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Row of Decaying Corpses Lyrics

Intestinal Laceration - Species of Putrid Minds

Species of Putrid Minds

GenresBrutal Death Metal
LabelsCoyote Records
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2. Row of Decaying Corpses (4:53)
Desolate roads, endless desert and aberrant sun

Contaminated Land, noise of clandestine factories
Where do experiments of zombies there are rows of corpses
That get thrown away hoping to make sunny

Infected Bodies
Rancid Flesh

They are in the process of decomposition
The mellow smell and the pest
They are calling to the flies to delight this pleasure

Worms Eating
And Flies Devouring

With covert human costumes
They are leaving more corpses accumulate
The mounds are increased more and grow
Earthly totally contaminated
The plague expands and the epidemic grows


The corrosion is already very bellicose the smell of rancid meat
It is going out together with the fat and enormous worms
That stimulate their voracious appetite ready to shred

It is a delight van devouring and gnawing away at until the bones
The destroyed organs will be macerating quickly
The heat is increasing and the pest is on the increase
The trucks are coming with more corpses smelly
That throw them a fermentation pit was grasping the stench is unbearable

The vultures are waiting for you to enjoy the carrion
A corpse is reluctant to die and is showing signs of life

It is contaminated, infected next to turning in zombi and
The vultures go it was he who was grasping they attack it and do its work

Between desperation screams they are devouring It slowly
Attacking it in the neck and nibbled the eyes this is a usual carnage

Many cylinders full of oxide with remains of mutilated bodies
With pieces of meat wrong scentless barbed wire
That avoids to escape from any victim of the experiment

The wind and the birds of carrion
They are taking the pest that expands
Until you reach inhabited cities
For the human species
Product of the experiment zombie
Because of the hand of the man
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Intestinal Laceration - Species of Putrid Minds
Species of Putrid Minds - Lyrics
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Intestinal Laceration - Species of Putrid Minds
Species of Putrid Minds - Album Credits
  • Eduardo Vilchez "The Axe Murderer" : Vocals
  • Nestor "Insane" : Guitars
  • Sam "Sony" : Drums
  • Ricardo "Ric" : Bass
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