Gutrectomy preview  Rough Justice (2024)  [Single] 90/100    Jan 13, 2024
One of my favorite bands. This song has all the stomping riffs and bass drops, but leaves me feeling unfulfilled since it's only 1:39 long. This is probably more of a "Take this song for now" to show they're still writing material, but this is an overall low effort hit and miss at the same time. Do better, Gutrectomy.
Rebirth preview  Within Destruction preview  Rebirth (2023)  [EP] 90/100    Dec 2, 2023
I suppose it's nice for the band to be exploring other genres (their last 2 albums), but if this album doesn't go down as the biggest "Thank God they went back to this style," I don't know what could beat it. Welcome back, Within Destruction. Hopefully this isn't a "Let's put out one album to silence the complainers and go back to cranking out garbage afterwards."
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An Ode to Misery preview  Nailwound preview  An Ode to Misery (2023) 95/100    Oct 17, 2023
One of my favorite bands that isn't quite deathcore, but better than metalcore. Consistently good material from Nailwound has become expected instead of anticipated.
Ashen preview  Humanity's Last Breath preview  Ashen (2023) 75/100    Aug 10, 2023
You need to be depressed to even consider listening to this THALL genre. In one word... boring.
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Noah preview  Left to Suffer preview  Noah (2023)  [EP] 70/100    Aug 10, 2023
This band tried so hard to do deathcore and failed miserably. Now they're just another incredibly average metalcore band. None for me, thanks.
Amongst the Low & Empty preview  Signs of the Swarm preview  Amongst the Low & Empty (2023) 75/100    Jul 29, 2023
Not impressed with this album at all. I knew their sound was changing after listening to Absolvere, but this is just a jumbled mess of noise. This used to be one of my top 3 bands, but now it's lucky to be in the top 10.
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Everything Bleeds preview  Crown Magnetar preview  Everything Bleeds (2023) 100/100    Jul 19, 2023
The pinnacle of intense metal. Not a bad song on the album, and they're one of the best bands to see live. This album is the best piece of work I've heard in a long time, especially in the midst of all the garbage symphonic trends and other gimmicks. At the end of the day, this band has what every band should have... a solid core and a mission to induce everyone to allow them to be an outlet for the rage and raw aggression. This will most likely be my album of the year.
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Disquisition of an ExecutionAnnihilation Phenomena95/100    Feb 12, 2024
preview  The Last Ten Seconds of Life preview  Disquisition of an Execution (2022)  [EP]
Disquisition of an ExecutionLiberation95/100    Feb 12, 2024
preview  The Last Ten Seconds of Life preview  Disquisition of an Execution (2022)  [EP]
Disquisition of an ExecutionRetribution90/100    Feb 12, 2024
preview  The Last Ten Seconds of Life preview  Disquisition of an Execution (2022)  [EP]
Disquisition of an ExecutionDreams of Extermination90/100    Feb 12, 2024
preview  The Last Ten Seconds of Life preview  Disquisition of an Execution (2022)  [EP]
Rough JusticeRough Justice90/100    Jan 13, 2024
preview  Gutrectomy preview  Rough Justice (2024)  [Single]
The GeneralThe General60/100    Dec 15, 2023
preview  Guns N' Roses preview  The General (2023)  [Single]
Dehumanization ProtocolCorpsepit95/100    Oct 7, 2023
preview  Extermination Dismemberment preview  Dehumanization Protocol (2023)
Severed Limbs SymphonySevered Limbs Symphony90/100    Jul 6, 2023
preview  Tyrantula preview  Severed Limbs Symphony (2023)  [Single]
The MigrantThe Migrant90/100    Apr 11, 2023
preview  Shadow of Intent preview  The Migrant (2023)  [Single]
The Frozen Lake, Pt. II (The Ruined)The Frozen Lake, Pt. II (The Ruined)90/100    Apr 2, 2023
preview  Worm Shepherd preview  The Frozen Lake, Pt. II (The Ruined) (2023)  [Single]
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