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The Symptom and the Disease Lyrics

Six Million Dead - God, Greed and Genocide

God, Greed and Genocide

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlackened Death Metal
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3. The Symptom and the Disease (5:07)
The Symptom and the Disease
So they came to you just like a sign from the heavens
At that very moment when you felt no more reason to live
Giving you the feeling that you finally belong somewhere
A psychological manipulation cast you into oblivion
Using your tragedies, heartbreak, and loneliness
From your past life is the key to his mind control
Affection and acceptance earned through conformity
If you don't follow them, then they can forever shun you!

And so before your eyes arose this righteous leader!
Imposing superiority of his own god and creating his own religious beliefs
Questioning him is like questioning god himself
Mentally unstable and free to exploit his followers to his black heart's content
Causing paranoia that the devil is out to get you! Faithfully you'll follow what he dictates
Without a doubt in his followers' minds, he is anointed by god...even it means to abuse the flock!

Never answer allegations or criticism, but just attack the character of the opposition

Egomaniac, but yet so charismatic
Mastered the art of persuasion to manipulate your mind
Egomaniac, but so charismatic
Physical – psychological – intellectual
Flattering one's ego, highlighting the difference between "us" and "them"
Taking you to flights of ecstasy, divine harmony, and spiritual experience
Driven by narcissism, but still feared and followed

Bringing you to a new level of awareness through trance and hypnosis
Nothing more than simple tricks and techniques
To make you believe that you've reached a higher level of bliss

A user, a liar, and a coward, destined for greatness in a world of evil
Beneath the allure lies danger into the darkest corners of human behavior
A true teacher of survival...the blueprint of every cult.
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Six Million Dead - God, Greed and Genocide
God, Greed and Genocide - Lyrics
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Six Million Dead - God, Greed and Genocide
God, Greed and Genocide - Album Credits
  • Robert "Deimitri" Reyes : Vocals, Clean Guitar on "The Smell of Rain"
  • Ninno Thompson : Drums
  • Chris Martinez : Lead Guitars, Bass
  • Bluesky "Blue" Thompson : Rhythm Guitars
Additional musicians
  • Jose Gutierrez : Additional Guitar
  • Dennis Antone : Additional Guitar
  • Ryan Butler : Additional Lead Guitar on "The Symptom and the Disease"
  • Tracy Peacock : Spoken Word on "God, Greed and Genocide".
Other staff
  • Ryan Butler : Recording, Mixing, Mastering Engineer
  • Santiago Caruso : Cover Artwork
  • Newlyn Sunna : Alternate "6MD" Logo
  • Lynn Bromenschenkel : Photography
  • Kathleen Kaufman : Photography
  • Jose Gutierrez : Album Layout
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