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Country United States
Hollow Prophet - Disembodied Phenomena
Scumfuck - Split
Hollow Prophet - Hellhole
Nailwound - Doomsday
Malcontent - Embodiment
Mental Cruelty - King ov Fire
Jackhammer - Fenrir
Bound in Fear - Eternal
Signs of the Swarm - Pernicious
Slayer - Reign in Blood
Signs of the Swarm - The Collection
Death - Spiritual Healing
Death - Leprosy
Worm Shepherd - In the Wake Ov Sòl
Distant - Tyrannotophia
Improvidence - Bastard Born
Paleface - Chapter 3: The Last Selection
Ingested - Where Only Gods May Tread
Bound in Fear - The Hand of Violence
Molotov Solution - Insurrection
Distant - Aeons of Oblivion
Nailwound - Dog Eat Dog
Whitechapel - A New Era of Corruption
Cannibal Corpse - The Bleeding
Katalepsy - Terra Mortuus Est
Bound in Fear - Regicide
Hate Priest - Lillins Currents
Sanity TN - Unstoppable
Signs Of The Swarm - The Disfigurement of Existence
Signs of the Swarm - Vital Deprivation
Leechmonger - Scissor Drip
Impuritan - Impuritan
Left to Suffer - A Year of Suffering
Eye of the Destroyer - Baptized in Pain
Eye of the Destroyer - The Wolf You Feed
Organectomy - Existential Disconnect
Plagueborne - A Blueprint for Annihilation
Shadow of Intent - Reclaimer
Shadow of Intent - Melancholy
Distant - Dawn of Corruption
Bodysnatcher - Death of Me
Bodysnatcher - This Heavy Void
In the Midst Of Lions - Shadows
In the Midst Of Lions - Heart of Man
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Must Own List13Dec 11, 2020
Artist Genres Country Albums Votes Date
preview Nailwound Deathcore, Metalcore United States 2 2 May 12, 2021
preview Malcontent Slamming Deathcore United States 1 1 May 11, 2021
preview Jackhammer Deathcore United States 1 1 Mar 26, 2021
preview Divine Destruction Blackened Deathcore United States 3 0 Mar 26, 2021
preview Old Wharf Deathcore United Kingdom 8 1 Mar 17, 2021
preview Revile Hardcore, Deathcore United States 1 1 Feb 24, 2021
preview Hate Priest Death Metal United States 2 1 Feb 11, 2021
preview Sanity TN Hardcore Punk, Metalcore United States 1 1 Feb 7, 2021
preview Leechmonger Downtempo United States 6 1 Feb 3, 2021
preview Plagueborne Death Metal Germany 1 1 Jan 27, 2021
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cover art Artist Album Release date Rating Votes Date
Labyrinthian preview preview Labyrinthian 2021-10-08 - 0 Jun 1, 2021
Disembodied Phenomena preview preview Disembodied Phenomena  [Single] 2019-10-18 95 1 Jun 1, 2021
Doomsday preview preview Doomsday  [EP] 2021-02-05 95 1 May 12, 2021
Dog Eat Dog preview preview Dog Eat Dog  [EP] 2019-08-30 90 1 May 12, 2021
Embodiment preview preview Embodiment 2020-07-01 95 1 May 11, 2021
Fenrir preview preview Fenrir  [Single] 2021-03-23 95 1 Mar 26, 2021
The Rotten King preview preview The Rotten King 2017-01-15 - 0 Mar 26, 2021
A World in My Image preview preview A World in My Image  [EP] 2020-03-18 - 0 Mar 26, 2021
My Suffering preview preview My Suffering  [EP] 2021-03-16 - 0 Mar 26, 2021
Respect preview preview Respect  [Single] 2019-11-15 - 0 Mar 17, 2021
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preview  I Killed Everyone preview  Lamenting Hymns (2019) 85/100    Jun 1, 2021
Lamenting Hymns This is a perfect example of standard deathcore. Blast beats, breakdowns, and a majority of low vocals with some mids and highs mixed in to break up any serious monotony. The only thing I'm not fond of is the fact you may not be paying attention and miss the breaks between songs which might make it difficult to distinguish between them. In other words, the entire album sounds similar, but that's one of the reasons I like this band. If you like them, you'll like most of their material. Some tracks are better than others, but overall, a solid work. Title track and The Hateful Verse stand out, but all of the breakdowns make each song worth listening to at least once. If you liked the genre around 2000-2010, this will give you the "This sounds like (band name here)" vibes. Worth a listen, but ... See More
preview  Slayer preview  Reign in Blood (1986) 95/100    Feb 18, 2021
Reign in Blood I think this album gets a lot of different opinions because of a person's age. If you were a teenager when this released, you knew this was the music that would get you labeled the equivalent of some sort of Satan worshiper or serial killer. It was taboo back then, and that's exactly why it drew a lot of people into it. Unfortunately, with the all the newer genres of metal including slam, gore, brutal death, etc, it's impossible to understand just how "evil" this album was at the time. Besides bands like Venom and a few others, there really wasn't much out there. Parents at the time were cringing at music like Twisted Sister. There's a lot more to music than the songs themselves. If you look at a list of other metal albums released in 1986, maybe you could understand while comparing this a ... See More
The Hand of Violence preview  Bound in Fear preview  The Hand of Violence (2019) 90/100    Jun 16, 2021
Overall, it's a winner. I can't get enough of the song Stigmata and the part where he says "I will... break... your... spine... oof." The entire album might be a little slow for some people, but a lot of aggression can be felt in the downtempo music of this album.
