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Proliferation of Larvae Lyrics

Intestinal Laceration - Species of Putrid Minds

Species of Putrid Minds

GenresBrutal Death Metal
LabelsCoyote Records
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4. Proliferation of Larvae (4:17)
Slow and silent advance
Foul smelling creature
They are taking possession
Inside your body…

You do not know what you take inside
Disgusting, repulsive life you are living
They were bringing many consequences

(Bass Solo)

Unbearable night pains
They are very frequent
They do not allow you to live calm
Nausea and vomiting usual!!!

Organic disorder inside your anatomy
For the abuse of fats, alcohol and drugs
It is the consequence of all this
Completely disgusting organism

Filth invades your whole body
Inside you will be breeding many nests of larvae
In different parts of your organism
Clingings as ticks in all your organs…

That make them bleed without any mercy
Difficult to remove
Don't let live in peace
Because of a life repugnant
The fecal matters and blood
They do that you vomit and expel hungry larvae
That want to devour more and more organs

(Guitar Solo)

Larvae Defecas very aggressive with much voracious appetite
They are crumbling with their sharp teeth
Your intestines, liver, lungs and the others
They are multiplying inside all your body

At the point of exploding are coming out of your mouth
And they are expanding in everything
Your room because of your vomiting
Difficult to control
Already dispelled wire drawing in a corner
Your room smelling

The larvae are accumulating
More and more out of your mouth
Walk in your whole body
And they are devouring you slowly
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Intestinal Laceration - Species of Putrid Minds
Species of Putrid Minds - Lyrics
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Intestinal Laceration - Species of Putrid Minds
Species of Putrid Minds - Album Credits
  • Eduardo Vilchez "The Axe Murderer" : Vocals
  • Nestor "Insane" : Guitars
  • Sam "Sony" : Drums
  • Ricardo "Ric" : Bass
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