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Molotov Solution preview  Molotov Solution preview  Molotov Solution (2008) 85/100    Jun 15, 2021
So good for its time, but unless you can really pay attention to this album, it's hard to distinguish between songs.
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The Harbringer preview  Molotov Solution preview  The Harbringer (2009) 85/100    Jun 15, 2021
It's easy to see why Molotov Solution got the spotlight for this album. I don't think it's their best work, but there's certainly nothing wrong with it. The vocals were a bit tedious, but this was also during the peak generic deathcore years where a lot of the bands sounded alike. Someone should definitely fix the title of the album since it's misspelled though.
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Insurrection preview  Molotov Solution preview  Insurrection (2011) 90/100    Jun 15, 2021
They'll always be one of my favorites, but this album in particular really grabbed me because of the lyrics. It's a shame they never released anything after this album, but Nick can be found doing guest spots (a favorite is the Signs of the Swarm song, The Collective).
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Matricide preview  Old Wharf preview  Matricide (2021)  [EP] 85/100    Jun 15, 2021
A good release from this band. I like this album much better than their earlier work. A combination of mids and lows for vocals along with some strong chug riffs make for an entertaining block of time. They walk the line between deathcore and downtempo so it can be a slower pace, but not so much that you get bored.
Mr. Bungle preview  Mr. Bungle preview  Mr. Bungle (1991) 85/100    Jun 15, 2021
I hated this when it first released. I just thought Mike Patton was trying to profit on some shock value, but after I listened a few times, it grew on me and I started to understand it's just the vision of a couple of guys who wanted to do whatever they wanted despite what people would say. The majority of this album is beyond enjoyable and it puts a smile on my face because it's just that goofy. This is only one of two of their albums I like though.
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Aeons of Oblivion preview  Distant preview  Aeons of Oblivion (2021) 90/100    Jun 13, 2021
Phenomenal band and a great culmination of their recent work. Hard and heavy with no end in sight. I hope they never change.
To the Hellfire preview  Lorna Shore preview  To the Hellfire (2021)  [Single] 80/100    Jun 13, 2021
I'll never understand why Lorna Shore fanboys worship this band. It's a decent song, but nothing worthy of praise. As for the new singer, I never really liked him in his old band either so no change of opinion there. Blackened deathcore is a nice change of pace, but I think Mental Cruelty executes it far better.
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Disembodied Phenomena preview  Hollow Prophet preview  Disembodied Phenomena (2019)  [Single] 95/100    Jun 1, 2021
Love it. I know these guys are busy with their own bands, but they need to keep making more music together because everything is pure gold.
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Split preview  Scumfuck / Hollow Prophet preview  Split (2018)  [Split] 95/100    Jun 1, 2021
This is one of the best splits in the genre. I do tend to like the Hollow Prophet songs a little more than the Scumfuck songs, but that doesn't make any of them bad. It's the all-star team of deathcore and they don't disappoint.
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Agony Agony 85/100    Jun 19, 2021
preview  Slaughter to Prevail preview  Agony (2019)  [Single]
Demolisher Demolisher 80/100    Jun 19, 2021
preview  Slaughter to Prevail preview  Demolisher (2020)  [Single]
Baba Yaga Baba Yaga 75/100    Jun 19, 2021
preview  Slaughter to Prevail preview  Baba Yaga (2021)  [Single]
The Hand of Violence Absolution 85/100    Jun 16, 2021
preview  Bound in Fear preview  The Hand of Violence (2019)
The Hand of Violence So Long, So Cold 85/100    Jun 16, 2021
preview  Bound in Fear preview  The Hand of Violence (2019)
The Hand of Violence The Hand of Violence 90/100    Jun 16, 2021
preview  Bound in Fear preview  The Hand of Violence (2019)
The Hand of Violence Hate Circuit 85/100    Jun 16, 2021
preview  Bound in Fear preview  The Hand of Violence (2019)
The Hand of Violence Parallels 85/100    Jun 16, 2021
preview  Bound in Fear preview  The Hand of Violence (2019)
The Hand of Violence Void of Life 95/100    Jun 16, 2021
preview  Bound in Fear preview  The Hand of Violence (2019)
The Hand of Violence Stigmata 100/100    Jun 16, 2021
preview  Bound in Fear preview  The Hand of Violence (2019)
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Labyrinthian The Breathing Process Lyrics (20) Labyrinthian Lyrics (1) Jun 1, 2021
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